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Guides | 03.06.2023

The 15 Best Smell-Proof Weed Containers & Stash Jars 2023

If you want to keep your weed in perfect conditions, or you can't have it stink up your place, this list is for you.

Preserving your weed is essential for consistently good highs.

It also determines the flavor, potency, texture, and many other factors that make up good weed.

Since you probably won’t smoke your entire stash in one day, you’ll need a proper place to safely store it. Not only do weed containers allow you to keep all your stash together, but it also makes your weed last longer!

But you don’t want just any old weed container; you want a new and improved smell-proof weed container that will preserve each precious cannabinoid and terpene present in your bud.

This guide will review the 15 best smell-proof weed containers to help you achieve excellent results with your weed preservations. Before we get to that, here’s additional information you may want to consider.

Are Mason Jars Smell-Proof For Weed?

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Before you grab one of the smell-proof weed containers below, maybe you have an alternative that’s sitting in your pantry. The handy dandy mason jar is an excellent way to properly preserve your weed when you’re not smoking it.

Bonus points if you throw in a humidity pack for the bud to maintain its moisture. Mason jars are air-tight, glass, and sealable, meaning even the stinkiest, skunkiest strain won’t leak through.

Benefits aside, there are still some drawbacks to using mason jars over the smell-proof weed containers below. For starters, not everyone wants their buds on display. If you’re looking for something more discreet, opt for a weed container that has darker, tinted glass.

Not only does darker glass let you store your weed discreetly, but it also protects the buds from harmful UV light, which can make it lose potency and degrade the THC content.

How Long Does Weed Last In A Jar?

If you’re not much of a frequent smoker and just picked up a few grams, maybe you want to save them for another time.

Whether you’re using mason jars or picking up a smell-proof weed container below, both options won’t make your weed immortal.

Of course, weed can get moldy and make you ill if exposed to water, but that’s not the case with weed containers. The issue is that THC degrades over time no matter how well you preserve your stash.

If you’re using a glass, air-tight, smell-proof weed container, your weed can stay potent for 6 months to 1 year. But, after one year, research shows that the THC content present in your bud drops by 16%.

So, it’s best to ensure you’re only buying enough to last you for about 6 months (1 year is kind of…pushing it). If you’re looking to keep your bud ultra-potent, you must check out the 15 smell-proof weed containers below.

The Best Smell-Proof Weed Containers & Stash Jars Of 2022

PAX Vacuum Stash Jar

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The PAX Vacuum Sash Jar will prevent any odor escape from it. But it will also keep your weed as fresh as possible for longer than most recipients on the market. 

The Vacuum Stash Jar removes the air, thus preventing humidity and oxidation, by a simple twisting mechanism.

Yes, the Vacuum Stash Jar is that simple to use and incredibly effective when it comes to taking care of your weed and not letting the smell out. You can do so while allowing yourself to have a look at your beautiful nugs through its clear glass chamber, which can hold up to ¾ oz.

It also comes in matte black stainless steel, which is stylish and durable.

Protect Your Precious: Storz & Bickel Hardcase

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Storz & Bickel has been your go-to brand for over 25 years. They revolutionized the vaporizer market when they rolled out the Volcano in 1996. Since then, they have continued to innovate with the Crafty+ and Mighty+, which have become your trusty on-the-go companions.

As a responsible vaporizer owner, you know the pain of broken glass, the heartbreaking crunch of a downstem or bowl, and even more traumatic, the loss of your favorite glass piece. That’s where bags and cases come in handy. They’re the perfect solution to protect your precious vaporizer from damage. Yet, surprisingly, less than 10% of bong owners use them.

By investing in the hardcase from Storz & Bickel, you can be among the 10% of responsible vaporizer owners who take the necessary steps to protect their devices. The Hardcase is designed to fit the Crafty+ and Mighty+ vaporizers, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

It’s made with durable materials that can withstand daily use and travel wear and tear. With the Hardcase, you can carry your vaporizer with peace of mind, knowing it’s protected from accidental damage.

Weedgets DoobTube

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The Weedgets DoobTubes are the jetsons of doobtubes. This C&C’ed aluminum tube is cut from a single piece of aluminum and paired with a joint filter that removes resin, tar, and burn material.

The iconic aluminum Weedgets DoobToob stands above the rest. Aircraft-grade aluminum outperforms most small planes. A sleek design, subtle but sharp accents, and a reusable smoke cooling filter.

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Smoke Honest Capsule Storage Jar

You must treat your weed with love, and Smoke Honest knows it. That is why they have the Capsule Storage Jar; it is portable, resistant, and doesn’t let the air come in or out.

This jar preserves your dear buds from the natural degradation of air and doesn’t let the smell come out of it. And, it is resistant to impacts and the dishwasher so you can keep your weed in a clean jar.

Matriarch Haven Box

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Matriarch’s Haven Box is drop-dead-gorgeous and has enough space for all your goodies. This is a sexy and stunning piece of woodworking ingenuity. Simply imagine this box sitting on your nightstand or coffee table, keeping all your delicacies and gadgets safe. 

The box is hinged, and the top has a geometric design that looks great but perhaps will not let you stack anything on top. Once you open the magnetically closed lid, there is a dual compartment nearly 2.5 inches deep and can hold quite a lot of stuff inside.

Session Goods Stash Jar

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Session Goods’ stylish, compact storage jar is designed to keep plant-based herb fresh and extra Session accessories safe. This jar features a press-fit airtight silicone lid to prevent leaking and keep the smell contained.

The black-tinted borosilicate glass is UV resistant to keep color and potency preserved. These features protect cannabis from oxygen, light, and moisture which is essential to extending its freshness.

The excellence of this stash jar will keep cannabis dry, locking in scent, and protecting it from light to extend its freshness as long as possible.

Marley Natural Lock Stash Box

The high-quality handmade product from Marley Naural is a rare definition of originality and true comfort when it comes to preserving your weeds.

This wooden box offers multiple units in one piece to allow you to store up your flower and gadgets without allowing them to mix up. It is importantly smell-proof. 

CRYPT Canister

This sounds like cryptocurrency; far from it. The CRYPT Canister is a container for your weed, an odorless and smell-proof container, so to say.

It comes with a built-in hygrometer and a temperature gauge, put together to preserve the original content of your products. You can store up to 4 different strains in it. 

Herb Guard Stash Jar

The Herb Guard Stash Box container is smell-proof and comes with a humidity pack that helps to keep your goods fresh for months and days.

The 500 ml container will create an ample storage facility for your weed and keep it fresh every time you need it. 

KULBI Black Box

The durable ballistic shell gives this product a fantastic entry into the market. A statement of intent, if you like.

KULBI’s Black Box is a smell-proof container with a waterproof coating that keeps air away and comes with advanced security locks. These locks will ensure your weed is not stolen! 

Prepara Fresh Saver

Measuring over 1.5 liters, this container allows you to have many weed and extracts packed up that can last you weeks of smoking.

Except you have a strong appetite, regardless still, this is a great choice. It is odor and stain-free and keeps your weed fresh, as it is air-free. 

Tightpac Tightvac

If you desire a container that can preserve your wet and dry goods and other accessories, you have a fine product in your hands here with the Tightvac. It is moisture-free and keeps your foods fresh for a long time. The compact size of this container makes it travel-friendly. 

Ugly House X RE-STASH Storage Jars

The opaque color of the RE-STASH is one of the striking features that will catch your eyes. It keeps light away and gives your stored products the most satisfactory protection; they retain their original odor and feel. The eco-friendly materials that make this product up will always leave you dazzling. 

ROOR Stash Jar

The Pyrex glass design that houses the ROOR Stash Jar is the first introduction that greets the eyes when you opt for this product as your weed storage option. It features a thick glass that is airtight and affords the best protection from the sun.

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