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Delta 8 Asteroids: What You Need To Know

Love moon rocks? Here's another intergalactic weed product that'll guarantee otherworldly highs. Created with Bay Smokes.

Every smoker has dreamed of the strongest, purest, and most flavorful smoking experience.

There are many strains of the flower out there that allow the user to consume high levels of cannabinoids, but no flower product out there matches de potency and a delicious touch of asteroids. 

What Are Asteroids

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The Bay Smokes Asteroids are a one-of-a-kind hemp product with a high CBD content and an intriguing terpene profile.

They’re ideal for hemp enthusiasts looking for a more robust experience.

Traditionally, moon rocks were exclusively created with high-THC strains. However, legal hemp strains are now used in products like these asteroids. 

Asteroids vs Moon Rocks

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Bay Smokes’ Asteroids are very similar to moon rocks. However, they take two extra steps that make the asteroids even more powerful!

The process begins with moon rocks which are then covered with a second layer of Delta 8 distillate and then topped off with CBG isolate.

This finishing layer will give the asteroids their beautiful, pearlescent white color.

To top things off, the final product has an astounding 41% cannabinoid content, which is 9% higher than that of a moon rock, so you are getting an added boost in potency in a slow-burning, high-quality Delta 8 THC crystal formation.

How Are They Made

We have now seen what it takes to take the moon rock and transform it into an asteroid, but we want you also to understand how Bay Smokes makes their moon rocks in the first place.

The initial moon rock is made from the highest quality hemp flower, soaked in Delta 8 distillate, and rolled in kief.

The process creates an incredibly potent, rich, and packed flower perfect for slow-burning smokes or a bowl that seems to last a lifetime.

The added Delta 8 distillate makes the flower combust very slowly, so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your herb.


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These white, sparkly nugs are incredibly powerful and tasty.

When we’re analyzing these bad boys, we want to make sure we understand that the potency level does not only come in the effects department but the whole experience of taste and aroma. 

Remember, you will get a whopping 41% cannabinoid content from these greenhouse-grown and laboratory-tested nuggets.

Bay Smokes recommends mixing the asteroids with regular ground flowers to add an extra punch and slow the burn.

Whether you roll or pack, this will give your smoke sessions an added oomph you’re going to dig!

How Do You Use Asteroids?

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Asteroids and moon rocks are very easy to use, as they are practically just flowers on steroids and should be considered as such when you plan to smoke or try these.

You can use the ground asteroids on their own or combined with regular flowers as stated before, but the method of consumption will depend on you.

Are you feeling like rolling a joint, blunt, or spliff? Or do you crave a bowl?

What dosage should I use? The answer will vary according to the user’s needs, experience, will, and tolerance.

We will not recommend a dosage, but start slow and work your way up once you understand how these work and affect your mind and body.

Maybe start off mixing some asteroid into a strain you’re familiarized with. You will get a better understanding of its effects and potency.

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