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strains | 10.19.2020

Cannatonic Marijuana Strain

Cannatonic is a Hybrid marijuana strain with high levels of CBD. You can use Cannatonic to treat pain, stress and depression and other medical conditions.

This high-CBD strain has won over the hearts of many medical patients who considered it as one of the best weed strains. Versatile, laid back, and relaxed, there’s a lot to love about Cannatonic. This hybrid promotes mental clarity, provides pain relief, and improves mood without a psychoactive high. This strain is a great tool to add to your medical cannabis arsenal. Some phenotypes of this hybrid have as high as a 1:30 ratio of THC to CBD. Pick up this strain when you need some serious relief from pain, spasticity, and negative mood.

Cannatonic Experience

The “high” from Cannatonic will largely depend on the levels of THC and CBD in your particular sample. The higher the THC, the more likely you are to experience a mild feeling of euphoria.

Right off the bat, Cannatonic can provide a slight and pleasant energizing head rush. Not nearly what you would expect from a high-THC sativa, but Cannatonic does have a reputation for promoting a clear-headed, calm, and focused feeling.

Small amounts of THC might be to thank for this. Yet, the psychoactive effects of Cannatonic are more or less balanced out by the calming CBD. Overall, this gentle flower promotes a sense of joy, ease, and stress relief. It will not provide the expected lifted experience that you would find in THC-dominant cannabis.

Instead, worries, anxiety, and brain fog evaporate with each taste of this strain. They are replaced by a sense of well-being that does not distort cognition or cause you to feel like you’ve consumed some recreational cannabis. As the experience of this strain continues, more body-centered and sedative effects may become present.

You may feel a gentle warming or tingling sensation as the body relaxes, but these are very pleasant and not disruptive. You may still feel a bit of THC’s presence, but the higher the CBD content in your strain, the less noticeable it will be.

Due to its popularity in the medical marijuana community, Cannatonic capsules are also very popular for those cannabis consumers who prefer a smoke-free way to medicate

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Traits of Cannatonic and Cannatonic Seeds

This strain is a beautiful high-CBD hybrid, first bred by Resin Seeds out of Barcelona, with ample medical benefits. The strain does feature a little THC, but levels rarely reach over 6%.  Cannatonic is an extremely relaxing strain without a long-lasting psychoactive high.

Cannatonic is a quintessential high-CBD strain. It is one of the easiest CBD strains to find and it is consistently loved by medical cannabis patients. A cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze, Cannatonic is a well-balanced hybrid that may lean slightly sativa.

While Cannatonic is a high-CBD strain, the CBD levels vary depending on the phenotype. For example, this strain is famous for producing a near 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Yet, it can also produce ratios of 30:1 CBD to THC, and 30:1 THC to CBD. On average, expect 6 to 17% CBD in this strain.

If you are growing Cannatonic, it’s recommended to test a lab test sample from your plant in the vegetative cycle. Keep plants that breed the ratios you want and do what you will with the others. As far as aroma is concerned, this flower is famous for her tangy citrus scent with ample earthy pine undertones.

Cannabis consumers will find this strain to have light green color, littered with dark pistils are tightly packed but not impenetrable, with a nice frosting of trichomes. Marijuana enthusiasts will find that this strain’s combination of density and airiness makes for an easily smokeable experience and also perfect for making cannaoil or cannabis coconut oil.


Medical Benefits of Cannatonic

The high CBD content of Cannatonic can provide powerful pain relief without causing unwanted sedation or make you feel too racy to work. If you need to medicate during the day but do not want to feel impaired, Cannatonic is an excellent choice.

  • Those with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease may find this strain useful.
  • Pain and migraines don’t stand a chance against this strain.
  • Many find that it helps them set their daily stresses aside and sink into a peaceful sleep when wanted.
  • Some marijuana consumers find this strain leaves them with dry mouth, paranoia, anxiety or other negative psychoactive effects are not a concern.

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