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New To HHC? Claim Your Free Sample At Moonwlkr

Put HHC gummies to the test once and for all...for free.

New cannabinoids can seem intimidating. Some of them are even 3x stronger than classic delta-9 THC, which is pretty powerful by itself.

Although cannabinoids like THC-P and THC-O are far stronger than delta-9 THC, cannabinoids like HHC present similar effects as THC, but the high lasts longer.

Regardless of the information about HHC, you can only know if it’s right for you through trial and error. That said, we hate to see you spend hard-earned money on a product you won’t enjoy. When you’re ready to try HHC, look to Moonwlkr’s Free HHC Gummies Sample.

No games, no gimmicks, just free and pure HHC in four delicious gummies. See more information about HHC and Moonwlkr’s free sample below.

What Is HHC?

Photo courtesy of Moonwlkr

HHC, scientifically called “hexahydrocannibinol,” is a relatively new cannabinoid to the industry. It naturally occurs in hemp and cannabis plants but only in the seeds and pollen.

It provides similar effects and euphoric sensations as delta-9 THC, and stronger effects than delta-8 and delta-10. Uniquely, the high from HHC is said to last longer than the deltas, with a Sativa-like buzz that promotes improved focus, increased energy, and a lack of drowsiness.

It’s worth noting that all we know about HHC is based on anecdotal reports from users who’ve tried it firsthand. Interestingly, none of them have reported adverse effects.

Finally, HHC is legal at federal and state levels. How? The 2018 Farm Bill notes that cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC are legal. Because HHC is a cannabis product that does not contain THC, it’s legal to manufacture, distribute, and sell throughout the United States.

About Moonwlkr's HHC Gummies Free Sample

Now that you know more about HHC, are you willing to try it?

Moonwlkr’s HHC Gummies Free Sample is the best way to experiment with this new and long-lasting cannabinoid. Each gummy comes with a stable and comfortable dose of 12.5mg HHC, the perfect entryway into the world of unique cannabinoids.

This sample pack comes with four gummies total (two Blue Dream Berry and two Watermelon Zkittles). The entire package contains a total of 50mg HHC, but we suggest taking one at a time and waiting for the effects to examine how your body and tolerance handle it.

Hemp-derived, federally legal, and long-lasting, what more could you ask for? As I write this, only 437 out of 1000 free samples are left. Get yours while supplies last.

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