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High Culture: 10 Of The Best Cannabis Moments On The Simpsons

The relevance of The Simpsons nowadays is impressive. They’ve had many incredible cannabis moments over the span of the years.

After so many years, The Simpsons has touched every aspect of society. This includes politics, pop culture, natural disasters, and more.

Whatever your feelings are about The Simpsons, they are a part of our culture. They sometimes use their own characters to criticize something going on in the world, and other times they have special guests who appear on the show and interact with the main characters.

Cannabis is not an exception to the topics they have discussed. Let’s list the top ten best cannabis moments on The Simpsons.

Deep Space Homer

In this retelling of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Homer is chosen as an average-Joe astronaut to help NASA get better ratings. In true Homer manner, he tampers with the navigational instruments using a smuggled bag of chips and unleashes an ant farm on the shuttle.

He misidentifies these as huge, alien ants. Homer is safely transported to Earth, but mayhem and near-death catastrophes occur. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and music artist James Taylor both made memorable voice cameos.


Cheech And Chong Visit The Simpsons (A Midsummer's Nice Dream)

Cannabis comes to mind immediately when we think of Cheech and Chong. This incredible comedy duo is a well-known stoner’s sensation with a successful career. Of course, The Simpsons required this interaction, and it became a reality in episode 16 of Season 22.

Cheech and Chong are performing in Springfield in this episode. Following Chong’s poor performance, Homer decided to take his place. The rest of the show was a complete success, thanks to some great jokes and his well-known charisma.

After his good performance, Cheech asks Homer to be part of the tour, and they create “Cheech and Chunk.” Living the life of two comedy “rock stars,” Homer convinces Cheech and Chong to reunite, and he goes back to his normal life. is not a high-rated episode, but it will bring back memories for those who grew up watching Cheech and Chong.

Mayor Quimby In “Sideshow Bob Roberts”

Due to his reputation as a womanizer and tax cheat on The Simpsons, Mayor Quimby has a bit of a tarnished image.

In this episode, he is growing a marijuana plant in his closet. He is also well known for smoking marijuana. Even the mayor of Springfield appears to like the plant in moderation.

Cypress Hill Concert (Homerpalooza)

Cypress Hill was the first hip-hop group to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was considered a progenitor of West Coast hip-hop in the 1990s. Aside from music, they have worked tirelessly to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

They may not have gotten their own episode, but they did leave us with a very funny clip in Season 7, episode 24.

A music festival is being held in Springfield. After announcing that Cypress Hill is up next, Bart wonders about an unusual smell, to which Lisa responds that it smells like Otto’s jacket.

For those who aren’t familiar with cannabis or Cypress Hill, it was just a regular comment, but I’m sure every stoner who saw that clip laughed out loud. Given the context of cannabis at the time, the fact that this episode was released in 1996 is even funnier.

Homer And Lisa Go Floating

In this episode, Homer and Lisa go floating in sensory deprivation tanks for the first time. Although they go in completely sober, their experience suggests something psychedelic!

If you want to have a trippy time eat some delicious edibles and prepare for a ride. This episode is trippy wherever you may look at it. 


Homer's First Contact With Medicinal Marijuana (Weekend At Burnsie’s)

The Simpsons are known for discussing controversial topics, but in episode 16 of Season 13, they went a little too far. In this episode, Homer visits the doctor just after a crow attack and is given medicinal marijuana.

Homer leaves with his personal dose after the doctor claims that marijuana is only illegal for those who enjoy it.

Homer decides to light up a joint and begin his medical treatment at home. He is listening to music while the smoke and smell fill the house. March is opposed to drug use, but Homer explains that it is legal and that he has a medical prescription.

When we watch a show, and there is cannabis present, it is not as frightening as it was in the early 2000s. This episode was highly controversial, and it was banned in some countries. Years have passed, and cannabis has been greatly de-stigmatized; we can now watch episodes like this and simply laugh at high Homer.

The Guatemalan Insanity Peppers (El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer)

Homer, in this episode, takes the plunge and eats a handful of insanely hot Guatemalan peppers, and as a result, starts tripping heavily. This episode is not specific to weed, but Homer is definitely high in this episode. This episode is a prayer for the psychedelic drug experience!

Homer wins a hot pepper eating contest only to begin hallucinating as a result of the peppers’ heat. Strange things happen to him on his metaphysical voyage, such as shattering the sun.

He also meets a coyote spirit guide, who is voiced by country music legend Johnny Cash. Homer’s quest eventually causes him to doubt his relationship with Marge, but at the end of the episode, he sees the light and re-confirmes Marge as his soulmate.

This is a moving moment of romance in a program not always noted for its sensitivity to love.


Ned Flander’s Parents

Ned Flanders is a deeply religious man with a big heart. He is the friendliest and most compassionate member of the Springfield community, but Homer despises him. He’s always preaching about doing the right thing and such, but there’s a plot twist when his parents appear in the show.

There is no specific episode, but since their first appearance, it has really become evident that they are just a common hippie couple. At first, it was shown how hard it was to raise Ned; they talk about no rules, love, and peace, but they end up having other episodes.

It’s funny how different Ned is compared to his parents. Hippie couples are known for smoking weed and just vibing with the world, but Ned turns out to be the complete opposite. Having this type of contrast helps build a background for each character and can be a hint as to why they are the way they are.

Think About It From “Barthood”

In this episode, Bart can smell something coming from Homer and Marge’s bedroom. He catches Homer smoking a bong, and his initial reaction is paranoia.

“What happens if the cops come?” – only to find out that Chief Wiggum is also in the room, sharing a bong with Homer.

Otto’s Mere Presence

Otto must be at the top of the list when it comes to cannabis in The Simpsons. Springfield’s school bus driver is one of those side characters who will live on in our memories, especially among stoners. Otto is a typical character who appears to be high as fuck all the time.

There has always been that character who smokes marijuana. It is never confirmed or denied on the show, but when you know, you know. Otto’s identity is not hidden by the Simpsons, but understanding why he acts the way he does adds to the comedy.

Cannabis has always been a part of The Simpsons, and they have helped to show the world that weed is not as bad as they make us believe. The reality of a stoner, according to characters like Otto, is unrelated to crime or bad stuff. We know that stoners are full of love and respect.


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