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Guides | 01.18.2022

How To Use Cannabis On Dry January

Who said you also had to quit weed on Dry January? Created with Keef.

Every time the New Year rolls around, many people make the most of a renewed calendar to make positive changes to their lifestyle.

Some decide to make exercise a part of their routine, some choose to keep a gratitude journal, and many strive to swear off alcohol for the month.

The last one is quite popular, so much so that it’s gained a cult name: “Dry January.”

What Is Dry January?

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For those who love to party hard, Dry January is the perfect opportunity to give your body a factory reset and feel the benefits of cutting down on drinking alcohol.

Although it may be challenging for some, it definitely is worth it to monitor and reflect on alcohol consumption.

It’s no secret that, although fun, drinking too much can negatively affect the body, mind, and spirit when done in excess.

It all started back in 2012 when the British charity Alcohol Change UK began a public health initiative to inspire people to cut back on drinking.

Almost a decade later, it’s become a staple, with millions of people participating each year.

Benefits Of Dry January

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There are many reasons why people decide to partake in Dry January – for health-related reasons, to challenge themselves, save money, or even to inspire lifestyle changes.

Whatever your reason is for swearing off or limiting alcohol consumption, many benefits come with the territory.

Here’s a few of them:

  • Better sleep: sure, throwing back a few might help put you to sleep, but sleep quality is massively improved on a sober night. Cutting down on drinks will have you sleeping like a baby. 
  • Glowing skin: alcohol can make you dehydrated, with obviously messes with your skin. You’ll feel your face become softer, more hydrated, and less prone to breakouts.
  • Weight loss: alcohol can cause bloating, not to mention the extra calories that go into each crazy night. Not drinking might just make you lose a couple of pounds or make you feel less bloated and uncomfortable.
  • Saving money: you can’t drink without spending on drinks, meaning that you’ll have some extra moolah lying around. You can spend it on something you’ve had your eye on or put it into savings. 
  • Energy boost: no more lazy mornings and overdue hangovers – you’ll probably feel more motivated and energized.
  • Better mental health: alcohol is a depressant, by the way. By abstaining, you will have an easier time establishing healthier mechanisms.

Using Cannabis During Dry January

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Just because you aren’t drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t use cannabis (unless you’re taking a break from that too).

If you still want to hang out with friends at their apartment, take a few drinks down to the beach, or host an impromptu party at home, you don’t need to feel like something’s missing. Keef’s cannabis drinks are the way to go, curating social experiences with a touch of weed.

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There are so many options when it comes to Keef: classic sodas, energy drinks, sparkling water, juices, and mocktails, all infused with high-quality cannabis that will have you feeling your most social self.

With dosages ranging from a casual 10 mg of THC up to a potent 500 mg, you can personalize the experience through dosage and flavor (believe us, there are too many to choose from). 

No need to feel out of place when your friends are shotgunning a beer or mixing themselves a cocktail – you’ve got your own drink that you’re sipping on, all without breaking Dry January.

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By combining the celebratory and social experience of drinking with the magic of cannabis that you know and love, Keef can become an alcohol-abstinent staple in your life.

Heck, these cannabis-infused drinks are so good, you might consider swearing off alcohol for another month. 

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