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strains | 01.01.2022

Haze Marijuana Strain

Haze is a classic Sativa that produces soaring cerebral highs. The founder of the Haze family, this strain is popular in Europe and frequently features THC levels above 20%. There are few marijuana strains that can match Haze for it’s potent, energetic buzz, making it a popular choice for weed enthusiasts.

Haze is an old school sativa that has been winning over hearts and minds since the hippie era. This European favorite is the proud parent of many popular hybrids on coffee shop and dispensary menus alike. Quick-acting and spirited, Haze provides a strong cerebral high that inspires creativity and transforms mundane afternoons into magnificent adventures.

Haze Experience

This strain is known for its extremely head-focused high. The effects are cerebral, though, unsurprisingly hazy. It can be a bit forgetful, so this not the best choice for highly focused tasks. A few puffs of this spicy flower will likely get your creative juices flowing. Those sensitive Sativas should be aware that this strain can cause anxiety or paranoia.

This strain gives “flower power” a new meaning. The buds are bundles of energy, sending consumers off into space with its mind-altering powers. Many report that this strain boosts creative thought, helping to connect new and abstract ideas.

While Haze is cerebral and energetic, this strain comes with a bit of euphoric fogginess. True to the name, consumers often feel “hazy”, slightly too cloudy to sustain detailed attention and concentration.

Those hoping for a strain that is great for morning medication or those that want something to improve attention are better off with a sativa like Jack Herer.

Though Haze can seem as buzzy as a shot of espresso, this flower is uplifting and relaxing overall. The larger the dose, the more the cognitive effects will present themselves.

Yet, in low to moderate doses, this strain can be quite mellow and often inspires a much-needed bout of silliness.

In low to moderate doses, it’s also a nice companion for household chores and simple projects. Though, many find themselves drawn away from their activities and in the middle of a fascinating discussion instead.

Traits of Haze and Haze Seeds

This strain is one of the oldest Sativa hybrids around. It was first bred by the Haze brothers back in the late 1960s. Its parents include several landrace strains, including a South Asian Sativa, Thai, Mexican, and Colombian. This strain’s successful offspring include Amnesia Haze and Silver Haze. Marijuana fans will be salivating to see the heavy knotting of orange pistils and a nice dusting of trichomes all over this strain’s dark green buds.

This Haze family of strains is notorious for being extremely high in THC. Haze offshoots are now some of the most powerful Sativas on the market, as opposed to the Kush family, which is typically associated with India marijuana. In some tests, this strain has reached a THC content as high as 27%. In contemporary US dispensaries, the average Haze produces around 20% THC.

The diverse tropical lineage of this strain provides an intensely spicy, musky and slightly sweet flavor and aroma. Like many of the near pure sativa strains, Haze can be difficult to grow and has a late flowering time.

Yet, this sativa is still used by breeders today to add a hazy sativa effect to new strains.

The earthy sweet aroma of this strain is unlike any other in the world of marijuana. There are hints of citrus and spice that will tantalize the nose. These notes translate over to this strain’s taste, where marijuana connoisseurs will love the earthy citrus and spicy flavors will leave most very satisfied.


Medical Benefits of Haze

Thanks to its combination of THC levels and CBD content, this strain is a popular choice for medical marijuana patients, as it can be used to help manage a number of ailments and conditions.

  • Medical consumers often like this strain for stress and depression
  • Those experiencing chronic fatigue will appreciate this flower’s uplifting nature
  • While this strain does have some pain-relieving effects, this isn’t the best choice for severe conditions. Moderate aches and muscle tension are better suited for this stimulating flower
  • Medical marijuana patients will also find this strain helps to control the effects of ADD/ADHD, PTSD and loss of appetite

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