ACDC is an extremely therapeutic strain that won’t get you high. A great choice for cannabis juicing, this strain is often used as a dietary supplement. When you smoke or vaporize ACDC, expect some top-notch anxiety relief. With up to 20% CBD, this flower is easygoing and relaxing without any psychoactive raciness. 

Strain details

ACDC 1 Strain Of The Day: ACDC
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ACDC is thought to be a hybrid cross between a cannabis ruderalis and the popular high-CBD strain Cannatonic. Slightly sativa-dominant, ACDC has developed a reputation for being a deeply therapeutic cannabis strain.

What sets ACDC apart is that this flower is completely nonpsychoactive. While CBD content can rise to about 20%, the THC in this strain has tested as low as 0.2%. This means that ACDC provides an entirely different experience from what most people expect from cannabis.

ACDC has a fresh earthy aroma with a bit of sweetness. Some have even described it as slightly reminiscent of OG Kush, though far less potent. Yet, more than anything, fresh soil, wood, and perhaps even a little citrus tend to be the dominant flavors in ACDC.

The ACDC experience

ACDC 2 Strain Of The Day: ACDC
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ACDC won’t provide the typical sativa head-high. Though, it does have an effect on your mood. As a high-CBD strain, ACDC promotes a strong feeling of calm and inner peace. It is not over the top, nor does it distort your cognitive function. Rather, you’ll likely be struck by an easy and content sense of well-being.

This strain also won’t produce the same type of physical high found in a THC-containing indica. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t have an effect on your body. CBD by itself is a powerful analgesic, making this strain a great choice for daytime pain management.

Just as this hybrid promotes mental relaxation, ACDC also eases away muscle tension and gives your body a chance to unwind. If you are searching for alternative pain relief that you can use while working, ACDC is a great contender. The lack of psychoactivity means that you’ll be able to focus and stay on point without feeling too high for your day job.

All in all, this is a very sociable strain. It could be very useful for anyone with social anxiety, as it really mellows you out without being incapacitating in the slightest.

Why do people use ACDC?

ACDC 3 Strain Of The Day: ACDC
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As a high-CBD strain, ACDC has many uses. For one, this is a popular strain for raw cannabis juicing. In general, green juice is thought to be beneficial for those with rheumatoid arthritis. Adding ACDC to the mix will add a powerful anti-inflammatory boost to the concoction.

ACDC is also excellent for a wide variety of mental health conditions, including anxiety,  panic attacks, depression, PTSD, and chronic stress.

Resin extracted from ACDC will make a quality high-CBD medical cannabis oil.

There is a wealth of anecdotal evidence suggesting that full plant extracts are useful in seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, and a variety of cancers. Additional research has found that CBD alone has significant medical potential.