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HHC-O: Everything You Need To Know

Here's everything you need to know about the newest cannabinoid to hit the market. Created with Binoid.

Whether you are a regular user or curious about cannabis, HHC-O might sound new to you.

It is a relatively unknown cannabinoid that produces psychoactive effects. But, it comes from hemp.

That fact is not unique as we have Delta 8, Delta 10, and THC-O that also have psychoactive effects. They all come from hemp, which makes them legal to use.

One of the first brands to hit the market with reliable HHC-O products is Binoid. Check their catalog of HHC-O vape cartridges. You will find all kinds of strains to enjoy a world of flavor and effects.

Whether you like to start your day with a sativa or wind up your day with an indica, Binoid’s got you covered. 

Okay, let’s see what’s new about HHC-O.

What Is HHC-O?

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HHC-O is a recently discovered cannabinoid with psychoactive properties. But, we already mentioned that.

Let’s focus on the weird “O” it has at the end of its name.

It means that it is a new version of the HHC cannabinoid. It is like what happens with the THC-O. Producers take HHC and add acetate to it.

That procedure changes the molecule of HHC, producing more potent effects to enjoy.

How Is HHC-O Made?

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We know that producers add acetate to the HHC, which is HHC-O. Still, it is crucial to notice that it does not happen in nature.

This cannabinoid is artificial, so it needs human hands to produce it. Thus, an expert chemist blends the HHC concentrate with acetic anhydride.

The chemical reaction enhances the potency of the cannabinoid.

It is vital to say that this is nothing to do at home or by yourself. This is information is for you to know where the cannabinoid comes from.

But, only an experienced chemist can make HHC-O because they have the proper equipment and knowledge. Otherwise, it is seriously dangerous.

HHC-O Effects

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HHC-O is a cannabinoid that still needs research to know what effects it causes in the organism.

Even so, it has proven to be psychoactive. In this matter, it is easy to seek a comparison with Delta 9 THC to understand how it feels to consume it.

This is tricky because HHC-O has more or less 1.5x the potency of HHC. And, HHC is half the way between Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC.

We could say that HHC-O is a bit more potent than Delta 9 THC. At first, your muscles relax, and your mind is at ease. Then, it can cause an intense physical and mental experience.

You might feel more talkative and blissful. When the effects reach their peak, your body gets sedated, and your mind seems to open to new senses and ideas.

Still, you can lose focus and get more into your world. You may want to lie on your couch or bed when using HHC-O.

HHC-O Benefits

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The experience you get from using HHC-O depends a lot on the dosage and the terpenes that come with it.

The combined action of terpenes and cannabinoids enhances the benefits of the product you choose. Still, there are general benefits from which you can have a good idea of what it can offer you.

HHC-O relaxes your body and mind, reducing pain and stress simultaneously. Anxiety and mild aches go away, letting you feel more in control of your body and emotions.

That if you use a low dosage.

But, if you seek a more intense experience, your body enters a deep state of relaxation that will make you sleep. The sleep is restful, and you wake up anew.

Is HHC-O Safe?

The short answer is no one knows.

The research on the safety of HHC or HHC-O is almost null. Still, users have no reports saying that they have suffered harmful effects from using either one.

You could conclude that there are no significant harmful effects from using the cannabinoid. And, the effects users report from using it say that it has potential medical and recreational benefits.

Is HHC-O Legal?

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Yes, under federal law, it is legal to use HHC-O. That is because of the 2018 Farm Bill approved by Congress. It says that hemp-derived products are permitted to use.

Still, legislators couldn’t foresee the appearance of psychoactive cannabinoids in hemp. Thus, you could say it is legal by now.

And, although we couldn’t tell the legal future of cannabinoids, it is best for you to enjoy them now.

Does Hemp Contain HHC-O?

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No, hemp does not have any concentration of HHC-O in nature. As we mentioned in the making of HHC-O, it is artificial.

What hemp does contain is HHC.

Still, it is present in very low concentrations, so producers take what they can take from the plant and turn it into HHC-O.

They do it to enhance the potency of the cannabinoids for those who seek a more intense experience.

Does HHC-O Get You High?

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Despite coming from hemp like CBD and CBG, HHC-O does get you high.

It is a more potent version of HHC, which is psychoactive. Thus, you do get high when using it.

How high you get depends on the dosage and your resistance.

To give you an idea, HHC:O is 1.5 times as potent as HHC. That means that it can be slightly more potent than regular THC.

In any case, you should ask a health professional or your vendor how much you could take.

Keep in mind that your dosage depends on your age, weight, and tolerance to cannabinoids.

How To Buy HHC-O

When buying cannabis products it is crucial to do it from a trustworthy vendor. Especially when talking about new or unknown cannabinoids.

That is why we introduce you to Binoid, it is a brand specialized in hemp-derived products.

They are always at the vanguard of the industry, so you can find HHC-O products and other crazy things you might not know.

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