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Guides | 01.23.2023

Herb’s Guide To The Best Bubblers In 2023

Grab some needed water filtration with these unique bubblers.

When it comes to torching up, there’s no shortage of ways to do it. One of our favorites has to be bubblers, the handheld water pipes that have all the potency of a bong but the size and convenience of a regular pipe. The name clearly states what it does: bubble with a percolator that aerates the smoke before puffing away.

Smooth hits are a given with these conveniently small bongs that will have you reaching for the stars. You might want something cheap, something small, or something interesting and we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top picks for every category so you don’t have to stress about finding the right one.

The Best Bubblers

The Martian® Original Bubbler

If you’re looking for a unique and advanced smoking experience, you can’t go wrong with the Martian Original Blunt Bubbler from MJ Arsenal. This incredible smoking tool is truly out of this world and is guaranteed to take your smoking sessions to new heights.

Unlike most bubblers, the Martian Original Blunt Bubbler is designed to fit almost any rolled item. This bubbler is equipped with a one-hitter function, a spill-resistant design, and a pendant hook for easy storage. It also has an ergonomically placed carb hole that allows for a natural grip and a directional airflow carb cap for improved airflow.

The Martian Original Blunt Bubbler is perfect for all types of smokers. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll be able to appreciate the quality of this bubbler. The bubbler is made from high-quality materials and designed to last. Plus, it has a sleek and stylish design that will look great in any collection.

Bubblin' Up With The Freeze Pipe Bubbler

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The Bubbler is the cleanest way to rip some bubbly bowls. Some milky smoke put through perfect percolation right to your lungs.

Every Bubbler by Freeze Pipe comes with a freezable glycerin chamber. Pop this chamber in the freezer for 1 hour, take it out and pack your bowl.

When you rip the toke you’ve been looking forward to after a long day, you’ll have a pleasant surprise as smoke passes through the chamber. It’s instantly cool for a smoother, bigger, and colder hit. Perfect.

Freeze up your next smoke sesh. The Freeze Pipe Bubbler is a perfect way to cool down. If you’ve tried throwing ice in your bong, you know it’s a chill time. Now there is no mess of ice cubes melting, just cool tokes.

Capsule Water Pipe

If we talk about the best bubblers, you cannot miss the Capsule Water Pipe by Smoke Honest. This is a beautiful device you want to have in a place where anyone can see it. And it has outstanding durability.

This bubbler will last forever. Its borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum give it maximum durability. And, despite its durability, it is not bulky. It is so discreet and stylish that makes smoking look even better.

The functionality is straightforward and gives you a smoking sesh as neat as any other top-quality competitor.

Best Bubblers Under $100

GRAV Upright Bubbler

GRAV Labs goes modern with a twist with this classic upright bubbler that’s crafted with the utmost attention to detail. The straight chamber with a fission downstem makes for the smoothest tokes, while the stable base keeps it safe from breaking. Use it by yourself or take it with you to enjoy with stoner friends. 

K. Haring Bubbler

Art and weed are obviously intertwined, so it’s no surprise that street art culture has bled into the design for this awesome bubbler. It’s inspired by the work of Keith Haring, with gorgeous hand-applied designs on the neck and base that scream pop culture. It’s finished off with the artist’s signature to give it an extra special detail.

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler

This one proves that simplicity isn’t a synonym for boring. It’s sleek, sturdy, and promises an elevated smoke sesh that takes every detail into account. From the extra water filtration to its eight-slit percolator, this innocent-looking bubbler is full of surprises.

Best Double Chamber Bubbler

Cheech & Chong’s Black Clyde Bubble

It seems that Cheech and Chong know what they’re doing. This sexy little number has a dual chamber that makes every hit more potent than the last, filtering your smoke and creating bubbles along the way. It makes the most of whatever strain you’re smoking, promising maximum flavor and delightful effects.

GRAV Upline Upright Bubbler

The GRAV Upright Upline bubbler claims to be the powerhouse of smoking madness – and we believe it. It doesn’t need a lot of extra features, because it does what it does to perfection: gets you stupid high. A huge chamber holds a lungful of smoke while the concentric rings help percolate and protect this big-ass bubbler.

Best Hammer Bubblers

Snoop Dogg Pounds "Lightship" Hammer Bubbler

Clearly, we’ve got to trust one of the kings of cannabis. Snoop Dogg knows that stylish smokers want class and convenience without giving up fat rips, making the Lightship perfect for the successful stoner. It even has a decal of Snoop’s signature so you can feel like he’s right there hitting it with you.

GRAV Upline Hammer

GRAV knows its bubblers, proven with the Upline Hammer that’s ergonomically designed to make the most of every last nug. It’s simple and easy, giving you what you want when you want it. You’ll have a blast puffing away at this bubbler with your favorite strain.

Best Small Bubblers

Trailer Park Boys Bubbler Pipe

If you’re a fan of the Trailer Park Boys, we’ve got just the bubbler for you. Hand-blown boro glass makes it super durable and a comfy design makes every hit a pleasure to take. Flavorful and smooth rips are a given and the decal of your favorite trailer boys give it an extra special touch.

GRAV Conical Pocket Bubbler

This bubbler fits right into your pocket, making it the most portable and convenient way to consume your favorite strain anywhere. Its superpower is versatility and compactness, making for a great investment for any on-the-go smoker.

Read our full review for more!

Best Mini Bubblers

GRAV Spherical Pocket Bubbler

This cutie-pie might look inoffensive, but it’s packed with a whole lot of fun. The GRAV pocket bubbler holds your favorite concentrate or joint, letting you make the most out of every puff. The spherical design is easy on the eyes and is sure to be a conversation starter anywhere.

Pulsar Goose Neck Mini Joint Bubbler

The Pulsar Goose Neck Mini Joint Bubbler doesn’t play around, giving smooth and fruitful hits all the time by diffusing your blunts and cones (or serving as a one-hitter).

It might be cute and compact enough to be toted around in any situation, but its unique shape offers more bang for your buck and has more water capacity than other small bubblers.

Best Bubblers For Vapes

Pulsar Petite Pocket Cart Rig Bubbler for Vapes

Make the most of your vape pen by attaching it to this bubbler by Pulsar. Every hit is flavorful with this handy contraption that’s built to last you a long time. Get smooth puffs and potent effects by hooking your favorite vape up to this cool gadget.

Best Bubbler For Arizer Air And Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Bubbler Mouthpiece

If you’ve already got an Arizer vape but want an extra kick, the Arizer Bubbler Straw Mouthpiece is definitely the way to go. It lets you take high-temperature hits without being harsh on the throat, letting you make the most of the products you already have.

Best Bubbler For Mighty

Mighty Bubbler Attachment

Here’s another accessory if you’ve already got the Mighty/Crafty+. This bubbler attachment lets the vapor you’re puffing away at arise to the next level, making for the best hits you can imagine. Durable and portable, it’s sure to become a staple in your weed routine.

Best Glass Bubblers

Flux Water Pipe

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We’ve got to say it: the Flux is a beauty. The world’s first portable plasma water pipe is sure to light up the room wherever it makes an appearance, whether it’s shared with friends or just for a party of one.

Combining the features of a traditional water pipe plus a beautiful display of a colorful plasma light show, this bubbler also delivers smooth and potent hits at every inhale. It has both a curved and a straight mouthpiece, making for a personalized experience to suit whatever mood you’re in.

Plus, charging is made easy thanks to the micro USB port.

Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler

Snoop Dogg knows what he’s doing, evidently. His Spaceship Vapor Bubbler delivers stellar quality and impressive functionality while staying sturdy and portable so it can be used on the go.

Dab sessions are made easy thanks to its dab tool, cool quartz banger, concentrate nail, and vapor dome that will get you lungfuls of pleasure. We expect nothing less from one of modernity’s most loved stoners.

Canada Puffin Arctic Bubbler

Canada does more than just make us crave their bacon and maple syrup and envy their healthcare system and beautiful landscapes – it also gives us some of the best weed products on the market. The Artic Bubbler embodies its home country by being handcrafted from Canadian-grown maple wood, giving you a piece of its heritage while you blaze away.

Artisanally created, this bubbler also delivers fantastic hits that will have you flying higher than the geese escaping the freezing winters that Canada is famous for.

V12 Glass Blunt Bubbler

There’s no question that the V12 Glass Blunt Bubbler has a unique design that makes for unique smoking sessions too. Crafted out of the extremely durable German Schott glass and featuring a stellar design with an unforgettable mouthpiece, this bubbler is as easy to use as it is a treat to look at.

It makes sure to conserve every bit of flavor, making for yummy hits that amp up happiness at every puff.

Best Percolator Bubblers

Glasscity Glass Ball Bubbler with Slitted Perc

The Glass Ball Bubbler with Slitted Perc is the king of filtration, thanks to its slitted percolator cut out in its high-quality glass body. The added filtration makes for cool and smooth hits, while its appealing design gives it stability and makes it a real treat to use.

This bubbler can be used every day, being a great accessory to add to your ever-growing collection of cannabis products.

GRAV Stemless Inset Showerhead Perc Vapor Bubbler

The American-made SPG Bubbler from Grav Labs is made in Austin but has gained an outstanding reputation around the country.

Sleek and simple, this vapor rig bubbler begs for attention with a stemless, inverted showerhead percolator that makes filtration the name of the game in any session. Every hit will be polished and satisfying when using this bubbler.

Cheech & Chong’s Anthony Vapor Bubbler

Cheech & Chong have done it again with their Anthony Vapor Bubbler, the perfect rig to enjoy your most-prized concentrated and oils. The reinforced fixed downstem is attached to the showerhead percolator that offers maximum filtration, ensuring cool and effortless hits.

Not only is it great at what it does, but it’s a looker too. Beautiful colored glass accents decorate the body, while a decal of the famous stoners lets them be a part of every smoke session.

Best Travel Bubblers

Cali Crusher HYDRA

When you’re on the road, you need a bubbler that will stand the test of time and moving around. Cali Crusher’s Hydra is a 3-in-1 modular bubbler that promises durability that will get you where you want to go: whether you’re taking a roadtrip across mountains or traveling from beach to beach.

It can be taken apart and used as a spoon pipe and a one-hitter too, making it perfect for those who don’t want to stick to one smoking routine.

GRAV Sip Series Milk Carton Bubbler

Who’s got milk? Probably not, but you definitely have what’s needed to fill up the GRAV Milk Carton Bubbler. Designed by renowned glass artist Micah Evans, this bubbler has the appearance of a milk carton but the functionality of any top-tier bubbler.

It’s a collector’s piece, making it almost a shame to use, but please do. Milky and creamy hits are a given when it comes to this bubbler from the GRAV Sip Series. Plus, it’s pocket-friendly!

Smoke Cartel Super Nano Travel Rig Bubbler

The Super Nano Travel Dab Rig Bubbler is the essential mini rig that gives you powerful and vigorous hits in a small package.

With optimal filtration and a size that makes it great to bring on trips or toss into your bag before leaving the house, it’s sure to become a favorite when it comes to whipping up a quick smoke fest.

You’ll be able to savor the taste of your favorite strain while still whipping up enviable clouds that are great for hotboxing.

Best Bubbler Brands

When it comes to settling for a bubbler, it might be hard to pick and choose just the right one. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up a list of brands to look out for that have proven to create some of the best products out there. If you’re at a loss for what to look for, have an eye out for these names:

  1. GRAV
  2. Higher Standards
  3. Marley Natural
  4. Boo Glass
  5. Snoop Dogg Pounds

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