Top 10 Mature Animated Shows to Watch While Baked

Here’s a list comprised of animated TV shows that go fluently with the euphoria and carefreeness of cannabis…

Jun 17, 2014
Family Guy

The following list is comprised of animated TV shows that go fluently with the euphoria and carefreeness of cannabis.

10. Trip Tank

TripTank Comedy Central 5 Surprising Stats: Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

Although a fairly new show, it seems to resonate with pot smokers rather quickly. Its random and senseless domineer makes it the ideal show for drifting off into your imagination, accompanied by a spike of humor to tickle that funny bone. This show is best watched with others, because of the shock factors it has. You’ll have your fair share of “Did I really just see that?” moments. But overall, you will be entertained.

9. Code Monkeys

CodeMonkeys 108 SMBB 5 Surprising Stats: Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

This 8-bit stylized gem is chockfull of all the potty humor and raunchiness you’ll need. It looks like an old NES game…but with strippers, drug lords, crazy cowboy bosses, and Steve Wozniak. The animation will give you a nice dose of nostalgia, and the comedy will make you laugh so hard that a dose of nostalgia might rocket out of your nose.

8. The Boondocks

Based on the comic strip going by the same name, this urban anime is fueled by cultural conflicts, politics, and hilarious stereotypes. There’s just enough inappropriateness to make you gasp for air from laughing too hard and leave you wanting more and more. There’s a reason why this show is still going, it’s too damn good to end. If you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out.

7. Robot Chicken

robot chicken 5 Surprising Stats: Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

Definitely taking the prize for the most distinctive animation style on this list, this Claymation based show is jam-packed with nerd and shock humor. This show is skit based, so if you don’t like a part of it, there’s always the next one. It’s hard to get bored with this show, it’s a master of the unexpected, and always finds a way to leave you laughing on the floor.

6. Futurama

futurama 5 Surprising Stats: Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

Giving a unique outlook on the world of tomorrow, this show is completely relatable once you get past the giant lobster people, attractive Cyclops, Asian girl from Mars, and Scruffy the janitor. This show is amusing in every sense of the word, with hysterical characters and interesting settings, you’ll be glued to your screen. So pack a bowl and crack open a can of Slurm and enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy, you can bite my shiny metal ass.

5. The Simpsons

SimpsonsCouch1 5 Surprising Stats: Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

Probably the least vulgar show on this list, it’s a classic none the less. Following the antics of Homer Simpson, his wife Marge, his son Bart, and his two daughters Lisa and Maggie we see an endless amount of situations they all have to go through with a bunch of humor and very little finesse. Along with the main characters, there are a whole slew of lovable side characters, such as Moe, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Mr. Flanders, and Barney Grumble. Going on its 26th season this year, if you haven’t seen this show you’ve been living under a rock…or a doughnut. Mmmm doughnuts.

4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

aqua teen hunger force 780494 5 Surprising Stats: Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

It’s basically a massive acid trip made into a show, with huge personified foods each with their respective personalities. Frylock being the responsible and smart one (Oh, and can shoot lasers out of his eyes), Master Shake being completely unreliable and irresponsible but overall comical, and Meatwad being the lovable, innocent, and highly impressionable one. This trio has a chemistry that’s hard not to find engaging. Plus the situations they find themselves in are always so outlandish and ridiculous, you’ll be mesmerized and slightly confused, but you’ll love it. Number one in the hood G.

3. Archer

500px Archer%26Lana2 5 Surprising Stats: Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

Who doesn’t like spy movies? Who doesn’t like a good laugh? This show combines the two flawlessly. With an abundance of running gags, awesome fight scenes, and great sarcastic and witty humor, you can binge watch this show and adore every episode. It’s not like any other show on this list, sub realistic animation style mixed with its eccentric character roster is the perfect formula. Should you watch this show? Duh and or hello.

2. Family Guy

family guy by fleet feet d3kn6g9 5 Surprising Stats: Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV, but sometimes you need to watch a drunk fat man with a mental disorder, a psychopathic baby, and a greased up deaf guy to point you in the moral direction. Family Guy has been a television staple for years now with no signs of slowing down, with thought-provoking plots, abrupt cutaways, and side-splitting subject matter. It’s witty to potty sense of humor is always a delight, giving it a much deserved cult following and overall popularity.

1. South Park

south park season 3 episode 9 jewbilee 3 5 Surprising Stats: Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

Is it raunchy? Yes. Is it politically incorrect? You betcha. Is it funny as hell? Without question. Keeping up with current events in the real world this show has found the recipe for staying fresh and new, never lagging on being funny and enjoyable. Hitting topics other shows wouldn’t dare to cross, it’s known for pushing the boundaries as to what you can put on television for years. There’s not one episode that won’t make you laugh, it’s guaranteed. The simple animation, compared to a lot of other shows on this list, does not affect its comedic gold.

What’s your favorite show to watch while stoned? Reply below in the comments.

Jun 17, 2014