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Learn | 10.15.2021

LEUNE Desert Gold Review: Take A Trip To The Dunes

We've come to adore LEUNE's many products and their high-quality smokes that boost our day. More specifically, their latest Desert Gold products.

LEUNE has made it incredibly easy to smoke some highly sought-after kush without the herb itself; instead, through pure and thick oil concentrates.

This lovely and stimulating sativa is perfect for anyone in need of a pick-me-up or who needs help concentrating on their everyday responsibilities.

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LEUNE Desert Gold Experience

Photo courtesy of LEUNE

Desert Gold was made for those who need a little more energy than what the day granted them. Both LEUNE’s Desert Gold vaporizer and PAX Era pod come with a powerful THC percentage to kick your mind into gear. 

You can also expect a wave of electricity after one simple pull of the strain’s powerful, punchy, and cloudy smoke. Not to mention its moderate pain-relieving properties, Desert Gold is the ideal strain for a variety of users who smoke for different reasons.

THC/CBD Content

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LEUNE’s Desert Gold products carry a hefty THC content, so a heavy high is somewhat expected.

On the other hand, we don’t see much CBD content within these two products, so it allows the user to take advantage of the high THC content and use their creativity and ultra-focused mind to get their daily tasks done. 


LEUNE’s Desert Gold surprised us with its unique and delicious fruity flavor. It has a relatively light taste, so it doesn’t overpower your palate upon first inhale.

We also appreciate how both products don’t pop any oil into your mouth, but what they do leave behind are lingering notes of subtle peachy flavors. 


Photo courtesy of LEUNE

Ah, the aroma of LEUNE’s Desert Gold is purely flawless. We always enjoy opening any package for that first sniff test, and let’s just say that LEUNE passed the test with flying colors.

Due to the oil’s peachy and fruity hints, the aroma offers a pleasant and sweet scent that drifts up the nose with the utmost elegance.


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Expect the best possible outcome when it comes to LEUNE’s Desert Gold products; we’re positive you won’t be disappointed. It’s pretty impossible to be dissatisfied with a strain that leaves you feeling equal parts uplifted and euphoric.

Creative bursts of energy are released after puffing on this heavy sativa, so don’t forget to hit a toke when in need of a focus booster.


Photo courtesy of LEUNE

Desert Gold has the amazing effect to help bring anyone out of a rut and into a more positive headspace. This is an ideal strain for those struggling with depression to help bring clarity and peace of mind to your days.

Desert Gold also has fair pain-relieving properties, so it may help those with chronic pains and aches. 

Where To Buy LEUNE's Desert Gold

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For quick, painless, and easy delivery, you can purchase LEUNE’s Desert Gold All-In-One Vaporizer and LEUNE’s PAX Era Desert Gold Oil Cartridge on Eaze, where you can also find the array of other products that this LA brand provides. 

Use HERB30 and get $30 off your first Eaze delivery!


LEUNE’s Desert Gold products are great for an everyday power boost, a substitute for your morning coffee, or a helpful focusing aid.

With the strain’s powerful THC content accompanied by a smooth and fruity pull, it’s truly hard to resist a strain so decadent and refreshing, especially one that can be used for various purposes. 

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