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strains | 01.01.2022

Thai Marijuana Strain

This landrace sativa has provided genetics to many contemporary strains. Racy and invigorating, Thai provides a quick, head-centered high.

Thai has provided genetics to many contemporary marijuana strains. While some love the intense and energetic high this strain offers, newcomers to marijuana should proceed with caution, however, as Thai’s THC content can be up to 20%


Thai Experience

Thai is a landrace Sativa that has contributed to the creation of many contemporary marijuana strains. This strain is to Sativas what Afghani is to Indicas. Go back far enough in any strain’s history, like Haze or AK-47, and you’re likely to see this legendary marijuana in there somewhere.

“Thai” lineage may actually refer to a collection of cannabis strains native to Thailand and the surrounding region, rather than just one strain alone. Yet, finding a flower labeled “Thai” is still quite common.

As a pure Sativa, this strain represents the essence of stimulating, head-centered cannabis. This strain is energizing, with plenty of psychoactivity to boot. For a landrace, the THC levels of Thai can get quite high. Levels range from 14 to 24% depending on growth conditions.

A racy strain, this strain can be a little too active for those who struggle with cannabis-induced anxiety. Some consumers find that this strain is nearly psychedelic, as it produces a strong sensation of blissful euphoria.


Traits of Thai and Thai Seeds

Some critics argue that the original strain is long gone. While the strain is still spotted in dispensaries and coffee shops, many feel that this is a contemporary version that has been influenced by hybridized genetics.

Regardless, the Thai commonly found is an earthy bud. Hints of citrus and a spicy sweetness hit your tongue on first taste, followed by something more akin to a musky forest. Marijuana connoisseurs will enjoy the spicy aroma that they doubtless experienced in some of this strain’s many offspring. With a smoke harsher than many other Sativa’s, new and experienced cannabis consumers can expect to cough a little when smoking this strain.


Medical Benefits of Thai

The clear-headed effects of this strain make it a nice option for medical marijuana patients to use during the day to control a number of symptoms.

  • Medical consumers tend to like this strain when treating depression, fatigue, and chronic stress
  • Those with headaches or migraines might appreciate the heady high this strain provides
  • Inflammatory conditions and eye pressure may also benefit from this strain


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