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Learn | 03.14.2022

Stashlight: The All In One Stash Pipe & Lighter

The easiest solution to losing your lighter.

Picture this, you took a long trip and you are sitting by the highest peak of the mountain. You take your premium preroll you saved just for this amazing view and you realize you completely forgot you’re lighter.

Lighters seem to be the first things we lose whenever we want to take a good hit on the road. And even if there are new vapes and cannabinoids available, sometimes you just want to enjoy a spliff with your favorite strain.

Today we are reviewing the easiest solution to losing your lighter plus having a super useful doobie tube, the Stashlight. This pocket-sized trinket can carry your favorite jay on the road while keeping a refillable lighter on one of the tips.

So no matter if you want to take your favorite preroll on a stroll or want to show off your spliff rolling abilities to friends, this accessory is pretty great to keep it simple and lowkey while taking your joint wherever you want.

If you want to know a little more about how it works, its design, and how to refill it, keep reading to know more about the all-in-one stash pipe and lighter.

About Smoke Honest

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Photo courtesy of Honest

Smoke Honest has been around since 2018, with the mission of designing smoking gear that is functional, beautiful, and built to last

Their products have that distinctive simple-yet-elegant vibe that elevates the smoking experience. So by following a classic and minimal aesthetic, they want to create an experience that is simple yet useful for daily life.

The folks at Smoke Honest are pretty serious about their products’ quality, making them pretty resistant and back this up with a lifetime guarantee. They even have a “problem-free” philosophy, in which they will take care of any issue with its product with a “Hakuna Matata”

If simplicity, mixed with functionality is something that you’ve been looking for with your smoking devices and accessories, Smoke Honest is a perfect choice.

What Is The Stashlight?

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Let’s deep dive into the star of the show, the Stashlight. This small device is the perfect mix of a refillable lighter with a pocket-size stashing device that you can carry anywhere.

At the top of this device, you’ll find a small yet powerful built-in refillable lighter, while at the bottom you can find a cap that hides a small stashing place for a joint or two on the go.

The storage tube fits perfectly in your pocket, and it’s waterproof and smell-proof, so don’t worry about opening up or getting a kushy smell all over your bag or pocket.

And even better yet, this piece’s body is fully anodized aluminum. Meaning it won’t turn green after time comes, or that it will stand out when in your bag or pocket.

This tube and the lighter combo are perfect to have a joint or the go, take one of your favorite prerolls for a stroll, or gift it to someone that is missing a doobie tube or always loses its lighter

Design & Features

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Photo courtesy of Honest

Let’s talk a little about the design. Besides being pretty slick-looking, this small device is pretty much the size of a larger crayon.

Its 4.3” inches long and 0.5 wide, with inner tube dimensions of 3.2” long and 0.4” wide. That means it can fit joint 1 to ¼ size cones or prerolls.

The material for this one is anodized aluminum, making it practically indestructible and weather resistant.

It also includes a removable key ring loop to add to your keys, which can be a useful thing to take your joint on the go while keeping a watch on where you keep your set.

The lighter is waterproof and windproof, so don’t worry about taking your joint wherever your imagination wants to: the beach, a hike through nature, or just a stroll through the park.

The inside tube is fully air-tight and waterproof, so be as adventurous as you want with its flint lighter combo. This could also work if you like camping or the outdoors and double as an extra fire starter.

How To Refill

As with most refillable lighters, like Zippo, filling your buddy’s tank up is pretty easy.

You just need to pull the flint wheel up to remove the lighter unit at first. Then, you can pour the light fluid carefully into the cotton inside the lighter body.

For this you don’t really need to over saturate the cotton piece, just 3-5 drops is more than enough.

Once you’ve got this, you can insert the lighter unit back up. Try wiping any overflow or spilled-up fluid and wait for at least 5 minutes for the excess fluid to evaporate.

After that, flick the flint back up and you are ready to light up your doobie. Easy right? If you’ve got any more questions, Honest also has an online instruction manual that you can find here.

If you’ve got any Zippos or know a lighter collector who might miss a good tube, the Stashlight is the perfect solution.

Smoking On The Go, Made Easy

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Photo courtesy of Honest

For those hiking adventures on the outdoors, or just a quick stroll through the beach, you’ll want something discreet, odorless, and easy to use.

This is why we love the Stashlight, the perfect all-in-one stash pipe, and lighter combo. Whether you can want to take a prerolled or want to show off your newest spliffgami invention, this lightweight accessory can make your impromptu session a lot easier.

And by being refillable, you can get any of your favorite lighter fluid and let go of plastic lighters that end up in some landfill (or someone else’s pockets).

So for a quick and discreet way to keep your jays on the go, whether you want to clip the Stashlight to your keys or keep it in your pocket, the Stashlight is a great way to take your favorite jay on the go.

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