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Newport Torch Review: Everything You Need To Know

We tried & tested these famous butane torches. Here's the result.

If you are looking for a solid torch with a sleek design, the Newport Zero Torch will get you just that for about 40 bucks.

Newport is well known for its manufacturing principles around safety and user-friendly torches, and their products vary widely across shapes and sizes, constantly providing high quality. Today we’ll be walking you through the Newport Zero Torch options you can’t miss out on.

Newport Zero Torch Sizes

Newport Zero Mini Butane Torch: The mini-sized torch is made for absolute comfort. Ideal for carrying around or taking on a trip, it has a comfortable size and is super lightweight.

Newport Zero Regular Size Butane Torch: This one is 6 inches tall and has an adjustable flame size. Not much taller than the mini-sized torch, it is great for having at home or showing off at an outing.

Newport Zero Jumbo Butane Torch: 10 inches tall, the jumbo torch has a killer performance. It is the start of Newport’s catalog and will look fabulous on your bong sanctuary.

Newport Zero Torch Design

Photo courtesy of Newport

Newport’s butane torches are built safely and with an attractive design in mind. You can pick between a Classy Solid color, ranging from a bright pink to a solid white, among other exciting colors to choose from, a luxury color (something shiny with a reflective surface or metallic color), and Special Designs, including patterns, symbols, or different images. They even offer engraving services, as long as you are not planning to request drug-related text or images.

The Newport Zero Torch uses self-igniting piezoelectric igniters, making them super easy to use and maintain.

Some other specifics on the product that add to its effectiveness are:

  • All of Newport’s butane torches include a built-on plastic stand
  • They all feature a lock button that allows you to use the hands-free and ensure safety when not ignited
  • The butane cans can give your about 40 minutes of burn time
  • There is an additional child-proof safety lock system for those who have little ones at home, or messy bags, or both.

Dabbing With A Newport Zero Torch

As you may have read in our posts about dabs, a powerful heat gun is essential if you want to ensure the best possible setup for your dab using a nail.

The dab nails can take some time to get hot, especially with larger surfaces, and few things are more boring than waiting for it to heat up, not to mention when you are in a rush to try your fresh concentrates.

The Newport Zero Torch will get the job done in half a minute – or less. If you are still waiting minutes to heat your nail, say no more.


Although the Newport Zero Torch is quite a fascinating device, many have criticized it for being unreliable when it comes to durability. Even though it is not a crazy investment and lives up to anyone’s expectations regarding functionality, lifespan is also an essential factor in which the Newport Zero Torch can fail.

All of Newport’s butane torches come with a lifetime warranty if they are purchased from the manufacturer, but it does not cover any defect or accident. Many have said that the company did not correctly address issues caused by accidental use if they were addressed.

It may be a better idea to use the more giant butane torches that Newport offers since the small ones intended for traveling are more likely to fall or be misused during the time.

And speaking of who you purchase your Newport Zero Torch from, try to make sure that it is one of the latest models since previous versions of the jumbo Newport butane torch did not have the safety lock features. This might not be such a necessary feature to some, but in my opinion – it better be safe than sorry.

Aside from the comments regarding reimbursements or repositions when the torches are damaged, Newport has an exceptional client service and has, in my experience, always been very responsive and active when it comes to questions and concerns around their butane torches, so do not hesitate to reach out to them as many times as necessary before deciding which torch to buy, and where.

Final Words

Photo courtesy of Newport

The Newport Zero Torch is a delicate accessory that will considerably enhance your smoking or dabbing session. It is a solid device and has guaranteed ease to use and refill and maintain when needed.

The adjustable flame size makes it a very versatile tool. It so does the variety of sizes it comes in, as well as the possibility to buy a fit on the top torch (also manufactured by Newport) which can be fit onto the head of any Newport Zero can of butane gas to use casually and then remove with the same handy contraption.

It comes with a flame lock that serves as a hands-free device as well as a child-lock safety tool, making the Newport Zero world even more adaptable to your needs.

Albeit being somewhat unreliable for its long-term resistance, it is a good buy if you understand it might not last forever. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something as sturdy and adaptable but with a longer lifespan, you might have to look at other options, but bear in mind that the prices will likely get (way) higher too.

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