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Learn | 09.20.2021

Ooze Comet Review: What You Must Know

The lightweight and easy to use Comet is a great option for those who enjoy dabbing on-the-go.

If you’re a new vaporizer user looking for something that’ll rock your world and take your vaping experience to the next level, you’ve found it!

The Ooze Comet is small but mighty. That is why we bring you all the details below.

General Functionality

The Comet is sleek, compact, and easy to operate. It offers an intuitive interface, allowing you to load your material and vape in as little as 3 seconds. Once you’re ready for another hit, shake the Comet for your next draw.

Temperature Range

While the Ooze Comet has plenty of power to offer, the biggest drawback that users will find is temperature flexibility. Many other vapes allow you to choose between various temperature settings, but the Comet doesn’t have any of that functionality.

It’s certainly good enough for a lot of different uses, but if you want to get the most out of your concentrate, we suggest checking out another product.

For best results, only heat one back-to-back. If you need to use the device more than once within 15 minutes each time, please allow the device a cooling period of 5 minutes between each session.

Device Quality

The Comet is an entry-level but efficient vaporizer that is compact and lightweight. It uses a hybrid convection and conduction heating system, which helps complete the best vaporization experience available in its price range.

With a lack of temperature regulation, the nail will heat up during use, which could cause the nail to be too hot for proper dabbing. However, this also allows for users who prefer bigger draws to use up the entire material in one go.

So, the nail heats up quickly. The insert in the bucket is primarily metal, so it heats up from the outside to the inside quickly without being stirred. This means that after a few sessions, the bucket will reach unregulated temperatures very quickly.

The only advantage of this method is that you can have one massive draw at the end of your session, but this is not ideal for all consumers. The pipe is a small e-nail that’s perfect for us.

It has a water filter that keeps all the particles from getting into your vapor. It may not perform as well as its big brothers, but it certainly performs way better than any non-filtered device.

Structure & Durability

Photo courtesy of Ooze

The Ooze Comet is a freestanding dry herb vaporizer that offers a sleek and modern look. With three temperature settings to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your vaping needs. Included:

  • Magnetic holder
  • Magnetic ceramic dab tools
  • Micro USB charger
  • Stainless steel carburetor cover
  • Water bubbler
  • Titanium nail
  • Quartz nail
  • Ceramic nail
  • Battery

The Comet can produce large plumes of vapor without too much draw resistance, and it comes in a variety of colors. A battery with a silicone container adds to the quality feel of the e-cig – others usually have a metal strip on the bottom.

Battery Life

This vaporizer comes with a battery capacity of 1200mAh, which means that you’ll enjoy plenty of sessions without having to recharge. With typical sessions lasting between 40 seconds to 3 minutes on average, it’s easy for most people to get at least 20 sessions before needing to top up again.

Though its battery life is good, it will inevitably degrade over time. The internal battery can be easily replaced with a longer lifespan, which is always helpful in long-term reliability.


Photo courtesy of Ooze

One of the smallest e-nails on the market, the Comet is portable and discreet. It’s fitted with a glass bubbler tube and comes with an all-glass vapor path that prevents any plastic from touching the vapor.

The Comet’s dual functionality rounds out its features, making it a top choice for frequent users and groups. It can work as a traditional wax vaporizer or as an e-nail.

Versatility For Smokers

This is a great-looking product, is easy to set up and use, but a little lacking in design choices and flexibility. I’m pretty sure that anyone could pick this up and get it going, and experienced users will have no trouble getting it to work either. The Comet is a perfect appliance for those who want a no-nonsense vaporizer for home use.

The standard method to clean any vaporizer is to take apart the atomizer and use a cloth or paper towel to wipe it down. For a deeper clean, soak a paper towel in IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) and swab the chamber and heating coil.

The glass bubbler is best for those who want a small design and is easy to move with. While it lacks a bit in the discretion department, this model does provide a few minutes of enjoyment before you need to pack it away again.

Final Words

Ooze Comet is a great, tiny e-nail. For something this small, it gives off surprisingly big clouds of vapor and flavor. It would give the competition a run for its money if it had even the most basic form of temperature control or adjustable power.

If you are looking for an affordable setup to vaporize at the optimum temperatures, the new Ooze Comet can help you!

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