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guides | 01.01.2022

5 Great Resources For Growing Marijuana

These 5 great resources for growing marijuana should at the very least get you started with what you need to begin growing

It’s likely there are a lot of enthusiasts out there wanting to grow their own beautiful marijuana plant, but don’t know where to start. There are probably also growers out there looking for ways they can grow better plants.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to gather 5 great resources for growing marijuana. This should at the very least get you started with what you need to begin growing, and then it just requires a little TLC. Best of luck!

1. The Cannabis Grow Bible

grow bible 5 Chores To Do While High
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This book was published over 12 years ago, and still remains the best book out there on how to grow marijuana. It caters for a wide range of skill levels, for those who are just starting to those who are a little more advanced.The author, Greg Green, goes into extensive detail on both indoor and outdoor growing.

Green’s method involves training the plant to create a canopy so that light penetration and therefore yield can be more effective. It was a revolutionary technique 12 years ago when the book was published and continues to be a really effective way to treat marijuana plants.

Overall, this book caters for everyone and is easy to follow and easy to use. Highly recommended! Grab your free copy over at

2. The Sinsemilla Technique

grow sinsmellia 5 Chores To Do While High
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The Sinsemilla Technique was published in 1992 by Kayo, and is aimed at mostly beginner to mid-level growers. What Kayo brought to the Western world in 1992 was a detailed explanation of the separation of the male and female plants to allow for a better yield. Until then, this method was mostly unknown to the Western world.

Although this book might not be the one for you if you are a more advanced grower, it is a good resource for getting inspired and contains a wealth of information. It is more for those just starting out, and contains a lot of photos and diagrams to make it a little easier to get on the way.

3. Rollitup

grow roll it up 5 Chores To Do While High
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Rollitup is a website dedicated to those out there who want to grow or are already growing marijuana. It is a forum for the open dialog of all growers to share their concerns and their tips and tricks. It is appropriate whether you are just beginning or whether you have been growing for a while.

Rollitup forum topics don’t just cover how to begin growing your plant and looking after it. It also caters for those problems you might have with plants during their lifecycle, and how to avoid those. There is extensive information on strains, indoor and outdoor growing, organic ways to grow and about hydroponics.

This website is jam-packed with all the information you might need about growing marijuana and highly recommended resource for growers!

The website to this forum is here.

4. Weeds That Please

grow weeds that please 5 Chores To Do While High
Photo credit: Weeds That Please

Weeds That Please is a website where you can buy all the equipment you might need to grow some really nice weed. They stock seeds as well as growing equipment. It also doesn’t matter whether you are looking to start an indoor operation or an outdoor one. Everything you might need can probably be purchased from this website. Visit their website to start shopping.

If you are also looking for another place to buy seeds, they can be purchased from I Love Growing Marijuana. This website stocks a large variety of seed strains for you to get experimenting with!

5. Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

grow agriculture 5 Chores To Do While High
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This is a book written by Jorge Cervantes. It is a very comprehensive book written for those who want to grow, but not most likely aimed at beginners. It is quite advanced and targets specifically those who are looking to grow marijuana for a medical reason. The author admits that you have at least successfully grown one plant before, so if you’re just starting out this one might not be for you.

It is a really good resource if you want to brush up your skills, although he does approve the use of pesticides. Even if you disagree, it is worth having a read for the wealth of information available in it on growing indoor  and outdoor medicinal marijuana.

Do you know of any great resources for growing marijuana? Let us know on social media!

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