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The Best Refillable Wax Cartridges On The Market

Meet the new way to dab.

Wax is a highly potent concentrate that gives an amber-colored, sticky consistency; think of tree resin like that shown in Jurassic Park, but where they had DNA remains of dinosaurs, wax has an almost 100% pure THC concentrate.

It is easily added to rechargeable vaping devices as a discrete way to smoke cannabis.

We want to share some of our favorite wax cartridges from different brands, so you can easily compare and contrast each one and see which one is coming home with you!

Best Refillable Wax Cartridges To Buy

TOQi 510 Wax Cartridge

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This wax cartridge has a unique element: a quartz coil that will heat the wax, giving you richer flavor at a lower temperature or stronger ones with bigger puffs.

It’s compatible with live resin, rosin, hash rosin, THCa diamonds, shatter, budder, and badder.

It weighs 14.7 grams and has a power range of 2.8 to 3.6 v, as well as a sleek stainless steel design that can fit into your pocket for a dab on-the-go.

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Dr Dabber Ghost Attachment

The Ghost vaporizer has a glass chamber that will show you the vapor forming within the device, thanks to its strong titanium coil and a globe-shaped base that works with any 510 threaded battery.

It can be combined with a borosilicate glass mouthpiece, and works with both wax and oil cartridges, giving a unique flair to the vape as well as a maximization of the flavoring of your chosen cartridge.

High Five Duo Glass Carta Attachment

This 4.5 inch tall glass attachment has the special experience of adding water to it, giving you a cooler vaporized dab that adds some pizzazz to your experience.

It’s compatible with the Focus V Carta Electronic Smart Rig, minimizing the splashback that can happen with rigs sometimes.

EVRI Vapor Tip Attachment

As the name says, this attachment is made to be exchanged with the regular EVRI vape mouthpiece, and it has a ceramic tip coil that’ll heighten the effects and flavors of your cartridges.

The EVRI Vapor Tip Attachment gives back, too, because every 1% of all purchases are donated to drug policy reform, aiding the future and safety of vaping all around. 

Pulsar APX Wax Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece, compatible with any pulsar APX Wax vape pens, replaces the glass version; it is made purely of heat-resistant, surgical-grade steel.

It is highly durable, and it will let you move and twist it so you can control the amount of vapor you want.

Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment

This versatile heating chamber can be attached to most vape mods, working with 510 battery threadings, and we promise it will not let a single drop of your wax cartridge go to waste.

Thanks to its adjustable airflow and splash prevention mouthpiece, it’ll give you a more robust flavor. The Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment is made of steel coil and quartz rod, which allows the ingredients of the wax-filling of your choice to blow your mind completely. 

What Is A Wax Cartridge?

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A wax cartridge is a contained version of the resin that can be extracted from marihuana, processing it through intense bursts of butane or other solvents.

It will have a goey consistency, akin to honey, and it’ll give almost a 90% concentrate of THC (depending on the amount you produce, too). It can be processed into other consistencies, known as shatter, crumble, or badder.

They are commonly used in bongs such as dab rigs, but they are also viable candidates to be added to refillable cartridges for vaporizers, which have coils that can heat and process wax.

How Does A Wax Cartridge Work?

Wax needs higher temperatures to both to be processed and enjoyed, so be warned that you’ll need the corresponding tools depending on your type.

A dab rig is a common way to consume wax. Still, nowadays, technology’s allowed us to add resin to a small vial that can be incorporated on a wide array of rechargeable vaping devices.

It simplifies the process, so you don’t have to be as concerned with a possible explosion born from unknowingly handling dangerous gases and high temperatures.

Thankfully more and more brands do that safely for you, so your job is only adding an item to your shopping list. 

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