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Rigs And Pipes That Blew Our Mind With Their Design

The best thing about cannabis sometimes is all the cool tech, all the gadgets, and incredible smoke pieces that are both intriguing and appealing.

There are pipes, bongs, electronic rigs, and all sorts of strange gizmos that are true works of art. Some of these are to take note of because of their glasswork or innovative design. You have seen them! They’re normally fantastic pieces that you don’t want to hide. Some pieces even become centerpieces or decor in the modern stoner’s house.

Good stoners are proud of their curvy, shinny, and appealing devices, and some even give them names. Others, not like most I know, simply care for an item’s functionality, but we are here to tease both proper function, and sexy design.

Let’s review some of the most outstanding rigs and pipes that will give you the best sesh of your life, and that you would show off on your social media. Let’s see those pieces that are worthy of a space on your coffee table.

KOL Pipe

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Do you know what is mind-blowing? Innovation, which might be the synonym of the KØL Pipe. Coming all the way from Denmark, this pipe cools the smoke before getting to your mouth thanks to its microchannels system. In consequence, the KØL Pipe eliminates the irritation that makes you cough, making your smoking experience smooth and chill.

You won’t want to go back to any other pipe after trying the KØL Pipe, and that’s ok, it will last a lifetime. The filter is titanium coated stainless steel, and its body is anodized, recyclable aluminum. You will only have to clean it to maintain the neat functionality to enjoy your favorite buds.

Magnets hold the two pieces of the pipe, so you can separate them to expose the core and clean it all. Snap the pipe, wipe it, and it is done.

Infinity Glass Pipe

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If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing yet simple glass piece, look no further. This glass piece is a color-changing spoon-shaped pipe fumed with .999 fine silver. The intricate infinity shape in which the device bends is nice to look at, but also favors smooth airflow, so often a problem with glass pipes.

This artistic and well-performing piece is somewhat delicate. If you’re prone to being clumsy you might want to take a moment to consider whether you want to take this piece out. What I do know is you’re gonna want to buy this piece and keep it around to show friends. Now that you’re at it take a couple of hits too.

The Invincibowl And Make Your Own Bong

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Invincibowl has an incredible stainless steel bong that features an amazing cooling system. The Chill bong by Invincibowl has a double-layered cold lock that will keep your icy cold water fresh and chilly. Not the spicy kind!

This bong is a sexy damme. The tall mouthpiece and contour make a perfect match with the polished stainless exterior. To top it all off their commitment to design obviously accounts for customization. You can even make your own bong with pieces from VITAE Glass. The stainless steel bong and borosilicate glass pieces look incredibly well together, and your friends will navy you for eternity.

The best thing about this water pipe is the immortality of the piece. I’m talking about the Chill Bong, without any glass inserts! Not only will you get a lifelong piece, an adventure buddy, and a chilled bong, you’ll get a guarantee of smooth, tasty smoke that will hit you in the head just right.

G Pen Elite II

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It’s challenging to pick the appropriate G Pen product with the wide range of options available. There is one that stands tall amongst the rest, and that’s the G Pen Elite II.

This bad boy is the vaporizer you want to take along for daily and sporadic use. Grenco Science has added extra features to ensure that the smoke is smooth and potent. The Elite II boasts a superior air system that gives a wider range of flavors to the consumer, as well as a ceramic chamber that enables precise combustion for the optimum experience.

You have can control the temperature between 200º – 430ºF (93º – 221ºC), which allows you to tailor your user experience. You can treat every strain of weed differently according to how you think would be best.

The Elite II features a very ergonomic design that makes it very easy to transport. It’s made of high-quality materials and has a well-planned internal layout. The Elite II is equipped with a 2100mAh battery that provides 1.5 hours of vaporization time.

What Is An E-Rig?

Perhaps you haven’t received the memo. It’s time to ditch the torch!

We live in a time where we can harness the power and consume our delicacies without the need to combust. Most importantly, we have evolved and embraced the powers of electronic rigs, devices so powerful you can forget about ever wanting to lift a torch or get all hot and sweaty.

Electronic rigs are devices that allow the user to vaporize different types of material. There are some that are meant for dry herb. Others are meant to be used with distillates, oils, concentrates, waxes, you name it. You may wanna stick ahead for one that lets you do both!

These gadgets are perfect for connoisseurs, beginners, aficionados, or professionals. There are professional vapers and smokers you know! The temperature control is beyond normal, and you will experience something quite unlike anything you’ve heard of before. Well, unless you read us, that is.

High Five Duo

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The world of electronic rigs just got more interesting. The DUO is a well-designed and manufactured e rig you’ll crave badly. This gadget functions admirably without requiring the use of a blowtorch. This item is high-end, no matter how you look at it.

This electronic rig is easy to use and gives excellent flavor in a flash!

The High Five DUO will have a significant advantage over traditional vaping or dabbing due to its wide range of temperature settings and flexibility. However, the product speaks for itself; you have an entirely electronic vaporizer that can survive your usage and abuse while providing consistent, clean smoke sessions.

One of the best features of the DUO is temperature control. Thanks to its intelligent temperature calibration feature, it can maintain the same consistent temperature throughout the entire session. That means you and your buddies can pass around the rig and all share the same experience each time.

What may be most interesting is that the DUO allows dual use. This means you can enjoy your dry herb and all the types of extracts and concentrates you can think of. This baby is gonna be your number one sidekick, it’s pretty hard not to want to take it everywhere!

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