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How To Hide The Smell Of Weed

Smoke wherever, whenever. No one will ever know.

There’s no doubt that cannabis is an aromatic herb. Rich and flavorful, smoke from this bud (even the cannabis leaves) can linger on household fabrics like draperies, carpets, and bedding.

Though the scent is often delicious and floral at first, it quickly becomes stale over time and can make your home smell musty and unpleasant. If you’re hoping to keep your home smelling fresh or need to be discrete, here are some things you can do to hide the smell of weed.

There’s many techniques to eliminate the smell of weed. But what if we told you that you can eliminate your smell problem by simply using a device.

The Top Secret Stealth Genius Pipe is masterfully designed for stealth. With a removable lid that covers its bowl, the Genius Pipe will hide the unwanted smell of weed as well as any smoke. Get yours now and blaze away without worrying anyone will find out!

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How To Hide The Smell Of Weed In Your House

One of the easiest ways to smoke cannabis in your home on the sly, is to smoke in your bathroom. Most bathrooms have a fan, which makes it somewhat easy to clear smoke out of the room fairly quickly. You can speed up this process even more by opening a window and lighting a scented candle, if possible. Also be sure to cover the bottom of the door with a towel so the smoke doesn’t escape the bathroom. Though wasteful, many people even turn on the shower to create a steam, which downplays some of the smokey aroma.

But if you don’t want to be confined to the bathroom every time you smoke, there are other ways to cut down on the odor. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

Fabrics and textiles like to hold onto smoke and odor. If you smoke indoors quite a lot, chances are your sofa and carpet has absorbed much of the stale smoke odor most people try to avoid. Washing curtains, bedding, and furniture covers regularly can help you keep your smoking habit to yourself.

If you’ve just smoked inside and need to clear the air in a hurry, breaking out the vacuum is a great way to remove some of the residual odor from your house. Use this furniture cleaning kit that gets rid of any smells in carpets, curtains, and couches. If worse comes to worse, sprinkling baking soda on the carpet or sofa and vacuuming it up again can help trap and remove the unwanted smoke scent.

While many people use chemical sprays like Febreeze, strong chemical fragrances can cause a headache and aren’t the best things to be breathing all of the time.

It’s always nice to go the traditional route when it comes to covering up cannabis smell. Lighting some incense or heating up some essential oils in a warmer is a great way to quickly mask that strong cannabis scent.

A strong essential oil like rosemary, eucalyptus, or peppermint will very quickly mask cannabis scent and will also help you feel alert and refreshed. Lavender, orange, and lemon are three others that would do the trick.

But if you really need to knock out that herbal odor quick, go with something that not only neutralizes pot odors specifically but leaves a pleasant minty fragrance in its place, like Veil OG. Not a masking agent, this is a true neutralizer that works on your house, your car, and even your clothes!

Where you store your flower will also make a big difference. You probably already keep your bud in some kind of Ziploc bag but you can do a lot better.

A lot of camping equipment stores carry air-tight plastic cases meant to keep goods and small electronics dry on canoe trips. They’re just as handy for keeping the weed smell from reeking up your room.

If you’d prefer something a little less sporty, use a regular electronics case as a snuff box.

How to Hide The Smell Of Weed In Your Car

Listen. There’s a whole dang cottage industry of products to help you resolve how to hide the smell of weed in your car. Fast foods. Bad farts. Long stretches of farm country. Your post-hot boxing weed smell is just one part of a vast universe of smells that someone out there has designed a tool to take on.

If you have a canister of Febreze laying around then give it a few swirls. Your car should certainly have some air vents to exercise so blast those too to hide the weed smell.

There are, of course, automobile specific methods to use for resolving how to hide the smell of weed too. Are dangling air fresheners campy? Yes. But those flat dangling pine trees were invented for a reason. This reason! Next time you pass through a gas station consider picking some up. They aren’t just sitting by the lottery cards for kitsch reasons. Or, at least not entirely for kitsch reasons.

When you’re ready to drive again, consider taking a short joy ride with the windows rolled down, avoiding any neighbors you might worry about judging you. Or, fuck it, peel right by them. Let them judge. They’re not the ones dealing with this dilemma of how to hide the smell of weed.

If there are carpets or fabrics in your car, consider going at them with a vacuum, sucking out the scent buried deep in the upholstery. While you’re down there, look for some spare change. Then buy a soda. Treat yourself.

How To Smoke Weed Without Smell

How you smoke drastically changes how much of a weed smell is left behind. Joints, pipes, and bongs tend to leave you with the most weed smell to deal with. Vape pens, however, are known to leave less of an aroma, or at least a less offensive one. Even one-hitters or dab rigs produce a smell that lingers for a shorter time.

If you’re hoping to stay discrete indoors, dabbing is actually a fairly good way to smoke cannabis discretely – at least as far as the smell is concerned. The smoke from a dab has hardly any fragrance, emitting a light, sweet aroma. When you dab, you’re consuming cannabis concentrates with the majority of the plant matter removed. This means that you’re going to get a much smoother smoke and you avoid the messy process of combustion.

If dabbing indoors, using an electronic dab rig is recommended for safety reasons. If using a torch, it’s best to keep a window open to make sure you have some ventilation.

Vaporizing is another great way to stay discrete while smoking indoors. Vaporizers do not actually produce smoke at all. Rather, they heat the cannabis product at a low temperature, just hot enough to melt the cannabis resin and release a steam. Like dabs, this steam has very little fragrance. Try a desktop vape such as the Volcano from Storz & Bickel.

The PuffIt X portable vaporizer is also as discreet as it gets. Because it looks exactly like an inhaler, no one will ever suspect a thing. It’s lightweight too so it can easily slide in and out of your pocket or purse. Also, it comes with a removable stir tool for when you need to move around your bud. Perfect for toking on-the-go.

Obviously, edibles won’t spread much of a scent, but the same cannot be said of making edibles, which can leave one hell of a smell.

You can also try fashioning yourself a ‘sploof.’ A popular and easily made device, a sploof is essentially a silencer for your smoke. They’re commonly made using a toilet paper or paper towel roll, with either a tissue, dryer sheet, rag or sock wrapped around the end with a rubber band.

You might look a little dorky blowing into a paper tube so if you prefer to sploof in style, consider picking up one of many commercially available ones on the market like a Smoke Trap 2.0, a personal air filter that removes up to 99.97% of particles.

How To Get Rid Of Marijuana Smell From Clothes

One way to keep the smoke off your clothes and hair is to never let it get there. One creative trick is to get a disposable plastic raincoat. You could also consider changing shirts, popping a few mints into your mouth, and, if you can, taking a shower. You can also eat your way out of having weed breath. Chow down on some sweet citrus fruits or yummy chocolates. It’ll mask the smell and it’s not a bad idea after a joint anyway.

There is no better way to get the smell of dirty dishes off your hands than lemon juice, and no better way to rid yourself of full-body funk than to use natural oils from fruit in order to get those pores prohibition fresh.

For a quick pick fresher-upper, try putting lemon wedges, diced celery, fresh parsley, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus into a container with water, and spray your hair, clothes, and your hands.

Though we don’t recommend trying to get past drug-sniffing dogs, if you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation, staring down the nose of a K9 unit, the best way to hide the smell of weed is to get yourself a smell-proof Skunk bag. Skunk bags are the most effective smell proof bags on the market. Made from a material called activated carbon, these bags have been tested and proven to beat drug dogs.

How To Hide the Marijuana Smell While Growing

Fans are used to create airflow in your grow room, aiding in strong stems and preventing pests and mold from taking hold. However, if you have more intake to your room than your exhaust system can pull out through the filter, the air is going to escape somewhere else. The leak will come out either through your intake fan, your door to the grow, or a leak in the room, such as cracks or seams.

You can easily check for a lack of vacuum by cracking your door very slightly and holding a thread next to the crack, if it doesn’t pull into the room, then you have a lack of vacuum. Now, put a loose thread next to any openings in your room. If they show air coming out, then plug the leak. You can also check this by using a smoke bomb, which is easier to visualize, but especially with colored ones, there might be cleanup necessary.

Especially in the case of grows larger than one or two plants, you will need active filtration in your exhaust line. If an odor is still coming out of your exhaust, then you may have a filter that can’t handle the amount of airflow your fan is sucking out. If that is the case, then it will force the air through faster than the carbon can filter it.

A good idea is to upgrade to a filter designed to handle 20% more than your exhaust fan puts out. Then you can easily handle as much funk as your fan can pump out. You might also want to make sure that both the fan and filter are adequate for the size of the room you have. Calculate the cubic space in your room and make sure your fan and filter are rated to move well more than that.

Most exhaust systems that you will install will have at least some aluminum tubing, especially the flexible kind to curve around corners. It is easy for these sections to get small holes or cracks, even before you purchase it. The installation process can increase the risk of this happening. Even a single small leak could lead to a powerful odor escaping.

Take extra care in purchase and installation.

If you have made sure that the parts had no holes prior to purchase or installation, then it might be as simple as a loose clamp connecting two parts. Double-check all your connections, and if you have a poor fit, either tighten it or seal it with an adhesive.

Even if your room is filtered perfectly, you can still have smell leak out when you enter and exit, let alone when it comes time for flowering and harvest. Those are the most “fragrant” times for the plant, though it will emit an odor for its whole life cycle.

Sometimes, you will need a boost to your odor-blocking arsenal, especially if your plants are pushing maximum density in your limited space. Here are some products that can keep them in check.

  1. Ona products: There are gels, blocks, and sprays, all designed to knock out the smells of sewage, so rest assured that they will handle the smell of cannabis without a problem. In fact, it is not wise to use them inside the room while plants are flowering, as they can mess with the aroma of the plants you have worked so hard to produce. They are, however, an excellent idea for just outside your room.
  2. The Neutralizer: Using essential oils, this machine works like a plug in, emitting vaporized oil that absorbs the unwanted smells, and replacing them with a pleasant, non-incriminating fragrance. They can last for weeks, so consider this air freshener as a worthy investment.
  3. Vaportronic: This device uses discs containing Neutrox Gama, and allows you to customize the time it operates up to five discs.

Masking agents such as regular air fresheners, perfumes, and incense only work for minor smells, and on a very limited time frame. It also takes constant monitoring and application to make sure they haven’t dissipated. In the end, they can bring more attention to the neon assault on the nose from their presence, only to reveal the truth they so poorly hide just beneath the surface.

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