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High Culture: Selena Gomez Chefs It Up With The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

In the second episode of the fourth season of Selena + Chef, Ms. Gomez uses the renowned Stündenglass Gravity Infuser for a delicious Mexican meal.

You might have seen the high-end Stündenglass Gravity Infuser in music videos, campaigns, and even at your local dispensary

What looks like a futuristic gravity bong is much more than that. There’s a reason why it’s not called the Stündenglass Gravity Bong. That’s because you can use this state-of-the-art device for a few things, some that don’t involve cannabis. 

The renowned Stündenglass was also designed to infuse foods and beverages with various smoky flavors like smoked pecans, apples, oak, alder, mesquite, and hickory. 

If you haven’t seen the Stündenglass in action, you’re in luck. During the second episode of the fourth season of Selena Gomez’s quarantine cooking show, Selena + Chef, she uses the stand-out device for a delicious Mexican-inspired meal. 

To The Kitchen

During this episode, Selena was virtually accompanied by Chef Kristen Kish, chef and owner of Arlo Grey in Austin, Texas, television host, style icon, and LQBTQ+ advocate. 

Today’s menu featured a lovely Chickpea Fried Broccoli & Cheese, Mexican Street Corn & Baby Carrots, and Strawberry & Yuzu Dessert. 

Selena’s friends Theresa and Raquelle were also helping in the kitchen. All three ladies were amazed by the intricate nature of neat visuals provided by the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser. 

The device didn’t come into the shot until Kish started making the Mexican street corn. As the saucy base, she used 2 cups of yogurt thinly slathered on a plate. 

“Wait, we’re going to smoke the yogurt?” asked Raquelle, prompting Kish to correct her, “We’re going to impart smoke flavor into the yogurt.”

Kish explained how it’s common for Mexican street corn to have a charred smokiness to it. For this dish, she uses the Stündenglass, a cloche (dome), and pecan wood chips to give the yogurt a smokey flavor. 

As the smoke started to rise and fill the cloche, Theresa added, “This is one of the coolest machines I’ve ever seen.” 

But, again, Kish bluntly enlightened the ladies, “It’s a $600 water bong, is what it is.” 

The yogurt stayed cloche for the rest of the episode until they removed it for the base of the street corn dish. They added a lovely corn salad mix along with agave glazed carrots. 

Raquelle tells Selena it’s “Maybe one of the prettiest dishes you’ve ever made.”

This was just one example of the many dishes you could infuse with a smokey flavor, thanks to the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser. 

And don’t forget about beverages, too. It may look intimidating, but if a newbie to the kitchen like Selena Gomez can use the Stündenglass, so can you. 


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