OG Kush Marijuana Strain

OG Kush is a famous Indica marijuana strain. Thanks to its Indica effects and high THC levels, this strain will leave you feeling euphoric and energized. It is a great choice for treating depression, stress and chronic pain conditions.

OG Kush Weed; OG Kush Cannabis Strain; OG Kush Hybrid Marijuana Strain

There’s no strain more reputable than OG Kush. This 1990s sensation is also the base of many modern-day hybrids. This potent hybrid is to thank for a vast number of popular strains today. In a way, OG Kush helped create the modern cannabis scene in the United States. Often featuring between 19 and 27% THC, it is one of the strongest strains on the shelf. Recommended for experienced consumers, this strain provides a happy and upbeat mental high with the perfect amount of full-body relaxation.

OG Kush Experience

OG Kush is one of the most popular strains around. Though, its genetics are somewhat of a mystery. It’s thought to stem from some bag seed out of Florida and later cultivated by the folks behind Imperial Genetics in California. The best guesses are that it is a mix between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush.

This strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a kush-like aroma and bud structure. Though there is some debate, “OG” is thought to stand for ocean grown, a tribute to this strain’s Californian heritage. Despite its mysterious origins and shroud of cannabis lore, OG Kush has only become more prevalent. Growers and consumers alike can’t seem to keep their hands off of this strain.

OG Kush is famous for its pleasant, euphoric effects. Many patients with mood disorders or chronic stress love this strain for the blissful happiness it inspires. These upbeat, heady effects come with a significant Indica body high. While your mood may be light and airy, your body will likely be glued to the couch.

Recreational consumers also have reason to love OG Kush. Its sedative effects are just what you need if you want to come home and dominate your favorite video game or have a relaxing dinner with friends and family. Though, new consumers may find this hybrid a little too sedative. Its THC levels can run as high as 24%, making this flower quite potent.

Traits of OG Kush and OG Kush Seeds

When properly cured, this strain has a musty scent that will be familiar to fans of other Kush strains. These smells become more intense when the buds are broken up, with notes of citrus and pine joining the fray. The spicy smoke has a tendency to make marijuana consumers cough, while the aroma is likely to linger in the air for a long time after the weed is gone.

Such is the thickness of the trichomes on these buds that this strain can look almost snowy. Keep a grinder nearby if you want to bust this strain up — this is some sticky cannabis.

Why do people use OG Kush?

The unique, strong, and fairly balanced effects make this strain popular for a wide variety of medical cannabis conditions. This gentle hybrid knocks stress and anxiety right out of the park. Though, those sensitive to THC should be wary of consuming this herb in high doses. This strain can cause some paranoia from time to time.

Having some snacks on hand before breaking into this bud is a good idea. It increases appetite, which makes it a top choice among those who have trouble keeping down meals or are experiencing some gastrointestinal distress. The indica heritage in this strain has also provided some serious pain-relieving skills to the mix.

Recreational consumers will enjoy this strain for just about any purpose. The slight mental stimulation from the strain provides makes it easy to focus on easy tasks. Though, some may find themselves a little too drowsy to want to concentrate intently on the chore at hand. Hoping to have fun with a crowd? Take OG Kush on your next outdoor adventure.

Medical Benefits of OG Kush

This strain offers the relaxing effects of an Indica with high THC levels. This winning combination makes OG Kush a popular medical strain.

  • Those medical marijuana patients with pain conditions, nausea, migraines find some relief with this strain.
  • In addition, those with ADD/ADHD all tend to like this strain.
  • Some even suggest that this strain can be helpful in Alzheimer’s disease.
September 02, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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September 02, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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