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strains | 10.19.2020

AK-47 Marijuana Strain

AK-47 is a Hybrid marijuana strain with many medical uses. Often used to treat stress and depression, this strain will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed, uplifted and happy.

AK-47 is popular among novice marijuana growers for a reason. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a quick flowering time and produces a relaxed, cerebral high. With lineage that spans the globe, this flower nearly always impresses. The strain has a knack for inspiring a creative mental experience that ends with a drowsy physical relaxation. The high from AK showcases some of the best traits possible in cannabis plants; comforting heavy-bodied sensation compliments a dreamy, cerebral experience. What more could you ask for from a hybrid?

AK-47 Experience



AK-47 earned the name for its “one hit and quit” nature. There’s no doubt that this strain has potent effects. Shortly after the first taste, the uplifting and creative effects begin to take hold.  AK-47 is a daytime and afternoon smoke. AK-47 provides a racy, upbeat experience toward the beginning of the high. Yet, as the experience begins to wind down, the slow and mild effects often attributed to indica strains take hold.

In low doses, this strain can get the creative juices flowing. This plant makes for perfect marijuana strain for social activities or medium complexity tasks, like watching a movie or reading. In higher doses, however, AK-47’s bodily effects will take hold. Cannabis consumers will find relaxing body effects to go along happy, euphoric effects. Some even find it helps to promote restful sleep with a few tokes before bed.

Those hoping to impress a crowd are in luck. The herb is for small social gatherings or hangouts in which sitting and talking take prime time for the evening. While it may be spirited and a bit speedy at first, the strain typically rounds off with relaxed and calm vibes. Medical cannabis patients often turn to this strain to relieve ailments such as pain and depression, while recreational cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy the creative buzz this flower provides.

The slight sedation toward the end does not make this strain a good candidate for morning consumption. However, it acts as a good sidekick for the happy hour period. In general, AK-47 promotes a lifted high with a subtle sensation of physical ease.

Traits of AK-47 and AK-47 Seeds

Though the name may sound a little aggressive, AK-47 is an award-winning Sativa-dominant hybrid. In fact, it’s a favorite all over the United States. This strain is the easy-to-grow child of Mexican, Colombian, Afghani, and Thai landrace strains. The result is a mellow and relaxing high with plenty of pleasant, cerebral effects.

First bred by Serious Seeds, this strain features an unusual sweet taste and aroma. A  pungency is what first greets the nose with AK-47. Yet, spice and pine undertones give this strain a strong and one-of-a-kind scent that many describe as skunky, yet an earthy sourness makes up the predominant flavors in AK flowers. Marijuana connoisseurs may detect floral, woody and slightly earthy notes in this strain’s smoke.

Some cannabis consumers will notice a slightly chemical aftertaste, but not enough to make the overall experience unpleasant. The typical THC content hovers at around 17%, though this flower can reach up to 25% depending on growing conditions. Cannabis beginners may be able to enjoy the high-THC experience this strain provides when microdosing this herb. However, this plant is usually best for those with prior weed experience.

Seeds from the strain produce heavy buds, with a nice layer of white trichome crystals. Calyxes are tightly packed, giving this herb a dense structure and the surface area needed for excellent resin production. To top off this strain’s wild appearance, deep red-orange pistils give this flower an unkempt look. AK-47 has a quick flowering time for a Sativa-dominant strain and grows surprisingly well indoors.

Medical Benefits of AK-47

AK-47 is a happy-go-lucky strain that is perfect for a weekday afternoon or evening. Not only can is spur appetite for dinner, but it can inspire delightful conversation and smiles all around. Those headed out for a post-work snack will enjoy the quick stress relief and pick-me-up.

Medical consumers tend to pick up this strain for headaches and mental health conditions. Depression and chronic stress tend to respond well to AK-47. The herb’s cheerful nature can zap away the blues and the hardships of the day in a hurry.

Many also use it to combat insomnia. While it may not be the best strain to pick right before hitting the hay, a dinnertime bowl often inspires heavy lids by bedtime. AK-47’s combination of relaxation and mood-lifting effects make it a popular choice among medical marijuana patients looking to find relief from a number of ailments. Some of the most common reasons people pick up AK include:

  • The happy and euphoric feelings AK-47 inspires is often a great treatment for anxiety and depression.
  • The relaxing effects of this strain are appealing to those who suffer from muscle spasms and other painful conditions such as migraines.
  • Many marijuana patients report that AK-47 is excellent for relieving symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps.
  • Marijuana consumers who experience a lack of appetite will find this strain stokes their appetite.

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