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How Much HHC Should I Take? Find The Right Dosage

Take a look at this brief guide on how to dose HHC so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

Hexahydrocannabinol, also known as HHC, is a relatively new cannabinoid that has consumers in awe.

It’s quickly flooding the market. So what does that mean for us smokers?

We should probably understand more about it and how to use it so we can truly make the most out of this new cannabinoid.

When experimenting with substances you’re unfamiliar with, you want to ensure that responsibility and safety are your main priorities.

As such, take a look at this brief guide on how to dose HHC so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

What Is HHC

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HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that’s found in very small amounts in pollen and seeds.

Thanks to science, we can extract this naturally occurring cannabinoid and examine its psychoactive properties. This happens when producers hydrogenate Delta 9 THC, which turns into HHC.

HHC is to THC what margarine is to butter: a stable hydrogenated form.

This cannabinoid has a similar effect profile to that of THC. Its effects fall somewhere between Delta 8 and Delta 9 due to the availability of carbons in its chain.

There are a lot of producers out there, so finding which HHC product is in its truest and most pure form can be challenging. Lucky for you, there’s one particular company that puts safety and potency above all.

When experiencing products from the careful and thorough hands of Binoid, we know you’ll be in safe hands.

Navigating HHC Dosages

Similar to most cannabis products, you want to start slow and work your way up.

You may have a high tolerance to regular Delta 9 THC and other cannabinoids, but it’s better to be safe than paranoid and sorry.

Binoid knows that HHC is pretty potent, so when dabbling in its HHC products, the company recommends;

  • One gummy
  • One dropper of a tincture
  • Three puffs from a vape cartridge

Not all at once, of course. However, that’s just the general dose for new HHC users. Below are the recommended HHC dosages for different kinds of users;

  • Beginners: the recommended HHC dose will be 5 to 12 mg peruse.
  • Intermediate: the recommended HHC dose will be 12 to 30 mg peruse.
  • Pro: the recommended HHC dose will be 30 to 60 mg+ mg peruse.

HHC is around 90% as powerful as Delta 9 THC. This means that the HHC high is slightly milder than the one regular Delta 9 THC will create, except with a stronger head and body experience for relief.

As always, the best way to dose out HHC is to try a little, then keep increasing until you feel what you need.

There are two equally significant elements to consider when selecting how much hexahydrocannabinol to take: dosage and milligram strength.

The dosage of HHC refers to the amount of product consumed.

HHC strength, or product strength, refers to milligram strength, such as a 1000mg 30ml tincture or 25mg per piece of edible. It refers to the number of milligrams of pure HHC extract in each serving, indicating the potency of that serving.

What To Know Before Taking HHC

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It’s essential to emphasize the importance of self-knowledge and responsibility.

There is still plenty of research to be done regarding the power and full range of effects of cannabis or hemp-derived substances.

As such, we recommend you do your own self-study and go forward with care and knowledge of past experiences and tolerance with other substances if you’ve never taken HHC.

As with every substance, each human mind and body reacts and interacts differently, so it’s best to be careful and smart rather than go head first without a care in the world.

HHC Side Effects

As with all other cannabinoids, substances, or chemical compounds that may alter our state of mind, there may be some side effects.

The most important thing to consider is that these substances may produce different effects according to each person’s experience, tolerance, and internal or external differences.

The most considerable effects we want to keep in mind are the same for most other substances that derive from cannabis or hemp.

The mind and body may undergo temporary changes or alterations that may or may not be uncomfortable to you, but that will fade with time.

In terms of mental effects, using too much HHC may result in;

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety and anxious thoughts
  • Feeling uncomfortable
  • A racing mind

These effects will pass on their own, and not everyone gets them, but they may be an inconvenience to inexperienced users.

Bodily side effects of HHC can include;

  • Drowsiness
  • Grogginess
  • An uneasy feeling of being “too high”
  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Mild tachycardia
  • Elevated sensory receptivity

The best thing to do in these scenarios is to chill, drink some water and let time fly. As hard as this experience may become, you will feel like your ordinary self in no time. Just remember, this too shall pass.

Is HHC Safe?

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As we mentioned earlier, research and science-backed data on the safety of HHC are scarce. But that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe; it’s just new.

However, because it’s naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, there’s a level of comfort in knowing that cannabinoids are safe to ingest and even have their own therapeutic properties.

HHC is no different. Because it’s made from the tried and true cannabinoid Delta 9 THC, we can only assume that it’s safe to use.

In terms of your personal experience and safety, we advise you to treat HHC the same as you would Delta 9 THC. Like we said, start slow to navigate your tolerance to HHC, then work your way up.

You could throw yourself into the fire, but that could result in feeling uneasy. If worst comes to worst and you feel paranoid, just remember that time will pass.

A glass of water and a short nap may be what you need, but try to remain calm and remember that everything you feel is temporary.

Be safe and stay cool! Calm stoners are always ready for what their substance of preference throws at them, so try to consume when in a good state of mind to have a good time.

Our minds may already be a turbulent place, so if you’re not feeling like your best self, maybe save that new HHC product for later.

Best HHC Cartridges

Botany Farms

View Product

If you want quality and potency, the folks at Botany Farms have one of the best HHC carts you can try from. Besides their massive variety of strains and flavors of CBD and D8 strains, they also carry an organic flower, HHC Vape Cartridge that’s potent as it is delicious.

Currently, this cart contains a full gram of delicious HHC distillate, enriched with their strain-specific terpenes for a well-rounded entourage effect. Their cart is a great alternative if you want something stronger than D8 but D9 is not as widely available due to regulations.

You can get this cart in two delicious terpene-enriched options, the iconic Sour Elektra (Sativa) and the sweet and candy-like Bubba Kush (indica). Both flavors are great, depending on what kind of flavor en experience you want to get.

While Sour Elektra is great to have a small boost throughout your morning and stay productive, Bubba Kush has sweet coffee and dark chocolate notes that will melt your stress away after a long day.

No matter which one you feel like trying, you’ll get all the characteristic Botany Farms quality that not only gives amazing premium packaging but also top-shelf distillate you’ll love.

You can read more about this 510 thread, HHC Vape carts from Botany Farms here.

Deep Space Cosmic HHC Vaping Journey

There is no denying the vastness of deep space. It is an infinite expanse of emptiness that is mind-boggling to comprehend. And yet, despite its vastness, deep space is also incredibly fascinating and full of mystery.

Herein lies another mystery: why you haven’t yet gotten involved in the Galaxy Treats HHC cosmic journey.

These high-quality vaping pens each have 2 grams of hemp-derived cannabinoids and come in a variety of top-tier flavors like:

  • Galactic Grape
  • Cosmic Cherry
  • Lunar Lemon
  • Planet Blue

Benefits of using an HHC Vape Pen include:

  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Relaxed mental state
  • Sedative effects

Deep space is home to some of the most extreme conditions in the universe. It is incredibly cold, dark, and empty. And yet, it is also home to some of the most beautiful and fascinating objects in the universe. One of these objects swirling in the orbit of your perception is Galaxy Treats HHC Disposable Vape Pens.

Deep space is full of incredible sights, from swirling galaxies to glittering nebulae. Why not expand your mind with hemp-derived cannabinoids, Galaxy Treats HHC Vape Pen is your ticket to space.

So while the vastness of deep space may be daunting, it is also incredibly intriguing. It is a place that holds endless possibilities and mysteries just waiting to be explored. Explore your mind with Galaxy Treats HHC Vape Pens, kick back, unwind and let the HHC experience take you in a space shuttle through dense vape clouds.

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