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Best Electric Lighters For Weed

As cannabis consumption methods evolve and become more sophisticated, so do the tools we use to facilitate this pastime.

Electric lighters, also known as plasma or arc lighters, represent a significant shift from traditional butane lighters, offering a new and arguably superior method for lighting cannabis. 

Let’s delve into the educational component of electric lighters and unpack why they might just be the next essential tool for cannabis enthusiasts.

The Electric Edge: Why Electric Lighters Prevail

Wave goodbye to butane and its environmental pitfalls. Unlike traditional butane lighters that release harmful chemicals into the air when ignited, electric lighters are butane-free. 

This means they offer a cleaner burn without the risk of inhaling unwanted chemicals alongside your cannabis. 

Moreover, the absence of butane makes electric lighters a more sustainable option, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

Windproof & Weather-Resistant 

Ever tried lighting up on a windy day only to have your flame repeatedly extinguished? Electric lighters, with their plasma arcs, are windproof. 

The consistent electric arc ensures that you get an even light, regardless of the weather conditions.

Savvy Savings 

While electric lighters might have a higher upfront cost compared to their butane counterparts, they are rechargeable. 

Over time, the costs saved from not having to buy replacement lighters or refill butane can add up, making electric lighters a more economical choice in the long run.

Precision Lighting 

The design of many electric lighters allows for more precise lighting, ideal for cannabis users who prefer bowls, pipes, or intricate rigs. 

The focused arc can pinpoint specific areas, ensuring an even burn and enhancing the overall smoking experience.

Safety Features 

Many electric lighters come equipped with safety features like auto-shutoff, ensuring the lighter doesn’t stay activated for prolonged periods unintentionally. 

This not only conserves battery life but also minimizes the risk of accidental burns or fires.

No Flame, No Problem 

The absence of an open flame isn’t just a cool feature; it’s a safety boon. Whether you’re indoors or out, the flameless design minimizes potential hazards.

In essence, electric lighters aren’t just a passing trend; they’re a testament to the cannabis industry’s drive toward innovation, safety, and sustainability. 

If you’re looking to elevate your cannabis rituals while embracing modern, eco-conscious values, it might be time to make the switch.

The Best Electric Lighters 2023

NEPATO – Electric Candle Lighter

If you’re scouting for an affordable yet functional electric lighter, look no further than NESAPTO’s Candle Lighter. This brand has created a buzz in the budget segment, and their lighters won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

  • Comes with a 360-degree flexible neck for those tricky angles
  • Choose from six distinct colors, a rare feature in this segment
  • The multi-protect safety system, including an automatic 7-second shutdown, ensures peace of mind

Pros: LED battery indicators for easy monitoring, an elongated neck ideal for household use, and a reassuring 1-year warranty. 

Cons: Its lengthier dimension might make portability a challenge.

Tesla Coil LightersTM – Windproof Dual Arc Lighter

Step into the world of premium with the Tesla Coil Lighters Electric Lighter. This sleek device isn’t just about the name; it promises performance with style. Its gunmetal finish radiates class, ensuring you ignite in style every time. Sized at a convenient 1.75 x 0.5 x 3 inches, it’s ideal for pockets. 

  • Gunmetal finish enhances its aesthetics
  • Pocket-friendly dimensions
  • Offers 100 to 300 ignitions on a full charge

Pros: Sturdy metal build, user-friendly single-button operation, and a protective arc lid for safety. 

Cons: Lacks a multi-LED battery indicator and uses an older-gen micro-USB charger. 

Suprus – Electric Lighter

The SUPRUS Electric Lighter is a fusion of sleek design and advanced technology. At a handy 6.89 x 0.59 x 0.59 inches, it’s compact yet boasts features like an LED battery indicator and robust stainless steel casing. This market favorite also stands out with its multiple safety certifications and versatile charging options.

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • LED battery display
  • Multiple safety certifications. 

Pros: Highly safe and user-friendly with an LED indicator and safety switch.

Cons: The arc might struggle in hard-to-reach areas.

MEIRUBY – Electric Lighter

Dive into a world of vibrant choices with the MEIRUBY Electric Lighter, which boasts not just functionality but also aesthetic appeal with its seven vivacious color variants.

Whether you’re lighting a candle or need it for daily chores, its dimensions of 8.35 x 2.2 x 0.55 inches make it a reliable companion. 

A distanced arc ensures safety, and with one full charge, you’re set for approximately 600 uses. 

Four LED indicators keep you in the loop, with each hinting at a 25% battery milestone. A safety switch seals the deal, ensuring young curious hands stay safe. 

Pros: Offers commendable economy, outlasting about 300 traditional gas lighters, and boasts a commendable battery lifespan. 

Cons: Slightly bulkier, might not be everyone’s first choice for on-the-go scenarios.

LcFun Dual Arc Lighter

For those who find solace in the great outdoors and are on the lookout for a trusty companion, the LcFun Dual Arc Lighter emerges as a game-changer, ticking all the right boxes while being easy on the wallet.

Sporting dimensions of 1.9 x 0.7 x 2.7 inches, this lighter is effortlessly pocket-friendly. Its double arc technology ensures quicker lighting. 

With an exterior forged from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene paired with a Zinc arc, it’s not just waterproof (boasting an IP56 rating) but ruggedly durable. 

A mere 2 hours is all it takes to charge, ensuring you’re always ready for that next adventure. 

Pros: Perfectly crafted for outdoor enthusiasts, its size is just right for portability, and the robust construction promises durability.

Cons: A slightly restrictive 60-day warranty might leave some wanting more. 

Final Thoughts

Electric lighters are pioneering a transformative era in cannabis consumption, marrying safety with sustainability. 

As we progress, they stand as beacons of innovation, heralding a luminous, eco-conscious horizon. 

Embrace the evolution, and always light up responsibly.

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