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strains | 08.25.2021

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Blue Dream is a popular Hybrid marijuana strain often used for depression and stress. Blue Dream will make marijuana enthusiasts feel happy, relaxed and social.

Let’s talk about this crowd-pleaser. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is famous for delivering an uplifting and euphoric high that soothes pain and calms the mind. Its mellow body buzz has been known to help treat anxiety and depression. The overall experience is calming and uplifting with a sense of physical ease. Blue Dream is upbeat and sociable without being too racy. It deeply relaxes without making you drowsy.

Blue Dream Strain Origin

This California-bred hybrid is an absolute favorite. Blue Dream is an even split between two classic indica and sativa cannabis varieties. It combines the intense physical relaxation of its Blueberry indica parent strain with the mood uplift and mental energy of the Sativa Haze.

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that produces extremely dense, crystalline buds with light green to pine tree–colored pistils. The aroma is reminiscent of fruity coffee and produces a well-rounded high that offers euphoric and creative effects that lead to an upbeat, focused mindset. Though the majority of the strain is originally Sativa-dominant it is possible to find a version of Blue Dream with a more potent indica side.

Blue Dream Strain Terpenes

The leaves of Blue Dream range from orange to brown to dark green in color, depending on the specific subspecies you’re growing, as well as the conditions under which your crop is grown. The major terpenes that create this strains profile are as follows:

  • Myrcene – Sedative terpene found in lemongrass and mango that may induce a relaxed feeling, possibly contributing to this strain’s calm and drowsy effect.
  • Pinene – Smells like pine needles and is thought to work as an anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator, and there’s some evidence it may help with alertness.
  • Caryophyllene – Terpene profile has been linked to its mood-boosting and anxiety-relieving effects.

Blue Dream Strain Effects

This strain gives off an upbeat and happy vibe. It’s not overly energetic or talkative but still friendly and social. It won’t make you drowsy or lock you into the couch, but it will ease any stress or cramps in your body and leave you feeling supreme.

While it sits high on the list of many potent strains of cannabis, this particular strain provides a nice cerebral high with just the right amount of Indica body relaxation. Blue dream is a beautiful strain. It enhances creativity and imaginative thinking helps in the process of reducing stress and anxiety and tends to make one feel happy and relaxed even during intense circumstances.

Blue Dream is ideal for people just beginning to use medical cannabis, and also for those who are considered connaisseurs. Blue Dream’s effects are more than pleasant. They are diverse and capable of appealing to a wide variety of recreational users. Blue Dream appeals to potheads and patients alike.

Blue Dream Strain Fragrances

The sweet scent of Blue Dream is often hard-hitting, so don’t expect this to be a strain that smells like some dusty ol’ weed. Although Blue Dream does leave traces of smell wherever you go, as long as it’s in the bag then the scent is simply amazing. It gets better because you will be immediately greeted with a heavenly aroma of berries and pine when you open the bag. 

Named after the fruit, sweet, and pleasant aroma which reminds you of biting into a handful of fresh blueberries, Blue Dream is as potent as it is pleasant. Its effects range from euphoric, relaxed, and motivated to energized. It boasts a sweet and fruity aroma that’s sure to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Blue Dream is a high-yielding sativa with massive trichome coverage. It’s clear, light green, and has bright orange hairs and a thick layer of frostiness that coats the buds. Blue Dream hints at flavors of sharp, earthy sandalwood, crisp citrus, and even grape and floral notes. It expresses a harmonious balance of qualities from both its parents; Blueberry and Haze.

Blue Dream Experience

A top-seller in the West, this hybrid comes from California. Blue Dream is an even split between two classic indica and sativa cannabis varieties. It combines the intense physical relaxation from one of its parent strains, Blueberry an indica, with the mood uplift and mentally energy of its other parent, Haze, a sativa. While both parent strains can be a little overwhelming, Blue Dream creates a perfect, happy medium between the two.

The overall experience is happy and upbeat with a calm yet meaningful sense of physical ease. Blue Dream is happy and sociable without being racy. It is deeply relaxing without being too drowsy.

Blue Dream is strong, with a THC content that ranges from 17 to 24 percent. While potent, it’s well-balanced, providing a nice cerebral high with just the right amount of Indica body relaxation.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Blue Dream Oil Pens are available 
  • Blue Dream shatter, Blue Dream budder and other Blue Dream concentrates are also available from a number of retailers

Blue Dream Strain Adverse Reactions

Grown with love, this strain is a delightful mix of relaxation and power. Its energizing effects won’t leave you feeling tired, while its euphoria won’t make you giddy. This plant produces a strong psychoactive effect. It offers a good physical buzz. Blue Dream offers THC levels of 15-25% while offering less than 1% CBD and/or other cannabinoids.

Shortly after consuming this strain, consumers may notice a substantial mood elevation. This positive mood is likely accompanied by a sharpening of the senses. Although not everyone has similar experiences, there are some who reported that while tension and pain may still be present, the sensations have dulled and it becomes easier to focus on things other than pain.

The Blue Dream strain has a higher percentage of THC than most other strains. This means that in some cases it might produce strong intoxicating effects and perhaps some negative side effects. High doses of this strain might cause anxiety, paranoia, and rapid heartbeat in some consumers.

Traits Of Blue Dream & Blue Dream Seeds

As far as genetics go, this strain is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. Such an esteemed lineage gives this strain a sweet yet slightly sour aroma. The sweet aroma of berries will remind enthusiasts of this flower’s parent plant, and is almost reminiscent of blueberry pie with its subtle hints of vanilla. Some describe the scent as like a slightly herbal sugar cookie.

Flavor-wise, cannabis consumers can expect the same sugary taste of blueberry to will linger on the palette. This strain can cause some heavy coughing in relative newbies, but experienced marijuana fans will enjoy the combo of flavors and aromas to no end.

Cannabis connoisseurs are sure to notice that, despite its Blueberry lineage, very few plants show blue or purple hues. Also of note are the clear colored trichomes, meaning nugs won’t sparkle like some other strains. No need to  be alarmed, however, this strain is seriously sticky and tough to break up.  

Blue Dream Growing Time

Blue Dream is a cannabis strain with so much to offer. It grows and produces in a variety of conditions, but you have to take care of these buds if you want quality products.

Growers have observed that Blue Dream responds best to a variety of nutrients, particularly along the lines of magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. For ultimate success, you’ll want to work these nutrients into your growing process. These types of nutrients can be found in various soil amendments, such as compost or manure. In addition to these nutrients, Blue Dream is a water-heavy plant that needs about a gallon per day per plant.

  • Grow difficulty: Large margin of error making it an easy strain to cultivate.
  • Climate: Thrives in most climates and handles cold nightly temperatures well. Ideal temperature ranges between 65°F – 85°F (18°C – 29°C)
  • Indoor/Outdoors: Successful in both, consider surrounding environments when flowering
  • Feeding: Heavy feeding. Takes high levels of nitrogen without burning.

Blue Dream Flowering Time

The usual flowering time for Blue Dream seeds is between 10 and 12 weeks. Before you embark on cannabis cultivation, you should select the soil you will use for growing.  It is well documented that good quality soil yields tastier buds than ordinary soil.  If you are opting for an indoor grow, using hydroponics would yield more THC content in your buds.

Blue Dream cannabis is known to be a very resilient plant, but it is important to keep an eye on this strain to make sure it doesn’t get sick. You should be aware of any issues and nip them in the bud quickly with good maintenance and care. While you may need some patience to get a Blue Dream crop going, the wait is well worth it. Once flowering hits and the plant reaches its full stature, you can expect to see a very large yield of high-quality cannabis.

Medical Benefits Of Blue Dream

You don’t become the world’s most beloved strain by only appealing to recreational consumers. Blue Dream is adored by many medical marijuana consumers thanks to its bevy of therapeutic benefits.

  • People use Blue Dream for daytime pain relief, especially from ailments like arthritis, migraines, and fibromyalgia
  • Even patients with severe physical conditions like multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy report positive results
  • Those who need a shift in mood or who need relief from depression, stress, or anxiety tend to enjoy the relaxed, calm sensation Blue Dream produces
  • This strain’s therapeutic properties also make it suitable for those with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder

Where To Buy Blue Dream Strain

Now for the good stuff, where can you get Blue Dream? Pretty much everywhere, but as for who produces the best. Check out any of these elite quality grows Top Leaf, Amigo Cannabis, Canna Farms, Aurora, Tantalus Labs, Good Supply, Funky Farms, Canna Farms (pre-rolls), and Tokyo Smoke

It’s always good to do a little research before trying any new drugs. Blue Dream can be experienced differently depending on factors from how it was grown to how it is consumed. I guess the best way to find a favorite would be to try every single option out here, I mean, why not? I won’t judge. Blue Dream is guaranteed to be remembered no matter how you take it.

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