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A Beginner’s Guide To Glass Pipes And Bongs

With so many eye-catching designs, pipes and bongs are sometimes considered to be collection pieces. But besides that, they are amongst the most popular weed-smoking mechanisms out there. Read this article and learn everything you must know about them. Created with Fat Buddha Glass.

Two things a cannabis aficionado should pay heed to regarding bongs and glass pipes; first, each cannabis gadget serves a unique purpose.

Secondly, they come in unusually artistic designs, which is why they are taken as collectibles as well.

Here we are going to uncover the perks and cons of each product to make selection easy for you, especially for beginners.

But let’s begin from scratch.

What Are Glass Pipes?

Pipes are compact devices having the sole purpose of inhaling vapors of either cannabis or tobacco alike products. Initially, they were available in wood, metal, and other materials but gradually, these materials got extinct from the pipe industry.

Needless to say, molten glass can be molded as per one’s imagination which is why they are available in interesting designs and geometries in the market.

You can check these out on Fat Buddha Glass; a platform offering reliable, affordable, and quality products.

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Why Choose A Glass Pipe?

The reason people have renounced other materials and now are obsessed with glass pipes is their ability to retain the natural flavor of the compounds.

Unlike other materials that would pollute the vapors, glass does not introduce any impurity — as a result; you would get a pure, natural, potent, and flavorsome outcome.

Types Of Glass Pipes

Each type offers specific benefits so, let’s get into it:

Spoon Pipes

It is a compact structure having a hefty bowl on one end. The bow usually has two holes — the bigger one to deposit cannabis and the other one to regulate the air.

Spoon pipes are the most common type and can be found in countless shapes and designs.

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Chillums are small elongated glass tubes, having two open ends; one for inhaling and one for depositing herbs.

They are usually small in size and cannot accommodate more herbs in a single go. Therefore, they might not give out strong hits.

Sherlock Pipes

The product got its name from the fictional character Sherlock Holmes and it resembles the Spoon Pipes but the bowl is extended backward. Unlike average pipes, it can accommodate a good deal of herbs for a long-lasting smoking session.

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Out of all on the listicle, it is the most complex. Steamroller pipe is a long glass tube with a bowl at one end. It is known to give a fast and intense hit to users.


The reason it is named so is its hybrid nature — it is a fusion between a bong and a glass pipe. Bubbler pipes utilize water just like bongs and therefore termed as glass water pipes.

What Are Bongs?

A device having a water chamber, downstem, glass neck, and a bowl for containing herbs is what we call a bong.

Through combustion, the herbs are converted into vapors which falls into the water chamber from the down-stem.

The water act as a filtration and cooling medium through which the smoke moves and gets cooled down, producing flavorful, pure, and gentle hits.

Why Choose Bongs?

A joint gives out dry heat which feels uncomfortable to inhale. On the other hand, bongs eliminate it suing the water chamber and removes additional impurities to make the vapors as pure as possible.

That’s why a puff from a bong would feel smoother, and much tastier rather than harsh and intense. In comparison to pipes, bongs can accommodate more herbs for longer smoking sessions.

Common Bong Types

Tube Bongs

It is a tall slender structure with the bowl sticking out from one end. The device produces cooler vapors due to its extended height and larger water chamber.

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Round Bongs

They have a large water chamber that can sit anywhere with balance because of the round base.

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Beaker Bongs

The person smoking marijuana with bong, close-up. Bong in the hand.

They look like a lab instrument with a pyramid-shaped base and an elongated head. Just like round-base bongs, they are stable when placed on any surface.

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Gravity Style Bongs

This device relies on the power of vacuumed generated when the water is moved. The vacuum then sucks the smoke into the chamber so that it can be inhaled easily.

Final Words

Both offer unique features and give out flavorsome results. Pipes are preferable for people who move around a lot while bongs suit the ones who like to smoke in a fixed place.

But if you can’t decide, we’d recommend you to go for bubbler pipes — a hybrid, serving the portability of pipes and the water filtration and cooling of bongs.

Whatever you choose, be sure to go to Fat Buddha Glass to get a quality product at affordable prices.

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