6 Steps To Hosting The Perfect Grown-Up Weed Party

Realizing you’ve aged out of splitting a bowl and a bag of Doritos among your friends may be a hard pill to swallow. This party guide will help.

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The Best Places To Smoke Weed In Los Angeles

Quietness is important and even more so when you want to smoke your herbs. Cities can be overwhelming and that's why we'll show you 10 places in LA where you can find peace to spark up!


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5 Olympians Who Smoke Weed & Win Gold Medals

Sha'Carri Richardson's case has everyone taking about weed and sports. Here are a few athletes that have won multiple medals and openly smoke weed.

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US Senators Unveiled A Federal Weed Legalization Bill, Here's The Breakdown

A new bill that aims to legalize weed at a federal level was presented yesterday. Here's what you need to know about it.

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Ever Tried Moon Rocks? Get Ready For A Potent Smoke

While technically still flower, many people are wondering; what are moon rocks?

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