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What’s Better, Dry Or Sticky Flower?

Some prefer it rather dry, while others like their game sticky when it comes down to flower. Here’s the tea on dry and sticky buds no matter your type.

The cannabis flower is a sacred plant that many adore due to its endless exciting features.

There are times when dry weed is ideal and other times when we want moisture-packed resin-filled hits. Both kinds are valuable in their own right.

With that in mind, let’s look at what makes flower drier or wetter and what are the pros and cons of both. Stick to a dry strain if you’re looking to stretch your amount of weed over a longer period of time. Dry weed is also the best for making edibles.

If a good buzz is what you’re after, sticky strains won’t let you down. They may be more expensive, but customers will likely buy fewer of them at a time than a dry strain.

Dry Vs Sticky

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Technically, dry and sticky weed have both been dried and cured. But the end result of this process could either leave the buds dry and flakey, or bouncy and sticky.

The reasons for what makes weed dry or sticky depend on a handful of factors. Some are just built drier, while others are simply more sticky.

While some strains are more resinous and oily than others due to the plant’s genes, some plants of the same strain may produce fewer trichomes or have denser buds.

Sometimes, the processes that occur after harvest also affect the overall humidity of the flower. Cannabis plants are dried and cured after being harvested. The most traditional or common method of drying herb is by hanging it in a cool, well-ventilated, and dark space.

Hanging the branches upside down allows all of the THC to run down the buds and collect at the tips, leaving nothing to waste. Hanging your herb also prevents mold and rot. This crucial step, however, does not fully determine whether a bud will be dry or sticky.

Dry Herb

Dry cannabis has a bad reputation for being old or a low-cost, “dirty” version of higher-quality sticky buds.

This isn’t always the case. A drier bud could simply indicate that the plants were left hanging for too long or that there are fewer trichomes on the buds.

The amount of trichomes present can vary according to strain, but it can also depend on the growing conditions and environment.

When it comes to weight, drier buds have an advantage. Buyers receive more cannabis when receiving dry buds because they have a naturally lower weight. Consider it a case of quantity over quality. For that reason, buying dryer weed might help you extend your stash.

Decarboxylation, the process of baking ground cannabis to activate THC for cooking, best occurs when using dry buds. When it comes to edibles, these are the buds to use.

Sticky Icky

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The stickier and more resinous the flower, the more potent and flavorful it is.

These rich and sticky buds are a whole lot juicier. By that, I mean they’re packed with cannabinoids like psychoactive THC, thanks to the generous layer of resin on the exterior.

Nice, juicy, sticky buds are loved by all. Sticky strains are often the most sought-after on the market today. Opposite to the drier kinds, sticky herb prioritizes quality over quantity.

Sticky buds have an abundance of trichomes, whereas dry buds lack them. THC is collected by the long, beautiful hairs, which form a dense, tacky covering on the buds called resin. Buds that have been bred to have extremely high THC content are, by definition, extremely sticky.

Stickier buds are great for smoking and making dabs or oils. If they were decarboxylated in a regular oven, the process would take a long time and result in the buds losing a significant amount of THC.

Where Do I Get The Stickiest Herb?

When looking for the juiciest, stickiest, dankest weed, you definitely want to take a look at the Botany Farms shop. There are many different kinds of products to choose from, the flower selection is outstanding, and the oils, tinctures, and edibles are spot on.

Botany Farms works hard to provide the greatest cannabis products on the market. Their flower is completely free of pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals and is grown with all precautions to ensure that what the user consumes is safe. “Feeling well should be a given,” they believe.

The flower selection available ranges from all sorts of strains and types of flowers. You can get your hands on Delta 8, GBG, and CBD flowers that will energize you, uplift you, or even knock you out.

Take the Fruit Loops strain into consideration! This delicious sticky bud packs a whopping 24% of total cannabinoids and enticing flavors.

This CBD flower is a cross of Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel and has delicious floral, citrus, and earth notes you will love. You can also go for an assortment of sticky pre-rolls if you rather not have to roll yourself!

Botany Farms’ pre-roll assortment includes a wide variety of strains to pick from. Consider these Pineapple Haze Pre-Rolls, which contain a sensual, tropical, and strong Sativa strain that many consider an all-arounder.

The delicate and generously coated flower is neatly rolled so you can simply enjoy the sweet, tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut milk.

Botany Farms’ pre-roll assortment includes a wide variety of strains to pick from. Consider these Pineapple Haze Pre-Rolls, which contain a sensual, tropical, and strong Sativa strain that many consider an all-arounder. The delicate and generously coated flower is neatly rolled so you can simply enjoy the sweet, tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut milk.

Best Way To Smoke Sticky Bud


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If getting your current device or getting your pipe full of resin sounds like a no-go, we might have a solution for you. Meet the PAX 3, a super innovative device that can smoke both dry and sticky herbs with barely any cleaning hassle.

But let’s get down to business. The PAX 3 is a small-yet-sleek vaporizing device that uses the latest technology with heating elements instead of combustion or fuel burning in a specialized chamber. This chamber can bring the best flavor thanks to its preciseness when heating and give each toke the perfect balance.

Discreet and available in 4 colors, the design on this device is high-quality all around. With 4 different temperature settings, you can pick and choose your personalized smoking experience every time. And, of course, the battery life is just perfect. With 2.5 hours of continuous use and quick USB charging, this device can last for a few sessions, at least 8.

If you get the complete kit, you also get extra mouthpieces to change how you smoke or to fit better to your liking. And, of course, you can get an extra oven lid if you want to go directly for extracts or dip your whole bud in a shatter or crumble mix.

Not like you’ll really need it, but the PAX 3 also has a 10-year limited warranty and super quick customer service. A premium device deserves customer service that backs up the quality standard it needs.

If all of these sound like the perfect motive to journey into sticky buds or concentrates in general, you can learn more about the PAX 3 on their website over here.

What's Better: Sticky Or Dry Flower?

In conclusion, choosing between sticky or dry flower depends on your situation and preference.

If you’re looking to elongate the time between trips to the dispensary, dry flower jars give you more flower at less density. On the other hand, sticky herb gives you less flower at the highest density and quality.

Again, dry flower is also ideal for making edibles since it takes less time to bake and activate THC than its sticky counterpart.

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