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Jack Herer Marijuana Strain

Jack Herer is a famous Sativa marijuana strain which boosts your energy and mood. Jack Herer has earthy flavors and can be used for stress and depression.

Jack Herer is a blissful, uplifting Sativa with mild body effects. This famous strain was named after legendary cannabis activist, Jack Herer. Dutch breeders couldn't have created a better strain to pay homage to such an influential figure. One of the most popular marijuana strains in the world today, and with good reason.


Jack Herer Experience

This strain is one of the most famous Sativa-hybrids around. Titled after the legendary cannabis activist with the same name, the Jack Herer strain is the perfect tribute to such an honorable man. The author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Herer spent his life fighting for cannabis legalization and regulation of industrial hemp.

Though a cannabis lover, Herer had an environmentalist side. He was passionate about the use of hemp as a renewable resource. From fuel to fiber, Herer knew that the plant could do it all. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2010 at age 70, nearly 20 years after his tribute strain was created in the Netherlands. Yet, his legend and contributions live on. Due to its namesake, this strain continues to teach fledgling cannabis consumers about Herer's lifelong efforts.

The Sativa is known for its intellectual, creative uplift and mellow body high. Expect to find yourself relaxed and a little philosophical after a few puffs of Jthis strain. A three-way cross between Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #4, Herer has all of the happy, cerebral effects of a Sativa with a light dusting of Indica effects.


Traits of Jack Herer and Jack Herer Seeds

As pleasing to the taste as it is popular, this strain offers marijuana consumers a combination of herbal, almost sage flavors with hints of earthy lemon. The aromas are similarly citrusy with pepper, orange and even floral bouquets — a real treat for marijuana connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Marijuana growers can obtain this strain's seeds from the strain’s creator Sensi, or they can obtain mature clippings from developed, healthy plants from which clones can be grown. Marijuana farmers can choose between the four different Jack Herer varietals that Sensi has on offer.


Medical Benefits of Jack Herer

For recreational users, this strain is excellent for a night out or a daytime adventure with friends.

  • Medical patients use this strain to find relief from nausea and minor aches and pains.

  • Those with mental health conditions like ADD/ADHD and depression often appreciate the alert, uplifting focus this strain provides.

  • Of course, this strain is also wonderful for anyone who has had a stressful day.





Flowering Period

60 to 70 days

Average Yield

High: Up to 500 g/mindoors, 500 g/plant outdoors

Outdoor Harvest Date

Late September, early October

Average Height


Growing Tips

Jack Herer expresses a few different phenotypes, so don't be surprised if one of your plants seems a little more indica than you might expect. In fact, there are 4 distinct phenotypes altogether. Three of which are Sativa-dominant, while one will give you a more indica-dominant plant. Indoors, this plant grows well using either sea of green (SOG) or screen of green (SCROG) techniques. It tends to thrive in both hydroponic systems and soil. Outdoors, this strain loves a Mediterranean climate. In fact, outdoors in a dry climate is when Jack Herer does best. While indoor growing is possible, this strain doesn't like to be confined to pots.


Seattle, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Tacoma, Washington
Eugene, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Los Angeles, California
San Diego, California
Santa Ana, California
Phoenix, Arizona

Grow Difficulty


Food Pairing

Jack Herer has a strong lemon pine taste and aroma. This strain is excellent with trout.

May Help



Humulene - Hops
Limonene - Lemon
Pinene - Pine
Terpinolene - Wood

Negative Effect(s)

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth
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