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Best THC Oil Syringes: Get Yourself A Dose Of Goodness

Forget knowing what decarboxylation is, you can get yourself readymade THC oil for dabbing or cooking by checking out these products.

Of all the ways in which you can find weed for sale, syringes have to be one of the most surprising, and perhaps even counterintuitive.

Well, don’t panic, these are not injectable syringes, instead, the syringe is just there to spend the THC oil inside, ready for you to dab on it or use it in your canna cooking.

What’s more, for portability and dosage precision, there are few more effective methods to engage with THC oil than buying it packaged in a syringe.

This is why we want to throw some recommendations your way to get you familiarized with the form-factor and the possibilities it offers.


Since 2010, Colorado-based Keef has stunned and delighted tastebuds and endocannabinoid systems with their stunning array of cannabis-infused beverages, including sodas and sparkling waters with mind-blowing flavors and effects.

However, today we’re here to vouch for their THC oil syringes, which satisfy another craving altogether.

Each syringe comes packed with 1G of full-spectrum THC oil, and there are 3 varieties to choose from with classic indica, sativa, and hybrid oils for sale, so that you may inject a high into your cooking or dab away to your heart’s content.

Eureka Vapor

This California company is well known to be an expert in the THC oil manufacturing process and has already revolutionized the cannabis industry by introducing the first high-potency, broad-spectrum cannabis oils completely free of cutting agents.

As a result, you can expect that each of these 1g glass syringes contains only natural ingredients to pair with the third-party lab-tested THC oil.

Although Eureka dabbles in flower, their specialty lies in oil, so take your pick of indica, sativa, or hybrid and embark on a canna adventure like few other oils can provide.

Hooti Extracts

North of the border they also know how to synthesize premium THC oils and extracts, and Canadian company Hooti is leading the charge with an impressive array of oils, which are bound to satisfy even the most discerning of dabbers.

Made exclusively with premium flowers, and using no solvents or cutting agents, Hooti’s extracts have a guarantee of purity and natural provenance. Additionally, with Hooti you can dive into a wide variety of flavors and strains, including Strawberry Cough (sativa), White Rhino (indica), and God’s Green Crack (hybrid).

Dive into their catalog and discover that oil syringes too are a hoot.

Left Coast Extracts

Condensing the best of legendary California strains into practical and exact oil syringes is Left Coast, a cannabis extract company that’s got it made when it comes to high-potency weed concoctions.

Besides selling carts, pods, and other extracts, Left Coast has a decent lineup of satisfying THC oils.

The strains on sale include Maui Waui (sativa), King Louis, Monster Cookies (indica), pineapple Express and Gelato OG (hybrid), all in all, an excellent selection of new and classic California strains, with delightful flavor profiles and aromas to knock your experience up a peg.

Pure Vape

Pure makes no joke about their namesake, as they are obsessively committed to selling extracts derived exclusively from premium cannabis flowers and with the highest purity stats attainable (as shown by their lab results).

All oils are solvent-free and fully edible, and the syringes are made with medical-grade glass to add another layer of legitimacy to the product.

The strain variety on offer is frankly astounding, with 5 of each indica, sativa, and hybrid strain. The terpene profiles out of each of these strains can be felt in the oil, meaning that you can develop a particular affinity for a specific flavor or effect above another.

Pure oils come ready to dab, eat or smoke, but whatever you do, spare a moment to contemplate the flavor and the uptake on the effect.

What Are THC Oil Syringes?

Well, if you’re familiar with the THC oik used in cooking, vaping, or dabbing, then you’ve surely heard of what’s inside of these syringes.

The difference here is the presentation, a syringe allows the delivery of precise amounts of oil with a clean, simple, and elegant method.

These syringes make it easier to estimate amounts, particularly when cooking and dabbing, two activities for which you want to be precise with your dosage, be it to avoid waste or look out for flavor.

How Are They made?

The oil within these syringes, as most cannabis oils you will find in the market, is a cannabis concentrate extracted from the plant through a variety of methods, most of which include the use of solvents like butane, benzene, or chloroform to separate the oily resin from the water-soluble rest of the plant.

Solventless extraction methods exist, preparations like Hash rosin are made using them, however, these processes offer lower yields.

After the solvent does its job, it is set to evaporate as the oil is purged of butane, chloroform, isopropanol, or whichever was used.

The remainder of the process is a thick amber treat, which can adopt many forms, including shatter, wax, crumble, and diamonds.

How To Use Them

One of the great advantages of syringes is their ease of use. For dabbing, a drop or two of oil in a glass or silicone container should be enough; just heat up your nail and touch it slightly with the oil you set out as you inhale.

When it comes to food, THC oil syringes are ready-made. They cut out the pesky decarboxylation process from the equation, and provide you with safe food-grade cannabis oil to incorporate into your preparations.

Make sure you test out the affect oil has on you before you go syringing it onto everything you eat.

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