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15 Durable Pipes That Won’t Break And Shatter Your Stoner Heart

Let’s look at the pipes that will withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and most importantly, your clumsy friend.
10 durable bongs and pipes

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With these durable pipes, you’ll never have to worry about dropping your favorite piece again.

One clumsy moment can lead to what feels like a lifetime of regret. While glass has many things going for it, when it comes to pipes, there’s a whole world of durable bongs that will keep you smoking for the better part of the next century. Even if you have a primo glass piece or a glass collection, it’s always wise to hedge your bets by also having one or more unbreakable pipes and durable designs. They come in handy when that one notoriously clumsy or careless friend comes over to smoke.

One of the most popular options for durable pipes is silicone. Then there are the traditional standbys, metal, and wood.

Let’s look at the most durable weed pipes that will withstand just about anything:

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Best Unbreakable Weed Pipes

The KØL by HØJ

KØL Pipe


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The KØL pipe is the true, unbreakable pipe. It is made out of premium quality anodized recyclable aluminum, and it features a titanium coated stainless steel filter and rare-earth magnets that stick its two pieces together. With the KØL, you will never again have to worry about dropping, scratching, or breaking your pipe. Instead, you’ll be getting a pipe for life.

That’s right, the KØL is built to last; it even comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures it. Not only is the KØL completely unbreakable, but it also features a stylish design that is beautiful, highly functional, and effective. Inspired by the shape of the scales of the Mako Shark, the KØL’s shape creates an inner vortex that cools down your smoke and traps any impurities.

The result is a super smooth and tasty hit that reduces harm to your lungs. To clean it, snap its pieces apart and drop them in boiling water or use alcohol wipes. Either way, it’s going to come out looking like a brand new pipe every time. All-in-all, the KØL is where forward design meets premium materials to create the most durable, efficient, and easy to use pipe on the market. 

The Genius Pipe

It’s called Genius because it’s the future of smoking. This three-piece metal device is perfect for discreet or on-the-go and clumsy smokers. The two main body pieces are held together by heat-resistant magnets.

These two pieces can be quickly snapped open and cleaned by dropping them in boiling water or using alcohol and wipes. The third piece acts as a lid that can by sled in or out to reveal the bowl.

This all-metal piece is guaranteed to withstand any fall, regardless of how high it may be. This is a pipe that will never break.

The Eyce Spoon

best durable pipes eyce spoon


Silicone Spoon Pipe

At least one spoon pipe should be a part of every serious smoker’s arsenal, and the Eyce Spoon takes it to the next level. It’s the best of both worlds, with an inlaid borosilicate glass bowl and a silicone body. You wouldn’t want to beat on these durable pipes with a hammer, but just dropping them on the floor will almost never result in damage.

GRAV Rocker Steamroller

The GRAV Rocker Steamroller is a high-quality silicone freehand water pipe with 360-degree steamroller percolation. Created from top-quality borosilicate glass, the silicone skin keeps your hand pipe safe from minor falls and accidental drops. The silicone cover also adds extra safety when used with hot or cold materials. Just like the original steamroller, you can safely tumble, roll, spin, or even toss your freehand without spilling your precious materials.

Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke Metal Dugout Pipe

If you are like Cheech & Chong, this is the perfect dugout for you. Even if you are not a stoner like the duo, the pipe is a travel companion that keeps your grinder and a pipe along with the lighter to get you going on your next trip wherever it might be. Crafted from strong aluminum with a high gloss finish, it features a durable pop-up style lid to access your ground material.

The EZ Pipe

A durable pipe and a durable lighter in one single device. This strong metal device will end your lighter and broken pipe troubles while letting you discreetly smoke on the go. The EZ Pipe is the only pipe of its kind to keep the weed burning while you are enjoying your downtime. When it’s time to turn in for the night, simply remove the dry herb bowl. It’s clean and hassle-free! No mess to deal with in the morning.

Howlite Stone Pipe

Nothing screams unbreakable more than a one-piece stone pipe. This pipe is handcrafted from Howlite stone, which has a beautiful pattern and smooth surface. The colorful stone can be dyed to display many other colors, just take the vibrant pink variant also available for example. Its beauty, rarity, and durability make it irresistible.

Prometheus Nano Chillum

The high-quality, thick Pyptek borosilicate glass and the lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum exterior provide an exceptional smoking experience. Not only are Pyptek’s pipes incredibly comfortable, but their borosilicate is guaranteed to last! Pyptek also includes a handy rubber gasket that helps to ensure that your pipe is as airtight as possible. This silicone band helps you transport your chillum without any spillage. The Prometheus Nano Chillum comes in your choice of exoskeleton color.

Piecemaker Konjurer Silicone Gandalf Pipe

When you need to smoke like a wizard, The Piecemaker Konjurer will be your wingman. The Konjurer is the first of its kind silicone Gandalf pipe! Made with food-grade silicone, each piece is highly heat-resistant and dishwasher safe. This indestructible design is perfect for smoking pipes in an outdoor environment on a windy day without worrying about burning your precious weed.

Ooze Bowser Silicone Pipe

Weather tough mountaineers need a tough travel pipe, and the Ooze Bowser is just that. Made of hardy silicone, this pipe is built to travel. Whether you’re hiking up a volcano or on an intense urban adventure, take confidence in your choice to bring this along. It’s been tested thousands of times, and due to its minimalistic shape and size, it’s pocket-friendly and unobtrusive.

Eyce Cheech & Chong Silicone Pipe

This pipe’s cool blue spoon-style body is made from platinum-cured silicone. This material ensures your piece never breaks. It also has a removable glass bowl piece that you can use to smoke your herb. Cheech & Chong wanted you to have as much herb as possible, so they made sure this piece is affordable. It’s designed to make you easily hit your bowl and maximize airflow for a cooler hit. It’s a great pipe for beginning smokers, but experienced smokers also enjoy the high-quality design this spoon provides.

Prometheus Pocket Pipe

The Promethus’ design is engineered to fuse the benefits of a premium glass pipe with the durability of aircraft-grade aluminum. The Pocket construction delivers a glass smoking experience in a portable and easy-to-clean system. It’s also versatile; it comes with three compatible Pyptek concentrate kits. The bowl is made of borosilicate glass and it’s surrounded by an exoskeleton of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum.

Okotbuuts Mini Pipe

The Okotbuuts Mini Magnetic Pipe is the perfect smoking accessory for personal use or as a gift. It keeps your hands free, and it looks great. It also provides an easy way to smoke your dry herbs. This device has the power and durability to become your new favorite travel pipe. Its sleek, compact design collapses to less than 2 inches when it’s time to go; simply twist the bowl halves until they snap apart!

Eyce Shorty Taster

The Eyce Shorty Taster Pipe is made from a secret heat-resistant glass and measures less than 4″ inches in length. These features make it nearly indestructible, so you can travel with ease knowing your pipe will be there when you arrive. With the Eyce Shorty, the bowl comes apart in seconds for easy cleaning, then reassembles in just as many seconds so you can get back to your life. The silicone material is smooth and easy to handle. The titanium glass bowl provides thick hits without the stinky smell of silicone.

Budbomb PIpe

Once again a metal pipe that makes it onto the list, but that’s not a surprise. Budbomb’s design is shaped in a cylindrical almost bullet-like shape that gives off an “impenetrable” vibe. The size of this piece makes it easy to carry around in your pocket, it comes in three different finishes (silver, gold, and gunmetal black), and the sturdy design looks like something that even a Pitbull would have trouble chewing on.

August 12, 2019 — Last Updated October 04, 2021
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August 12, 2019 — Last Updated October 04, 2021
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