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Learn | 03.15.2022

Reviewing Smoke Honest’s Capsule Water Pipe

The portable and sleek bong you never knew you needed...until now.

We know the struggle of finding unique and visually-pleasing devices and accessories, especially ones worth investing in that could save you money in the long run. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the frontrunner for innovation, usability, and affordability, Smoke Honest.

The company is dedicated to creating the most versatile, durable, and beautiful products on the market, and they’ve done precisely that with the Capsule Water Pipe. If your preferred method of ingestion is through a bong, we’re thrilled to share how the Capsule Water Pipe will make your toking experiences easier, cleaner, and visually satisfying.

What Is The Capsule Water Pipe?

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Photo courtesy of Honest

Smoke Honest was determined to create a water pipe that’s beautiful enough for home decor and easy enough to be your old–err, new reliable. You’ll never want to stash away your bong when guests come over with the Capsule Water Pipe, especially if you’re hosting some like-minded cannabis connoisseurs. The many features and sleek design are enough to make you click ‘Add To Cart,’ but how does it work?

Capsule Water Pipe Functions

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For starters, you can trust the Capsule Water Pipe by Smoke Honest is incredibly durable, made from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum. The entire design looks like a decked-out water bottle of some sort. But from a toker’s point of view, it’s a straightforward, elegant, and modern glass bong.

When opening the packaging, the container holds all of the parts and features you need to set up your Capsule Water Pipe quickly and easily. Simply unscrew the top and isolate the stem, bowl piece, and neck. Pour about 2-inches of water into the empty container (base) and reattach the lid with the attached stem-side down. Place the pipe’s neck and bowl piece on top, then get to seshing!

Capsule Water Pipe Pros

Upon first glance, it’s a given that the Capsule Water Pipe is incredibly easy to clean, considering it was designed to come apart, giving you complete access to all of its individual parts (which are also dishwasher safe).

Besides easy cleaning, the Capsule Water Pipe was designed to bring ease within bong portability. All of the individual parts fit perfectly into the base for travel, letting you pack up without the smell and hassle of wrapping a one-piece bong.

Finally, the Capsule Water Pipe is one of the most durable bongs on the market. But if you end up breaking a glass part, Smoke Honest sells each piece individually, keeping you from purchasing a whole new device.

Accessories To Pair With The Capsule Water Pipe

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It wouldn’t be a true connoisseur experience if you didn’t have all the necessities. If you need a reliable and durable option to store your precious flower, check out Smoke Honest’s Capsule Storage Jar, offering convenient air-tight storage within extra-thick shatter-resistant borosilicate glass with a food-grade silicone lid.

When you’re ready to spark up, the Ash Tray from Smoke Honest is here to help. This Ash Tray lets you designate this premium crystal container with high optical clarity exclusively for ashing. Available in six different colors, the Ash Tray also comes with a reversible silicone cap/base, keeping all unwanted ash and odor trapped inside the air-tight container.

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