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What Is A One Hitter? The Best Types Of 2024

Why every cannabis lover needs a one-hitter in their life. Created with Fat Buddha Glass.

For those who love a quick hit of their favorite flower while they’re out and about, a one hitter is the perfect smoking companion.

These inconspicuous little pipes are growing in popularity thanks to their convenience, portability, and discretion.

If you want to get your hands on a quality one-hitter for those on-the-go tokes, we highly recommend you check out Fat Buddha’s selection.

Not only are they convenient and well made, but they are a gorgeous addition to your stash or even your home decor.

What Is A One Hitter?

As the name would suggest, a one hitter is a small pipe that’s used to smoke a single hit of cannabis.

They can be made from a number of different materials, like glass, metal, and ceramic, and are essentially pocket-sized pipes.

They’re a simple straight pipe, much like a miniature chillum, with a very small bowl on one end that you can pack with one hit of flower.

Then, you simply light and inhale from the other end, making them excellent portable smoking devices for on-the-go toking.

Benefits Of Using A One Hitter

Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

One hitters are the ultimate discrete smoking accessories. The tiny pipe is easy to conceal and thanks to only a small amount of cannabis being smoked, they create far less odor.

In fact, because you inhale the whole hit, your exhale should be the only smoke produced. Making it unlike a lit joint, for example, that constantly produces fragrant smoke as it burns.

However, the convenience of a one hitter is its biggest benefit. You don’t need to take your rolling kit with you everywhere or risk clumsily crushing a pre-roll. Just pack a small amount of ground cannabis and your one-hitter with you and you’re good to go.

Best of all, one hitters conserve your stash. The small capacity of these types of pipes will definitely mean you’ll smoke less and waste less compared to joint.

Types Of One Hitter Pipes

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

One hitter pipes come in a few different designs and styles. What material you choose is up to you; glass, metal or ceramic pipes all work perfectly well, so it’s a matter of personal taste which one you go for.

The bowl can be at the end of the pipe, or on the side, which some may find easier to handle. In my circle in college, the most popular type of one hitters were designed to look like cigarettes for maximum discretion.

How To Use A One Hitter

Nothing could be simpler than using a one hitter pipe. There are no moving parts or fiddly controls to handle.

Just pack a small amount of ground cannabis into the bowl, light it, inhale the complete hit, and then tap out the ash.

Make sure to pack the bowl fairly tightly so it doesn’t fall out, but not too tight as to completely restrict air flow through the pipe. Just like you would pack a bong, but much smaller.

Straight tube one hitters with the bowl on the end will need to be packed vertically, but others with the bowl on the side can be packed with the pipe laying on its side.

And that’s it. Nothing more to it.

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

How Do You Clean A One Hitter?

Keeping your smoking accessories clean should be a ritual of every good cannabis enthusiast. Make sure you clean your one hitter after every use by scraping the bowl and blowing through the mouth piece to clear any debris.

Doing this will go a long way to keeping your pipe in top condition.

All pipe and bong owners know that every now and again, you need to give you equipment a deep clean. After prolonged use, resins will build up inside the pipe.

Not only does a gunked up pipe look gross, especially see through glass varieties, but it will negatively affect the taste.

There are a number of dedicated pipe cleaning products available; but you shouldn’t need any more than a solvent based cleaning fluid, a pipe cleaner, and a small cloth to get the job done.

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