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Learn | 10.20.2021

Terpenes On Weed: To Spray Or Not To Spray

A quick enhancement in the aroma and taste of your bud could be the next cannabis fad.

As cannabis continues to push its way into the mainstream, people learn about the different parts of our favorite plant. Terpenes top the list of popular research topics for the informed stoner, with cannabinoids also holding a spot on that ever-growing list. 

There have been a plethora of new cannabinoids that are constantly being researched and produced and other parts of the plant that have been common in growing circles and cannabis forums but new to a lot of casual stoners and newcomers. 

These cannabinoids each offer specific benefits that are similar to THC and include many different terpene profiles. Further research into freshly discovered cannabis compounds could continue the plant’s leap onto the list of therapeutic options for patients and customers everywhere.

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Research in cannabinoids naturally leads one to find out about different terpenes’ benefits and profiles. Terpenes are aromatic, unsaturated hydrocarbons that are found in the essential oils of plants.

Many terpenes present in our favorite cannabis strains are also infused into many herbs and spices in our kitchen.  

The quality and type of terpenes present in flower have been a topic of popularity among weed connoisseurs. With different terpenes inducing varied effects and benefits, many people visiting their local dispensary are educating themselves on the terpene profiles that they prefer.

Health Benefits From Terpenes

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Another encouraging aspect of terpenes is the fact that scientists have been studying them for years, mainly for their potential health benefits.

While it would be incredibly extensive to cover the more than 100 terpenes, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular terpenes found in your favorite strains and their potential medicinal benefits:


This mood-lifting terpene is most commonly found in the rinds of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Strains with limonene prevalent in their makeup are Tahoe OG, Wedding Cake, Berry White, and Strawberry Banana.

Studies have shown that limonene may provide benefits that include: 

  • Anti-anxiety
  • Aids digestion
  • Liver detoxification
  • Eases insomnia
  • Weight loss


A calming terpene that is frequent in some of the most popular strains out there, myrcene is also found in thyme and lemongrass. The strains that are heavy in myrcene include Cherry Pie, Granddaddy Purp, Remedy, and Tangie.

Here are some benefits that myrcene could provide: 

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relaxing
  • Reduces Insomnia
  • Eases pain & muscle spasms
  • Sedating


Like taking a huge whiff of the forest, this piney terpene is extremely common and can also be found in basil, rosemary, and sage. Some of your favorite strains that contain this woodsy terpene are AK-47, Cannatonic, Grape Ape, Blue Dream, and Blueberry OG.

The often-studied medicinal benefits this terpene might provide include:

  • Anti-depressant
  • Eases asthma
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Enhances memory


This spicy terpene is also present in black pepper, oregano, and basil. Some of the strains that are strong in this terpene include Purple Punch, White Widow, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel.

The possible medicinal benefits include: 

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Eases insomnia
  • Reduces muscle spasms

Can You Spray Terpenes On Weed?

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Throughout the cultivation process, growers pay a good amount of attention to the preservation of terpenes. These terpenes naturally occur in the cannabis plant and provide taste, aroma, and possible health benefits. 

Spraying terpenes on your bud can enhance the flavor and aroma, creating a more enjoyable smoking experience. The use of spraying terpenes doesn’t stop there. You can even spray your food with terpenes for the same benefits.

How To Spray Your Food With Terpenes

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You’re going to want to spray from a distance of about 12 inches, giving a good zone in between the spray and the food. Try to spray in an even coat along the entire desired food. Common choices include nuts, popcorn, and chips. 

Don’t shake the product before you spray, and remember to store away the food once you’ve sprayed it. You can keep it in an airtight bag or Tupperware to preserve the freshness and completely homogenize the contents.

This process should only take about a day, so after that, you will be in the clear to go ahead and start eating.

How To Add Terpenes To Bud

Terp spray maneuvers for bud are very similar to those with food. You’ll want to keep the same distance away from your flower while spraying and be sure to let the homogenization process take place by storing your herb in an airtight container for about 24 hours before enjoying. 

Remember to store your terpene spray in a cool, dry location away from any bright light or warm surfaces. Do not use the spray on your skin as a lotion or deodorant; it doesn’t work as an essential oil in that manner.

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