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Before submitting content, be sure that it meets all the requirements listed below.

Submission Checklist:

  The voice is professional, friendly, classy, witty, helpful, positive, informed
  The article uses everyday vocabulary (no background knowledge of cannabis on the part of the reader)
  No prohibited terminology is used
  The article contains emotionally impactful words
  Keywords make up 2% of the overall copy
  The article is not stuffed with keywords (less than 4% – 2% ideal)
  Is written in a human-friendly, naturally way
  The article contains 10-15 internal and external links
  The headline is under 65 characters
  The headline evokes an emotion
  You have obsessed over the perfect headline
  The headline is SEO friendly, containing the primary keywords
  The headline uses an effective approach, such as 4-U or S.H.I.N.E
  Where appropriate, the headline uses a hyphen (-) or colon (:)
  A psychological strategy is used in the headline e.g. Surprise, Negative, Curiosity, Question
  Only primary sources have been used when researching for the article
  The article is scannable
  Paragraphs are limited to 70 words
  Sentences are around 25 words
  Bold subheadings are used for each section
  The introduction grabs the readers attention
  The body is credible and authoritative
  The close summarizes the article and circles back to the main point
  The article has a call-to-action at the end
  An image is used every 200-300 words
  The ‘Featured Image’ was created using the Featured Image Photoshop template
  If the image is landscape it has a width of 800px or larger. If portrait it has a max height of 500px or larger
  The file size of the image is less than 120KB
  The image is good quality (does not look low res)
  The image is in JPG, PNG, or GIF format
  The image source has been referenced with the image
  The images have been attached in
  The content is the correct word count
  The content scores 10 or higher in the Hemmingway App
  The content scores 60 or higher using the Flesch readability tool
  The content has been proofread and the spelling and grammer is correct

When all of the above tickboxes are ticked, you can submit the content (via
See the page to learn how to submit your content for approval.