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The 10 Best Ways To Get Away With Smoking Weed Indoors

Just like the old English proverb states, where there’s a will, there’s a way. On that note, here are the best ways to get away with smoking indoors.

Some people can step outside and light up their favorite strain with no problems. But as for others, smoking indoors is a must.

Getting high inside isn’t always easy, though, especially if you live with others. Or, if you’re renting a place that forbids smoking period.

So what’s a pot smoker to do in cases such as these? Just like the old English proverb states, where there’s a will, there’s a way. In other words, anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

On that note, here are the ten best ways to get away with smoking weed indoors.

Dab It Up

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Many forms of cannabis consumption incorporate the use of a smoking device. Pipes, joints, bubblers, bongs, and blunts are all super obvious ways of consuming cannabis. All of these methods involve burning plant materials.

If you’re hoping to stay discrete indoors, none of these methods are very practical. In contrast, dabbing is actually a fairly good way to inhale cannabis if you’re hoping to be discrete.

Know that dabbing does produce vapor and it has a smell to it. Never as pungent as dry herb smoke, but it’s still good to mention. Maybe start with small dabs and see how the vapor behaves.

For a pleasant dabbing experience that is rich in flavor, try Binoid’s Delta 8 wax. It comes in 6 strain options and delivers a gently and enjoyable high.


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Try Vaping Instead

Vape While On Birth Control

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Using a vaporizer is a perfect alternative if you enjoy smoking and share space with family or friends. Instead of having to go outside or out to your balcony, you can stay indoors and enjoy your cannabis vape.

Like dabs, the vapor produced by these devices has little to no smell, and it vanishes in seconds. Just take your hits, turn it off and enjoy.

The new DaVinci IQC is a great alternative for both dry herb and concentrate vaping. It has DaVinci’s trademark quality but at a more affordable price. Read our review to learn everything about it.

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Here are some other vapes worth checking out:

Best Quality –PAX 3

Best Value – XVAPE Avant

Best Vapor – Storz & Bickel Crafty

Use Odor Eliminators

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If having your place reek of pot is your biggest concern, then do invest in a proper product that can help you eliminate the stench.

We recommend you try Veil OG. It happens to be one of the most effective odor eliminators around. Plus, it’s specifically designed to eliminate weed smell from clothes and the air.  It’s an all-natural way to smoke indoors without getting in trouble.

The Shower Is Your Friend

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In case you are surrounded by people who would rather you not smoke the devil’s lettuce, then this solution is perfect for you. All you have to do is smoke in the bathroom and run a hot shower.

Or, you could always smoke while you bathe, too. Just be sure to open a window when you’re done.

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Or, Make A Sploof

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Are you low on dough? Or, perhaps just a cheapskate when it comes to smoking accessories? If so, save your money and make your own air filter using dryer sheets and a toilet paper roll, also known as a sploof. Follow these three simple steps, and you’ll have one in no time.

Get A Ventilation Fan

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Sure, it may not be the most comfortable thing in the world. But hey, ventilation fans work. Just have a seat, fire up the ganja, and blow the smoke out the window. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Add A Little Noise To The Equation

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In other words, turn on some music. Or, increase the volume of your TV. It’s not just the smell of weed you have to worry about, but also all the noises.

Too much coughing or flicking of the lighter might raise suspicion. And don’t forget about the sweet sound of bubbles that come with ripping your bong.

Don’t Forget To Cover Up The Smoke Alarm

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The smoke alarm is the biggest snitch in the house. With that said, cover it up to make sure it keeps quiet. Just make sure to uncover it again once you’re done smoking.

Vaporizers to Use Indoors

Subtly Vaping Indoors With DynaVap

DynaVap vaporizers are designed to be used with very little smell, so they are ideal for use in situations where you want to minimize the chance of getting caught smoking weed indoors.

There are several reasons to use a DynaVap vaporizer to minimize the chance of somebody knowing you smoking weed inside.

  •  First, the Dynavap is a very efficient vaporizer and will minimize the amount of vape produced.

  • Second, the DynaVap‘s small size makes it easy to conceal.

Finally, the DynaVap‘s futuristic, unique design makes it virtually impossible to tell that it is a vaporizer, which will further reduce the chance of someone knowing you are smoking weed inside.

Hypnos Zero

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The new Hypnos Zero Concentrate Vaporizer is one of the most powerful and efficient vaporizers on the market today. It features a ceramic heating chamber that heats up your concentrates quickly and evenly and a glass mouthpiece that provides a smooth, clean vapor. The Hypnos Zero is powered by a convenient USB charging port, so you can charge it anywhere.

When finding the perfect concentrate vaporizer, you want something that is both easy to use and delivers amazing results. The Linx Hypnos Zero is the perfect choice for the perfect concentrate vaporizer. This vaporizer is designed for use with waxy oils and comes with two different atomizers, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The Hypnos Zero atomizer is fired by a ceramic plate heating element that ensures your concentrate is heated evenly and efficiently for the perfect vapor.

Storz & Bickle Volcano Classic Peace Edition

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Volcano dry herb vaporizers have been around for more than a decade now. Since Storz & Bickle made the first one, they have been working on improving its functionality, making the Volcano’s smoke cleaner and less smelly every time.

Now they bring you the Volcano Classic Peace Edition, the dry herb vaporizer with a pure convection heating system that vaporizes your herb as clean and gently as possible so you can use it with other people in the room and has an electro-mechanic design that improves the functionality. But, buying it has a motivation to make the world a better place.

For every Volcano Classic Peace Edition, they sell Storz & Bickle donates EUR 100 to peace-related causes, and since there are 1000 units on the market, their objective is to donate EUR 100,000, and you can be a part of that!

The Volcano Classic Peace Edition comes in a matte white color that looks amazing, with engraved calligraphy with the phrase “With Love for Peace” with a number from 0001 to 1000, making each unit unique in the world.

You also get a T-shirt in your size that reads “With Love for Peace” to show the other people in the room and maybe talk about herbs and peace.

High Five

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When vaping without bothering the others in the room, you need a good vaporizer that reduces odors while keeping the quality of your oil. In other words, you need the DUO Vaporizer, which works for concentrates and dry herbs.

The DUO is as powerful and complete as a desktop vaporizer but is portable so you can take it with you. It has one of the most extensive battery life for vaporizers on the market, and it is potent enough to create a rapid heat up to start your sesh immediately.

Then, you can control the temperature with its beautiful LED display to find your ideal temperature.

Choose your favorite strain or concentrate to enjoy while sharing indoors, and the DUO vaporizer will do the rest.

The only risk is for others to want to join you.

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