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Learn | 02.22.2022

Meet The Best Gravity Bong We’ve Ever Tried

Prepare to be amazed. Created with Fat Buddha Glass.

Every stoner far and near, battle-tested and new, has heard about the myth of the gravity bong. The unmatched strength and smoothness of its smoke is a tale that many have craved, but few have really gone on the journey to try.

Take a look at The Geeb, one of the best gravity bongs on the market and my favorite so far.

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This piece flaunts style and performance, and Fat Buddha Glass, its maker, is well known for quality, performance, and amazing designs. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as you’ll enjoy ripping a fat sesh with this baby.

About Fat Buddha Glass

Photo courtesy of FatBuddhaGlass

Fat Buddha Glass is the product of two lifelong friends with a passion for glass art and a need to bring quality pieces at affordable prices. Their mission is to give the user high-quality glass pipes, bubblers, and bongs at a reasonable price! 

Their pieces are inspirational and unique, there are many different designs and interesting approaches to look at, and the best thing is that there’s something for everyone.

Their quality might be unrivaled, and the high standards with which they produce will guarantee you get a durable, comfortable, and long-lasting piece.


One of my favorite aspects of this gravity bong is the appearance and overall aesthetic properties. You can see, in plain sight, that this piece was designed and crafted with immense care; the finishing and pristine construction speak on their own.

This piece has three major components: the bottom tank or reservoir, the bottomless bottle, and the bowl. 

The first is the water chamber. This beautifully made piece resembles a highball cocktail glass made of thick safety glass. This piece is the heart of the gravity bong as it carries the water with which you will operate and generate smoke.

Second, the gravity chamber, a refined and beautiful bottle, has a top mouthpiece that doubles as the 14 mm female joint. The flanged mouthpiece will allow you to easily and comfortably manipulate the gravity chamber when going up or down.

The bottom of this piece has a rubber stopper that seals the space between both bottles and prevents any rough knocking of the glass. 

Last, you get a very sexy bowl that has a conveniently made handle for safe and easy manipulation. This piece is compatible with the 14 mm female joint and can be swapped out for other accessories of the same dimensions.


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The Fat Buddha Glass Geeb is a beautiful piece that packs unique features you will want to have at your disposal. The thick borosilicate glass used to make this elegant glass piece is one of the thickest and most resistant out there.

This will give you a lot of security and comfort, but don’t risk breaking the piece. 

The piece has a 14 mm female joint piece that will fit most accessories at your favored smoke shop. Just ask for 14 mm male bowls!

The top of the bottle has a flange that makes lifting the bottle out of the water a very easy task, and the rubber stopper at the bottom guarantees a safe return on the way down.

How To Use

As with most gravity bongs, the Geeb works by using negative pressure to produce smoke filtered through the tank’s water. Assemble the Geeb entirely and fill the bottom chamber halfway with water.

Then, you want to pack your bowl with dry herb and insert it into the joint at the neck of the bottle. 

Simultaneously light the bowl and lift the upper bottle at the same time; this will carburate and fill the bottle with potent, smooth smoke you will later consume.

To enjoy the smoke, remove the bowl and take in the smoke through the mouthpiece as you lower the top bottle into the water again.

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