Purple Punch Marijuana Strain

Purple Punch is a potent Indica-dominant marijuana strain with an absolutely delicious flavor that provides a smooth sedative high.

Purple Punch Weed; Purple Punch Cannabis; Purple Punch Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Purple Punch is an uncommon Indica-dominant strain. It delivers a wonderfully relaxing body high, and it has a striking aroma, highly reminiscent of grape soda, with just a hint of pine underneath. Excellent for recreational relaxation as well as for the relief of chronic stress and insomnia.


Purple Punch Experience

Purple Punch is, unfortunately, an uncommon strain, which is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. It’s the child of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, and it has many of the properties you’d expect from an Indica-dominant Hybrid: it promotes calm, happiness, and relaxation, with a heavy body buzz with a slight mental lift. This makes it a great end-of-day marijuana.

In terms of potency, it’s fairly strong weed, but not totally overwhelming, at 18-20% THC. As for its medical potential, it’s got some pain relieving properties, its tranquilizing effects will do a great job of dealing with your insomnia, and it’ll get you hungry if you struggle with nausea and appetite loss. As well, if you simply have a stressful occupation, you’ll really enjoy how this cannabis will zone you out.

The strain is available in vape cartridge form from VapeMeds, and if you happen to visit the South Sacramento Care Center, you can get it in dry sift form. Warning: though there is something called Purple Punch shatter, it’s actually a different strain.


Traits of Purple Punch

Purple Punch is just an extraordinarily lovely cannabis to look at. Its large and extravagantly purple buds are covered with trichomes. Moreover, it has a very strong, sweet aroma, reminiscent of grape soda, baked goods, and pine, and produces a delicious, smooth smoke.

This candy-like smell is pervasive and will linger for hours. Although its effects are great, it’s the visual and aromatic aspects of this marijuana strain that really set it apart.


Medical Benefits of Purple Punch

Medical marijuana patients won’t have to sacrifice flavor when picking up this strain to ease their ailments.

  • Great sedative for those dealing with after-work stress or insomnia
  • Appetite-boosting effects suitable for patients suffering from appetite loss or nausea
  • Excellent as a mild analgesic, this strain could easily replace over-the-counter pain medication
December 08, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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December 08, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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