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5 Cannabis Cooking Shows To Watch Right Now

Feast your eyes on the infused eats in these cannabis cooking shows.

There’s something about cooking shows, in general, that’s thrilling. When the stakes are high, and the chefs are breaking a sweat, we’re clenched with excitement to see what happens next.

While you might love your usual cooking shows, let’s take things even higher. We’ve listed five of the best cannabis cooking shows that are changing how we view edibles.

Whether these shows are in a competition style or feature different celebrity guests, they’re all worth the watch. See what to expect and where they’re available below.

Cooking On High

If you love cooking competition reality shows, we suggest Netflix’s Cooking on High. It features two chefs whipping up cannabis-infused creations in an under-pressure cook-off. Each episode features two new chefs who will face different celebrity guest judges to see who’s dish will come out on top. The show debuted in 2018 and has since become Netflix’s best cannabis cooking show.

High Cuisine

Available on Amazon Prime, High Cuisine is another cooking show that places weed at the forefront. Instead of whipping up infused dishes for judges in a competition style, High Cuisine features two world-class chefs, Noah Tucker and Anthony Joseph. The show is based in Amsterdam and uses different medicinal and psychoactive herbs to create multi-course infused meals, some of which are psychedelic. This show is redefining how we view edibles, as it branches outside of cannabis to use ancient medicines like psilocybin mushrooms and other substances.

Bong Appétit

This cannabis cooking show takes us into the world of themed dinner parties and the chefs making it happen. Hosted by producer Abdullah Saeed, he and other cannabis chefs create different infused meals and dishes for various dinner parties. During the show, we see the behind-the-scenes process of how the chefs decide which ingredients they’ll use and how they infuse some of the tastiest foods with our favorite plant. It’s currently available on Vice and Hulu.

Cooked With Cannabis

This show debuted on Netflix in 2020 and focuses on the competition style we know and love. It’s a thrilling watch that features three professional cannabis chefs making a three-course cannabis-infused meal in hopes of walking away with a $10,000 prize. Cannabis connoisseur and chef Leather Storrs hosts the show alongside singer-songwriter Kelis. The chefs present their dishes to a different panel of celebrity judges, and in each episode, the stakes are higher than the last.

The Pot Pie

If you don’t have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vice, or any other streaming service we mentioned, head over to YouTube to watch The Pot Pie. This cannabis cooking show is hosted by chef Brandin LaShea who collaborates with a surprise guest to create mouth-watering infused eats. What’s interesting about this show is that each guest brings their own bag of secret ingredients, which will be used to create an entire infused meal. The guests are different celebrities and musicians, who can be seen munching on edibles throughout the show. Things can get pretty giggly, but they never fail to whip up something delicious.

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