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Learn | 01.20.2022

What Is A Moon Blunt?

Get ready for takeoff. Created with Bay Smokes.

The Moon Blunt is a relatively new product, which consists of a preroll-blunt of cannabis flower buds dipped in extracts and rolled in kief. Usually with a high THC content.

We can say that you will get an out-of-this-world high.

Basically and in simple language: it is a unique blend of weed dipped in concentrated weed and rolled in even more concentrated weed. 

It is really potent, even for an experienced cannabis user.

What's A Moon Blunt?

Some also call it Caviar Blunts. Basically it is made up of different weed products, which are put together in a blunt and then dipped into a Delta 8 distillate and covered in CBG & CBD kief.

The best offering on the market is from Bay Smokes.

Their Moon Blunt is tested in third-party labs to guarantee quality and potency.

As you smoke the Moon Blunt, the distillate and kief melt throughout the blunt to prolong the burn time and produce a powerfully potent smoke. 

How Is A Moon Blunt Made?

How to Roll A Backwoods Blunt

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This special blunt from Bay Smokes is made with 3.5 grams of greenhouse-grown Delta 8 THC flower wrapped in hemp.

The blunt is dipped in Delta 8 distillate and topped with CBG and CBD kief. Although it can have slight variations between batches, it is a generally very potent product, which will give you a high off the planet.

As a Moon Blunt is a pre-made blunt it is very easy to consume, just light it up and take a few puffs to feel its strength. People who have consumed it describe large, full, fragrant clouds of smoke and a rich, pleasant kief flavor.

It is important to consider that it produces a slow burn with some immediate effects that really kick in after 30 minutes.

What Cannabinoids Does It Have?

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Delta 8 THC is one of more than 100 cannabinoids produced naturally by the cannabis plant. It contains neuroprotective properties that can help reduce anxiety, pain, and nausea.

It also produces psychoactive effects similar to Delta 9, but D8 is less potent. The high it generates feels very cerebral and can be overwhelming for beginners. 

CBG is another cannabinoid present in Moon Blunt that works to fight inflammation, pain, nausea and slow down the proliferation of cancer cells. CBG has been used to treat diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, and cancer.

Finally, CBD is another cannabinoid present in this blunt. It does not generate psychoactive effects. That is to say, it does not get you high.

Its effects? relaxation, improvement of the mood, and increase of the capacity of concentration.

Where To Buy Moon Blunts?

Our recommendation will undoubtedly be the Moon Blunt from Bay Smokes, as they are a company with high standards of quality and safety.

Their mission is to provide smooth and perfectly balanced alternatives to high THC potency cannabis, finding the perfect point of not too strong, not too weak. 

Their Moon Blunt is a revolutionary and certainly delicious offer that you should try!

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