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Learn | 10.06.2021

How Much Is An Ounce Of Weed?

With literally hundreds of cannabis brands, thousands of genetic strains, and growing options like sungrown, indoor, and light dep, how much should an ounce of weed cost? Created with Flow Kana.

In the years since cannabis has become legalized, cannabis flower is by far the most popular and crowded sector of the recreational cannabis market. After all, how many–if not most of us–were introduced to this amazing herb by burning a joint, or taking a hit off of a pipe?

And if you sparked up during prohibition, the good ole ounce of weed was a mainstay.  Now with literally hundreds of cannabis brands, thousands of genetic strains, and growing options like sungrown, indoor, and light dep, how much should an ounce of weed cost?

How Much Does An Ounce Of Weed Cost? [Common Weed Prices]

With so many choices available and occasions to enjoy cannabis, the answer isn’t easy. So to simplify things a bit, we are going to explore three popular categories:


Craft Cannabis

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About $350-450/ounce | 23%+ THC

Typically grown in small batches and expertly cultivated by master gardeners, this is the primo gear–the cannabis that wins awards and appears on the cover of magazines. In this price range you are also going to see a lot of super-high THC indoor offerings. Much of the additional cost of indoor options is due to the energy costs of indoor cultivation. In fact it is estimated that indoor cannabis operations account for as much as one percent of the total electricity the U.S. uses in one year!

But the good news is that there are plenty of incredible organic, sungrown options that are better for you and the planet. And because these plants are grown using the power of the sun, sungrown cannabis is also better for your bank account! One option worth trying is Farmer’s Reserve by Flow Kana. Lovingly grown in the heart of the famed Emerald Triangle, Farmer’s Reserve matches the potency of indoor cannabis, but with a fuller expression of minor cannabinoids and terpenes that synergize with THC to create the entourage effect (more on this, below.)

Wellness Weed

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About $250-350/ounce | 10%-15% THC

While many of us enjoy the recreational side of cannabis, there are cultivators who specialize in strains that have been purported to aid in wellness. Examples include CBD strains like Harmony Rose which are used to reduce pain, inflammation, and sleeplessness and THCv strains like Pink Boost Goddess, where users have reported a reduction in hunger pangs and cravings.

If wellness is your jam, we highly recommend seeking out sustainably farmed, organic options–preferably grown outdoors. 

Session Weed

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$150-$250 | 14-20% THC

This is the weed you smoke before heading out for a run, or spending a day at the beach, or doing spring cleaning without feeling like you’ve become one with the sofa. This is the weed you smoke if you want to enjoy a whole joint without having to tap out due to high THC content. It is approachable, shareable, and at its best, gives you a well-balanced, functional high.

In this category, we also found an incredible deal that we have to share: The $99 Ounce from FlowDirect. These always-available bags of sticky green goodness take advantage of the energy savings from sungrown cultivation and Flow Kana’s robust cannabis growing program that allows them to offer high quality Emerald Triangle cannabis at a consistently low $99 price point.

Finding The Right Weed For The Right Situation

Over the last decade, THC levels have climbed to stratospheric levels, some exceeding 30% of the weight of the buds. For comparison’s sake, the best weed available to Bob Marley contained at most, 17% THC and he seemed to get pretty high!

While this might sound awesome, keep in mind that high THC flower is a lot like hard liquor, and while a shot of vodka can be fun on occasion, you wouldn’t down three of them and drive your car. Similarly, a high THC content cannabis strain may be great for binge-watching Netflix, or getting a good night’s sleep, but not necessarily ideal before a long hike, an all-day music festival, or a day on the slopes. 

It’s also important to know that while THC is considered a barometer of excellence, THC’s friends need to be around for the ride. We’re talking about flavor-packed terpenes and the full-spectum of additional cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, THCv. When all these elements come to the party, they work synergistically to enhance the overall cannabis experience. This longer-lasting, fuller high is known as the entourage effect and sungrown cannabis is the best way to get it in your weed.

Why? The sun emits powerful full-spectrum rays that make for the most diverse plant profile. Indoor LED lights replicate this as best they can, but nothing can replace our sunshine. Cannabis plants fight for controlled light sources when grown indoors, while sungrown cannabis receives far larger and boundless light and energy from the sun.

Cannabis enthusiasts love the taste of sungrown cannabis for this reason! Not only do you get a diverse group of plant compounds which make for a tasty plant, but like wine, cannabis shows terroir! Meaning, the plant will taste similar to the environment where it was grown, which makes sungrown cannabis extra delicious.

How Much Is An Ounce In Grams?

While most of the United States is firmly entrenched in the Imperial System of measurement (feet, gallons, pounds, and of course, ounces), legal cannabis has largely gone metric. So to translate this into what you would buy at a dispensary:

⅛ Ounce: 3.5 Grams

¼ Ounce: 7 Grams

½ Ounce: 14 Grams.

1 Ounce: 28 Grams

Is An Ounce A Lot Of Weed?

Short answer: Yes. In fact, it is close to the maximum amount of weed you can purchase in the State of California at one time (28.5 grams).

How Many Joints Can You Roll With An Ounce Of Weed?

Another great way to wrap your head around the relative value of an ounce is to understand how many joints you can roll with a given quantity. 

Generally, joints are sold at dispensaries in sizes ranging from 1 gram (a large, shareable joint) all the way down to 0.3 gram “dog walkers” which can be finished by one person in about the time it takes to–you guessed it–walk a dog! 

So for purposes of this discussion let’s say an average joint contains about 0.5 grams of cannabis. This means that 1 ounce of weed equals about 56 joints. 

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Based on the above infographic expect a cost-per joint within the following ranges:

Craft cannabis: $6.25-$8.00

Wellness Cannabis: $4.45-$6.25

Sessionable cannabis: $2.67-$4.45

… and if you include the $99 ounce, expect to pay only about $1.60 per joint! Even better yet, if you buy that ounce of weed right now, you’ll be able to get it with a $10 discount and free delivery on your first order!


But that’s not all:

If you purchase your weed from Flow Direct, you won’t only be buying great weed at a great price, you’ll also be using the easiest and most convenient online weed marketplace. Affordable flower, amazing deals, and door-to-door delivery, all in one place. 

In other words: If you live in California, you need to know about Flow Kana and Flow Direct..

Interested in taking the quality and THC levels up a notch? Then you have to check out Flow Direct’s Full Ounce and Half Ounce specials for its Farmer’s Reserve and Gold craft flower.  And when you pick any four of your favorite Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains and you will automatically receive an additional discount!

Flower in Flow Kana’s Farmer’s Reserve and Gold collections are masterfully farmed in small batches bursting with cannabinoid and terpene profiles you can only get with sungrown cultivation. . Their independent farmers then hand finish these beautifully crafted works of art, setting the standard for truly great sungrown cannabis.

Yes, on these two you might be spending a bit more for an ounce of weed, but you’re also getting a $10 discount and free delivery on your first order if you order right now!

When you purchase weed, it’s worth thinking about what is important to you, whether that is quality, price of the values of the companies. With sungrown brands like Flow Kana, you are supporting an independent, small farm in The Emerald Triangle. You are supporting the environment and the local economy while treating yourself to some of the best cannabis around.

Wrapping Up

All-in-all, Flow Kana offers a pretty solid alternative to dispensaries selling expensive flower that doesn’t live up to the price. . I smoke sun-grown weed on the regular and never cease to have a bad time. So make sure you visit the Flow Direct Delivery Service and get yourself a $10 discount and free delivery on your first order.

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