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Culture | 11.06.2023

Cooked With Cannabis Review: Best Episodes to Watch

See what it takes to be a cannabis chef.

With legal cannabis taking the world by storm, it’s only a matter of time until we’re flooded with TV shows about our favorite plant.

While we’ve seen behind-the-scenes grow-op shows like Growing Belushi, Jim Belushi’s show about his cultivation site Belushi Farms, there’s a newcomer in the world of cannabis television that might make your stomach growl.

Launched in 2020, the Netflix original series Cooked With Cannabis features six episodes with three different chefs each. Their goal is to create different cannabis-infused meals for the hosts and guest judges to take home a prize of $10,000.


Cooked With Cannabis stars co-hosts Kelis and Leather Storrs. They are the only regulars on the show and feature in all six episodes.

There’s a new group of guest judges and contestants each week. Funny enough, the hosts refer to their guest judges as “best buds,” and there are plenty of other weed puns and jabs throughout the series.

The goal of the show isn’t so much to get the judges wickedly high. In fact, many of the contestants only infuse each dish with roughly 1-5mg THC and 1-5mg CBD.

“We’re trying to show that we can move [cannabis] out of the college dorms and kind of elevate it,” explains Kellis in the show’s fifth episode, High Holidays.

This show is an excellent option for stoners looking to get to know the art of cannabis cuisine. The chefs share all sorts of infusion methods and their personal experiences cooking with cannabis in the past.

But what’s even more thrilling is watching a 5-star meal being made right in front of your eyes while the chefs calmly walk you through what cannabinoids and terpenes are present in the meal and which parts of the dish have been infused.

Best Episodes

What’s great about Cooked With Cannabis is you don’t have to watch all six episodes in that order. Each episode features a new group of chefs and “best buds,” aka guest judges.

In the fifth episode, High Holidays, Rupaul’s Drag Race season 5 finalist and All-Stars season 2 winner Alaska Thunderfuck is featured as a guest judge. Pretty appropriate, considering she named herself after the powerhouse strain Alaskan Thunderfuck.

The episode also gave viewers an inside peek of some mighty fine and potent holiday-themed dishes they might want to make this holiday season, infused or not.

Besides that, a great introduction to the show is its first episode, Grilled Backyard BBQ. This hilarious episode shows us the different ways we can infuse dishes off the fiery grill, featuring best buds Ricki Lake, Mary Lynn Rajskub, singer Elle King, and comedian Jo Koy.

All in all, any episode of Cooked With Cannabis is worth the watch. Just make sure you have some munchies nearby. Cooked With Cannabis is currently available on Netflix.

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