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Can You Smoke Shrooms?

Discussing the cerebral and bodily effects of smoking shrooms. Is it worth it?

With this new wave of soft drug consumption, people are trying to innovate in different aspects.

But innovation does not mean better. People are trying to evolve shroom consumption by smoking them, and the results are not as good as some people say.

So, can you smoke shrooms? Short answer: yes, you can smoke them and end up having a weak trip and wasting a lot of material, aside from all the possible dangers that may be related.

The long answer is no, there is no need to smoke shrooms, nor should it be done. Shrooms are meant to be eaten or infused. The risks and hazards outweigh any possible pros that you may have seen listed.

What Are Shrooms?

Shrooms is the name given to mushrooms that contain psilocybin, which is responsible for the psychedelic effects.

Shrooms have been used over centuries by many different societies. These societies took advantage of the psychedelic, curative, and spiritual effects and characteristics of shrooms. Not only were they consumed for recreational purposes but for:

  • Treating mental diseases
  • Enhancing or elevating the mindset
  • Spiritual purposes

The origins of shroom consumption date back to 1600 b.C. This makes it one of the first drugs ever used. The influence of magic mushrooms is recorded and has been passed down the generational and traditional lines in many different cultures.

Mesoamerican cultures take credit for using them a lot for rituals and cultural purposes and exploring them to the max. Out of the 200 hundred varieties of shrooms, Mexico has over 50 making it the country with the most variety.

How Are Shrooms Consumed?

There is no official way to consume shrooms. There are a lot of methods that can go from something as simple as just eating them straight from the soil to more complex ways like boiling them and making tea.

The flavor of the product is not the best for some. Others find comfort and enjoy the rich and earthy flavor. It has been described as being something close to uncooked pasta and dirt, but once it enters your body, it is just a matter of time for it to pop.

Because of its taste, people have tried alternatives that may deflect the flavor, like mixing it with food, drinks, or making edibles. People have become inventive in the search for better ways of consuming shrooms, either because of the taste or just willing to improve the experience.

People are trying to smoke shrooms! Ending up with results that aren’t great and that have put others in harm because of lack of knowledge and disinformation. For some people, it may work, but when you look at it from a medical and scientific perspective, something is not right.

How Do Shrooms Work?

Shrooms are best ingested through the mouth in an infused suspension or eaten whole.

You can also use them for cooking or add them to some food to improve the flavor. The best way to eat shrooms is on an empty stomach to maximize the effects.

After around 45 minutes of consuming them, you may feel off. Your body is trying to absorb what you just ingested, and something may feel wrong. After that first feeling, the trip started. It all depends on how much you consume, but because it affects the brain directly, everyone’s trip

is going to be as unique as their mind.

The average trip can go from 6 to 8 hours, but again, it’ll be different for everyone. Shrooms affect the brain similarly to dreams. The psychedelic properties affect the brain, so the perception of reality may change. Hallucinations are common, and some people talk about some

connection with the authentic self and other spiritual explanations.

What Happens When You Smoke Shrooms?

Not every drug can be smoked; there are a lot of factors to consider. Please, please, please, don’t just light everything up.

With shrooms, some properties get burned and lose their effects, ending up with a less effective trip. It’s not like consuming shrooms won’t have any negative or adverse effects, but when you smoke them, there are some additional ones.

From a health standpoint, it’s best to avoid smoking shrooms. Some gasses can be released when burning shrooms; we don’t want those in our lungs! Different types of molds can be present, and inhaling them may bring some medical problems.

In addition to this, people usually mix weed and shrooms in the same joint, and this may enhance the bad trip experience. Shrooms are not something that you can or should mix with other drugs. The effects are very strong, and the different onset times can also mess up your trip.

The best and safest way is to keep it simple and stick to the shrooms.

What's The Bottom Line?

Stay away from inventive and fast solutions! Respect the substances you want to put in your body in order to respect your body, mind, soul, and experience.

If you don’t want the shrooms‘ bad taste in your mouth, you can mix it with a drink or boil up some water and make yourself a good tea, but keep it simple.

Shrooms have been consumed in a very similar way over the years. There is no record of any civilization over the world that practices smoking shrooms, so why are we trying to change that?

Keep it light and breezy! The real experience of the trip is what you‘re after. It takes two minutes to gobble them up, and that shouldn’t be so bad of an experience. After all, you‘ll be trippin’ for over 6 hours, so there’s really no reason why you should smoke shrooms overeating them.

Do your research, read about it, and be responsible.

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