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Herb Plated: Visit Nostalgia Bar & Lounge For Luxurious Terpene-Infused Cocktails

Nostalgia Bar & Lounge uses the renowned Stündenglass Gravity Infuser for its delicious cocktails.

Cocktails infused with terpenes from a gravity bong isn’t something you see every day. But for Nostalgia Bar & Lounge in Santa Monica, it’s become the norm. 

All thanks to founder and cannabis chef Chris Sayegh, who’s ready to take guests back in time at his very first restaurant. 

The name, Nostalgia, stems from the wholesome feeling of childhood and adolescent memories. 

A Blast From The Past

Photo by Chris Kim Creatives

The restaurant reflects those feelings with all sorts of memory-triggering pop culture visuals like a mural featuring cartoon favorites like;

  • Spongebob
  • Mario & Luigi
  • Alf
  • Johnny Bravo
  • Pikachu

Sayegh spoke with L.A. Taco about his experience creating Nostalgia. 

“Part of the past for me was gravity bongs, it was terpenes, it was cannabis, it was cartoons, movies, T.V. and music, and all these things.”

The goal was to have people reminisce in a way that they truly love, that brings them joy.”

Gravity Bongs

Ah yes, gravity bongs. Nostalgia has become so popular because of its unique approach to infusing cocktails. 

Sayegh uses plant terpenes, naturally occurring organic compounds that express individual flavors and aromas. 

He infuses cocktails with cannabis-derived terpenes and also infuses mocktails with CBD. However, he doesn’t infuse beverages with terpenes in the back, hidden from guests. 

He takes out the renowned Stündenglass Gravity Infuser, a hose, and a glass dome to infuse beverages tableside. 

One of the most popular cocktails is Apples to Oranges, a children’s game that’s been remade into a lovely smoked beverage. 

For this particular beverage, Nostalgia uses applewood chips and ignites them in the Gravity Infuser’s bowl. The smoke is then trapped underneath a glass dome with the cocktail inside. 

Luxurious cocktails, CBD-infused mocktails, and childhood memories are the name of the game for Nostalgia Bar & Lounge. 

Sayegh invites guests far and wide to experience his renowned terpene-infused beverages while reliving cherished childhood memories. 

For more information about Nostalgia Bar & Lounge, visit its website at

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