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Top 15 Best Dab Torches

There’s a lot of factors to consider when looking for the best dab torch, from flame size to grip. Let us help you find the perfect one.

Dabbing has quickly become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. Concentrate sales in the United States alone are forecasted to reach $8 billion by 2022. Colorado dispensaries attribute half of their revenue to some variant of cannabis concentrates. Needless to say, people love hitting dabs.

Whether it’s in the form of wax, hash oil, shatter, or budder, seasoned medicinal and recreational cannabis users alike agree that dabbing is among the best and most efficient ways to use cannabis.

If you’re already a dab enthusiast, this isn’t news to you. You’re probably already very familiar with what concentrates have to offer over dried flowers. Perhaps you’re even hitting some right now as you read this.

That’s not to say that dried cannabis flowers aren’t amazing. But it’s undeniable that dabbing elevates the cannabis experience immensely for those seeking to experience rich terpene profiles and stronger doses.

Enjoying dabs to the fullest begins with a good dab torch, suited for your daily routine. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to find the best dab torch for you.

How To Identify The Best Dab Torch

Dabbing requires incredibly high heat temperatures for effective ingestion, which is why dab torches, formally known as butane hand torches, make a suitable option.

Shopping for the right dab torch can be tricky. It’s tempting to get distracted by bells and whistles and dismiss practicality. But something sturdy and reliable can make a significant difference between great, consistent dabs, and lousy, mediocre ones.

Additional factors to consider when purchasing a dab torch are its physical and mechanical makeup, such as flame size, knob strength, firmness, safety, and grip. All vary immensely and depend on your personal preferences. Here are some things to consider:

  • Is the torch’s flame consistent and evenly dispersed?
  • How much butane can the dab torch hold? How often does the torch need to be refilled?
  • How durable is the base, body, and overall physical quality of the dab torch?
  • Does the dab torch have a safety lock?
  • Does the torch have a warranty?

Other questions you might want to ask before purchasing a good dab torch are dependent on the kind of lifestyle, routine, and personal preferences that you have:

  • Do you hit dabs on-the-go or indoors?
  • Do you have children and/or pets around often?
  • What are the normal weather conditions like where you hit dabs?

Asking yourself these questions can impact the decision-making process immensely when purchasing a dab torch. Butane hand torches aren’t the only option available either. Many mini-butane torches and butane lighters can provide alternative options that offer space, flexibility, and efficiency.

Propane Torch vs Butane Torch

Using propane over butane is undoubtedly tempting. It’s significantly cheaper and tends to provide the hottest flame possible when heating concentrates.

However, propane tanks can be prone to gas leaks if not closed tightly or stored correctly. If you’re looking for options hotter than butane, your best—and safest—the bet is to invest an eNail, among other possibilities for dabbing that don’t require a blowtorch.

Best Dab Torches Of 2021

Butane hand torches are available at most home, kitchen, or hardware stores, and though they are perfectly suitable for dabbing, don’t feature all of the qualities tailored to dab enthusiasts.

Fortunately, there are plenty of independent manufacturers that have created torches specifically for improving your dabbing experience.

Best Butane Torch For Dabs

However you look at them, butane torches rock! They’re great at many tasks and feature neat specs that promise precise and adjustable heat delivery.

This list features amazing torches that have amazing reliability and heat adjustment, and if you ever need to caramelize a creme brulee, you’re more than welcome to use it for that purpose.

Higher Standards White Blazer Big Shot

Handcrafted in Japan since 1985, the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch has the practicality, ingenuity, and ergonomic features that have made many products from the country the gold standard.

Though their torches aren’t designed originally for dabbing, this one made in collaboration with the NY brand Higher Standards is.

With its an anti-flare, brass-frame nozzle, the Blazer GT8000 allows flame-length and control that goes as high as 2500º F.

The Higher Standards x Blazer Torch holds double the amount of butane that competing torches do. Though on the pricier side of the dab torch scale, the GT8000 will likely save you money on butane refills over time, making it well worth the investment.

Newport Triple Flame Torch

The Newport Triple Flame Torch is a sexy piece of equipment that features a triple-flame jet torch in a portable, concealable encasing. With plenty of colors to choose from, a solid base, and a sleek design, this butane dab torch is fly.

This torch is aesthetically pleasing and excels in terms of precision, safety, and ease of use. The flame size is adjustable and features a flame lock, making it easier for you to maintain the consistency of your burn. 

Either if you dab daily or do it frequently with pals, this dab torch is going to work wonders for you as it’s ideal for daily use and tested for many different uses.

Here’s our full review of Newport torches for more.

Special Blue Monster Torch

With a very classic and stylish design, the Special Blue Monster Torch Lighter is here to take your bong or dab sessions to another level. 

This dab torch has a nice ergonomic design that allows it to work at any angle and is really easy to refill. With great looks and feel, it is lightweight, cordless, and features autoignition and a completely adjustable flame.

This butane dab torch comes in black and silver options.

RONXS Butane Torch

Take a look at this clean build! The RONXS Butane Torch has a renovated 2021 design that features automatic ignition for ease of use. With a single press of the electronic ignition button, you get a continuous and adjustable flame using its airflow control valve. 

You can adjust the flame length of the RONXS easily and have a six-inch flame with a temperature of 2500°F/1350°C. Plus, with a thirty-minute burn time as per the capacity of its metal fuel tank, this torch offers great potency and amazing fuel capacity. 

I’m a huge sucker for its look! What a clean and sturdy build! This dab rig torch has a heavy detachable base that allows it to stand firmly or detach for a more lightweight, handsy experience.

Vector Nitro Torch

Vector offers a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty on all of their products, perfect for the clumsiest smokers out there. If you have no plans to stop dabbing anytime soon, the warranty alone makes investing in a Vector torch worth every penny. As far as hardware goes, Vector torches reign supreme over many other torches currently available.

The Vector Nitro Portable Butane Torch creates two types of flames (lava and jet torch) that reach 2600° F. Their line also offers some incredibly catchy portable mini-torches that are available in several colors.

Cinderwitch Triple Jet Flame Torch

At first glance, the Cinderwitch Triple Flame Torch looks like something out of the distant future. Cinderwitch’s line of dab torches are easily among the sleekest, smoothest, and most durable products for heating dabs out there.

The luxury-line of dab torches offers Single, Double, and Triple jet torches with ergonomic features for optimal maneuverability and efficiency. Their torches also include a flame-lock and push-button ignition for easy use.

Best Mini Torch For Dabs

When it comes to power, affordability, ease of use, and all the little details we want in a torch, mini torches are a blissful section of the market. What’s better than a low-weight, concealable, practical torch for your day-to-day use or packing in a bag for the road?

I’d dare say every cannabis enthusiast has to have one of these. If you prefer a small, non-invasive torch that’ll be a great addition to your go-bag, you might want to look at these options. Or perhaps you need to keep your cannabis gadget tidy and organized, these torches will be a breeze to put away.

Blazer Firefox Mini Torch

The Blazer Firefox Mini Torch is a compact and refillable butane torch suitable for a great dab session. A full chamber means it can burn consistently for approximately twenty minutes, and it features a lock system that allows it to be used easily and continuously. 

This 4.5-inch tall torch provides a steady and adjustable 2500°F/1350°C flame that is wind-resistant and triggered by a child-resistant trigger mechanism for added safety. This torch has a clean and elegant finish that shows good craftsmanship and sturdiness when it comes to looks. 

This concealable, portable, and well-performing torch has all we want at an affordable price. This ticks off all the boxes and will be a great addition to your smoking or dabbing rig.

Blazer Stingray Micro Torch

When it comes to torches, Blazer knows what it’s about. The Blazer Stingray Micro Torch is a sexy piece! Featuring a sleek anodized finish and a slim, ergonomic design, this torch is perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing devices on the market. 

This torch is 6 inches tall and weighs 6.3 ounces, but it can withstand continuous burn times of up to an hour and a half or two. Wow! It just keeps getting better and better. This butane torch has amazing fuel capacity, high temperatures of 2500°F/1350°C, temperature adjustment through its flow lever, and is absolutely gorgeous. 

I’m a cook, and I love throwing some cannabis into my cooking. So this torch will be amazing for my dab sesh and be useful for the merengue I like to put on my weed-infused lemon curd pie.

BernzOMatic Micro Flame Torch

The BernzOMatic Micro Flame Torch is a compact, adjustable and strong dabs torch that works great for everyday use. Keep it stashed away, pack it for dabbing on the go or expose it on your coffee table. This torch will be great either way.

Featuring a safe ignition system, adjustable heat for added precision,  and even a soldering tool if you want to finish that robot you’re building in between dab rounds. This torch has it all and is completely compact.

This butane torch is refillable, reliable, and ticks most boxes. I’m not necessarily in love with its looks, but some may favor its traditional friendly looks. All I know is that this torch performs well and comes from a reputable brand.

Zippo FastFire Torch

I’m possibly in love with the Zippo FireFast Torch. That’s it, end of this article. This torch is stunning! This torch is bright and stands proud! The FireFast butane torch features an air mixture control, so you decide the flame’s heat based on its hue and strength. 

This torch is perfect for dabbing, heating, cleaning, melting, and other non-cannabis activities like soldering, cooking, fire-starting, and more. Featuring a palm child-resistant lock, this torch can provide flames of up to 2400°F/1315°C, which is ideal for your needs.

The FireFast Torch is 5.2 inches tall and is completely refillable and reusable. I’d love to take this baby camping. I can for sure use it when cooking and for a great smoking session in the woods. This bad boy can fit in a backpack and will come in handy.

SToK R Series Mini Torch

The R Series Mini Torch is the best choice for dabbers who are on a budget. SToK’s dab torch line is made specifically for dabbers. As a low-cost alternative, the R Series Mini Torch features instant ignition and switch technology.

The SToK’s dab torch lights the flame in a cinch, offering hands-free maneuverability, ideal for any situation where you find your hands tied. This edition of the SToK also features a flame adjuster that adequately disperses a flame properly in bangers of all makes.

Best Propane Torches For Dabs

Although butane is the recommended option, there are still perfect propane torches available, and if you’re careful and safe, they’ll get the job done. A big plus of propane torches is their affordability and how easy they are to find.

Take into account that these torches will be larger than your average butane torch. Their use is also recommended in open spaces, hopefully outdoors. Perhaps you are convinced that you need those extra high temperatures for dabbing, but in reality, all previous torches have the temperature you need.

Either way, take a look at these propane torches; some options have all we require. If you’re down to try dabbing with a propane torch, do it at your own risk and responsibility, be safe and enjoy wisely.

Master Appliance PT-2000Si

The Master Appliance PT-2000Si is a propane blow torch that works with standard 1 lb canisters and burns at scorching temperatures of 3600°F/1982°C with propane or 3730°F/2054°C with MAPP Gas. 

This torch has an ergonomic handle cast in aluminum, made for durability and comfort when used. Although it has more industrial uses in mind, this torch will work for dabbing if used with care. 

The Master Appliance torch has adjustable temperature and flame size with its flow valve, a reliable piezo ignition, and a flame lock for continuous use. 

Bluefire Torch

There are some devices that you simply have an affinity with; I feel the Bluefire Torch is one of those products. I like its compact design and aesthetics, but what I like the most is all the features we’re looking for are neatly packed in its casing, making it a reliable and beautiful device.

This torch has an adjustable flame that delivers high temperatures (up to 2641°F/1450°C) and uses standard 1 lb fuel canisters. You can fuel this torch with propane, MAPP, or MAP/Pro, which will deliver consistent high temperatures.

Where To Find A Custom Dab Torch

Some smokers love to show off their cannabic gadgets and paraphernalia. I, for one, love collecting torches, bongs, pipes, and all sorts of crazy trays or boxes to store these items in. 

When looking for a torch, you might be more inclined to a less “sober” approach and go all-in when it comes to design. We’ve included a torch you’re going to want by your side because of its features and artsy vibe.


As far as custom dab torches go, ErrlyBird seems to be the only company currently cornering this niche market. Some of the dab torches in their store feature Rick and Morty, Calvin and Hobbes, King of the Hill, and other pop culture classics.

ErrlyBird’s Torch Line is both stylish and practical.

They look impressive, but they also produce one hell of a flame, reaching 2700° F. These dab torches also include ‘Quik-Fire’ recognition, and include easy ignite features like one hand activation. Torch Art products include a three-month warranty on their excellent products.

Dunkees Custom Torch

Are you looking for a great torch that you can customize with amazing art? Check out the Dunkees Dab Torch, featuring art by Dunkees, aka Daniel Militonian, this torch has all we need, plus some! 

This torch is lightweight, ergonomic, and features a completely adjustable and safe system, perfect for your smoking sessions and showing off to your friends. You may choose from twenty-five different designs that are signed by Russian-born artist Dunkees.

The Dunkees has a lifetime warranty and is a great performer, burn at high or low temperatures with its adjustability, and free your hands to work comfortably with its locking mechanism.

How To Find The Best Dab Torch

Let’s take a look at what we should be looking out for when we pick our dab torch. It’s very important we look into the characteristics of these torches like the type of gas, ease of use, temperature control, and heat distribution. A good torch should produce a controlled, potent, and adjustable flame, to be able to match our needs. 

When it comes down to the type of gas, we’re looking mostly for butane torches, these are safer, more convenient to use, and offer more stability, with less of a chance to change flavors or effects. Also, although propane torches generally heat up more, they’re bulkier, nonetheless something some people use to light their rigs too. 

Every smoker, dabber, or consumer knows how frequently they have sessions, whether they smoke alone or with friends, and a whole sort of variables of their smoking routines. Take these into account whenever you’re looking to purchase any type of cannabis-related device, as we don’t want to shoot for overkill, nor do we want to come under.

So, basically, we’re looking for the best looking, the most comfortable to use, the safest, and the toughest dab torches.

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