Blueberry Marijuana Strain

Blueberry is a classic Indica marijuana strain bred by the legendary DJ Short. This plant’s dark blue and green leaves draw you in, while the effects will leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed.

Blueberry Strain

The Blueberry strain is coveted among cannabis connoisseurs and amateurs alike. The mouthwatering blueberry aroma is only one of many reasons that this bud is so sought after. A downright gorgeous plant, Blueberry also happens to feature high levels of THC (similar to platinum bubba kush) and offers a surprisingly happy and upbeat experience. Hoping to find a great strain for stress relief? This lovely Indica produces calm, relaxing, and euphoric effects.


Blueberry Strain Experience

This strain first showed up on the scene in the 1970s and since has become the proud parent of many popular offshoots. Blue Dream is one of them perhaps the most well known to cannabis consumers. An award-winning Indica, this lovely lady took home a High Times Cannabis Cup award back in 2000. You can also find Blueberry listed as DJ Short’s Blueberry. 

It’s tasty, easygoing, and moderately sedative. The healthy combination of both indica and sativa landrace strains provides a unique hybrid experience. Though, the body high takes heavy predominance, which is why Blueberry is classified as an indica strain.

Overall, Blueberry offers a deep physical relaxation and a general feeling of peace and contentment. The Thai heritage provides a decent dose of mood uplift and euphoria. The effects tend to be long lasting and do not overpower the consumer, which are two excellent reasons to love this strain.

Some find Blueberry to be quite lung expensive, so watch out for a cough or two. It is also a known appetite-booster, so having some snacks on hand will make the experience even more enjoyable. It’s not uncommon to find yourself ready for bed as the effects begin to wind down. But, this strain isn’t your classic couch-locking indica. Rather, it’s a laid-back, calm, and contented flower.

While this flower has a bit of a cult following, it’s important to not underestimate its overall strength. Moderate cannabis consumers can get by with lower potency samples. Yet, experience with cannabis is recommended for flowers that reach over 20 percent THC.

Don’t be surprised if you find a goofy grin spread across your face shortly after consuming. This strain often kicks off with an upbeat, happy-go-lucky kind of high. After about a half an hour, you may find that your eyelids begin to droop and some of the blissful, euphoric sedation takes hold. While the strain might be a little on the drowsy side, it can certainly help you unwind and let out a few laughs.

Traits of Blueberry and Blueberry Seeds

Famous breeder DJ Short is a legend in the cannabis world. His skill has given us some of the most unique strains in the world, and this herb is the most popular. Blueberry features a striking sweet berry aroma with herbal hints.

Blueberry is a cross between three landrace strains, Afghani, Purple Thai, and Thai. Sativa lineage in this strain stems from the Thai cultivars. However, the Afghani wins out and provides hefty indica sedation. It averages around 18 percent THC, though this number can rise to over 24 percent depending on growing conditions.

Blue in more than just name, marijuana enthusiasts will delight in the dark blue flecks of color that dot this strains pale green leaves. Like splatters from a painter’s brush, these blue tones appear when the plant has been exposed to cold temperatures at the right time, activating the anthocyanins within the leaves. Blueberry tends to be a high-yielding plant, with flowers that also feature gorgeous red and purple.

A cloudy layer of trichomes gives these already handsome nugs a real twinkle. They also make for some really sticky weed, marijuana consumers will want to keep a grinder nearby if they don’t fancy leaving with sticky fingers. All in all, this strain has some excellent shelf appeal.


Medical Benefits of Blueberry

Appealing flavors and a great look are important, but this strain achieved legendary status by adding some potent medicinal benefits.

  • Medical marijuana patients with anxiety, depression and chronic stress, will appreciate the slight CBD content in this strain, along with the classic Indica sedation
  • The strong bodily-relaxation effects may also provide relief for muscle spasms, soreness, rigidity, and pain, including joint pain
  • As is the case with many Indicas, this strain can be an effective way to combat insomnia in larger doses

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August 27, 2016 — Last Updated October 19, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox

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August 27, 2016 — Last Updated October 19, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox

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