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Learn | 05.09.2022

A New Study Says Cannabis Flower Can Positively Treat Fatigue

General cannabis use led to decreased fatigue.

You’ve been there before. It’s common to take advantage of your days off and perhaps indulge in some dank weed throughout the day.

After a whole day of weed smoking, chances are you were ready for bed. That feeling of exhaustion is very common after hours of consistent cannabis use.

This feeling is mostly experienced after a long day of using weed, but one study found that cannabis could actually treat fatigue after one sesh or “use.”

Behind The Study

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Photo by Dustin Giallanza

The study was published in the journal of Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids. It was led by researchers from the University of New Mexico and funded by private donations.

Titled “The Effects of Consuming Cannabis Flower for Treatment of Fatigue,” researchers looked at how different compounds in the cannabis plant could aid tiredness.

It was quite an interesting feat for the researchers, considering strains high in THC are known to produce relaxed and chilled-out effects.

However, most cannabis users are aware that different strains come with different effects, so it was interesting to see how cannabis played a role in decreasing general fatigue.

What’s even cooler is that researchers analyzed data through the Releaf App. This application dissects the effects of different cannabis products on the market and helps users find exactly what they’re looking for based on their preferred experience.

The Results

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When using the Releaf App, the researchers found that cannabis had helped many users beat fatigue. 

The researchers analyzed data from 1,224 individuals through the application. 

Furthermore, the study did not just look at if CBD or high THC contents led to less fatigue. 

The study’s co-author and Associate Professor Sarah Stith in the UNM Economics Department explained that all cannabis types positively impacted fatigue. 

She said that “cannabis, in general, yielded improvements in symptoms of fatigue,” instead of one particular subset of products like;

  • High/low THC levels
  • High/low CBD levels
  • Sativa strains
  • Indica strains

The results stated that minor cannabinoids and terpenes were also responsible for reducing fatigue. 

Interestingly, most individuals saw an improvement rate of 3.5 points on a scale of 0-10. Their results shared that cannabis, in general, helped them beat fatigue, but especially cannabis that was combusted. 

The study showed that users who smoked a joint rather than a vaporizer or pipe presented an increase in symptom relief. 

While you might look for a particular strain to help beat those sleepy effects, new research says it might not matter.

It did not analyze which strains or THC/CBD levels had the most impact but how a variety of these products helped users achieve a similar energized effect.

It’s also worth noting that the Releaf App is something any cannabis user can benefit from.

If you’re looking for a reliable place to browse the effects of different cannabis products, you can definitely benefit from this helpful application.

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