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Learn | 01.17.2022

We Tried Botany Farms New Delta 9 Gummies, Here’s The Breakdown

Regardless of where you live, you can now get high thanks to these gummies.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of cannabis, I’ve found that edibles are one of the easiest and more discreet ways to treat yourself. 

So no matter if you feel like enhancing your night’s sleep, or just having a good time, edible candy, like gummies, is always a great option.

This time, we got our hands on these revolutionary edibles from one of our favorite brands, Botany Farms

In compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill, these gummies have a hemp-derived D9 THC and CBD mix that will meet all of your stress away with some watermelon freshness.

If you want to know more about these gummies, their cannabinoid mix and benefits, flavor, and effects, keep reading our review.

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Cannabinoid Content

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These gummies are by far one of the biggest ones we’ve tried so far. Weighing about 5 grams each, these gummies pack a punch with 10mg of high-quality and completely legal D9 THC. 

Besides the powerful THC dose, the gummies also include a punch of 14mg of CBD to provide a full-spectrum-like experience. The mix of these two cannabinoids will help you melt all your worries away, as they complement each other in the relaxation department.

This mixture has been found to boost body relaxation in general, as CBD helps to boost Delta 9’s effects. It can maximize the stress relief, pain management, and even muscle relaxation that CBD already helps with.

It also works the other way around, as Delta 9 maximizes the output and wellness benefits of CBD.

All cannabinoids are hemp-derived and use 100% legal D9 THC, so don’t worry and just enjoy what these gummies offer.


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If you’ve felt like edibles tend to be on the bland side, you’ll probably love these gummies as much as I do.

With a refreshing and tropical watermelon flavor, having a bite of these cannabis-infused treats will be no problem.

The flavor profile with these gummies is fruity with a slight touch of tartness that will freshen your palate.

With a mix of brightness and juiciness, these gummies are perfect if you feel like having a tropical and fresh twist.


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Now let’s talk about the “high” side of these edibles. These gummies are a little stronger than Botany Farms’ Delta 8 due to D9’s nature and the CBD mix. 

With that said, you’ll find the cannabinoid mix will bring you strong relaxation both body and mind-wise. Both cannabinoids have an incredible synergy to have a powerful calming effect, making your muscles and body, in general, chill down.

You might also get a mood enhancement. With D9 THC, it’s normal to get a spirit lift after a long day. And add to that the power of CBD and relaxation for an overall mood enhancement.

Another effect we’ve found is better sleep. So if you’ve had trouble sleeping lately, these gummies can help you improve your night’s rest quality and quantity. 

It might also help with pain relief, as CBD is known to help with some ailments and chronic pain treatments. As with other effects, the pairing of D9 and CBD can make this effect stronger and might be a better choice for milder cannabinoids.

Also, beware, as these watermelon goodies can be strong enough to make you feel drowsy, so you might want to start with a lower dose.

How To Use Them

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The best part about edibles is how easy it is to take them. And even though you could take these on the go, we recommend trying them in a safe environment first as they pack a punch.

For a first dose, we’d recommend about 1/4th of a gummy for new users or ½ gummy if you’ve tried D8 or D9 before.

Before going for a second treat, we’d recommend waiting at least an hour to check if you feel the desired high and relaxation.

If you are thinking about getting these to enhance your sleep quality, a 1/4th of a gummy should be enough to let you have a better rest.


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Botany Farms has delivered once again with a super high-quality, cannabis-infused treat that is a relaxation must-have.

With a delicious and fresh watermelon flavor, the Delta 9 THC Gummies are a new way to get your D9 and CBD goodness all in one take.

Besides, the cannabinoid mix is excellent to help with stress relief, better sleep, and even pain relief. Delta 9 and CBD have an incredible synergy that makes each other effect’s stronger.

So just be mindful when taking them, as this mix might feel heavier than your regular edible.

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