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The Best Electronic Dab Rigs Of 2022

Here are six premium electronic dab rigs that let you ditch the blowtorch.

It’s no wonder that dabs are more popular than ever. Not only can they get you very high very fast, but they eliminate burning plant matter, making them easier on your lungs than smoking flowers.

Dabbing has become a huge part of cannabis culture. It’s an efficient way to inhale a concentrated dose of cannabis from wax to shatter.

The only hassle about dabs is that, until now, they’ve mostly required the use of a blowtorch. But a new innovation, electronic dab rigs (also known as e-nails), lets you ditch the dab torch. Here are the six best ones on the market.

The Best Electronic Dab Rigs On The Market


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The PAX 3 vaporizer is a revolutionary unit for vaporizing concentrates. This sleek and portable device comes with all the key accessories you need to dab your favorite concentrate or puff on your preferred flower strain.

Inside the package are two mouthpieces for maximum comfort with each draw and a maintenance kit for easy cleaning. It comes with four temperature settings to let you customize your vaping experience, but in terms of concentrates, you’ll want to keep the PAX 3 on temperature settings 2, 3, or 4.

This way, you can experience the pure quality, flavor, and aromas of your favorite concentrate by customizing the temperature for a truly user-friendly and personalized sesh.

The enhanced oven heats your concentrate or dried flower in a record time of 20 seconds, so there’s no need for that butane torch sitting in your closet. By selecting the “Complete Kit” upon purchase, you will receive a concentrate insert, a half-pack oven lid, and a multi-tool to keep your hands clean.

The High Five DUO

High Five is all about originality and innovation: when they got tired of seeing the same products pop up repeatedly, they realized the need to create products that were out of the box and promptly took the challenge. As a result, they’ve been making some of the most innovative stuff, becoming a trusted brand with stoners worldwide.

The High Five DUO is an ingenious and dual-purpose vaporizer that works with both concentrates and flower—making dabbing more effortless than ever while elevating the vaporizing experience. You won’t need to worry about draining the battery quickly thanks to an industry-leading battery, and the ample bowl has enough room for you to dab to your heart’s content. A big plus to this electronic rig is that it’s fully customizable. Set it at your favorite temperature and a timer to set sesh lengths. Believe us – it’s well worth the money.

The High Five DUO allows you to enjoy every last element of your favorite strains’ flavor, scents, and effects with a wicked cool product that proves that this brand is at the top of its game.

Freeze Pipe E-Nail

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Some of the devices on this list can collect dust in your collection and add unnecessary bulk, but this next one can turn your favorite bong into a dabbing machine in no time. Before we dive into that, let’s give the folks at Freeze Pipe a quick shoutout.

As a fully owned, small American company, Freeze Pipe started by creating cannabis and smoke glassware, from bongs, bubblers, and pipes, to high-tech devices like the Freeze Pipe E-Nail.

The thing we love the most about them is their innovative glycerin chamber used on their glass devices. This little glycerin pocket acts as a cooling agent when pulling from their devices, making that nasty bong water splashes a thing of the past.

The Freeze Pipe E-Nail is a compact device that can turn any of your favorite glassware into a high-end dab rig that can give you the best tokes possible. This little device fits into your favorite 14mm and 18mm bowl, giving you mouthwatering dabs in seconds.

Pulsar RöK

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The Pulsar RöK is where functionality meets performance. This top-quality electronic dab rig enables yet another way to enjoy the higher culture, allows you to experience premium innovation, and taste the finer properties of your favorite cannabis concentrates, opening up their full flavor profile and enhancing their effects.

The RöK’s single-button dab operation system makes it as easy to use as possible. Its glass percolator filters your vapor and delivers the smoothest, most flavorful hits possible. Made of top-quality metal and borosilicate glass, the RöK is sturdy and durable, perfect for portable dabbing without having to worry about breaking it.

Dr. Dabber Switch

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Dr. Dabber is taking vaporization into the future. A next-generation device, the Dr. Dabber Switch provides a functional experience like none other. This device has 25 heat settings, it is torch free and allows you to choose the best temperature for extracting your favorite concentrates and unlocking its compounds.

With simple clicks and switch you can easily switch from vaping wax to dry herbs. With new induction heating technology, a fast heat-up time, and all necessary tools and accessories included, the Dr. Dabber Switch has everything you would want out of a dab rig.

Dr. Dabber Boost: Black Edition

Dr. Dabber Boost Portable Rig
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Another premium dab rig from Dr. Dabber on our list. The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition uses a glass water filtration system to reproduce the dabbing experience. Thirty seconds after pressing the button, the light turns blue and you’re ready to load concentrate onto the titanium nail. The Boost is good for 20 to 30 uses on a single battery charge.

This plug-and-play e-Nail employs a titanium homeless nail as much as traditional dab rigs. It heats to an optimal temperature with the press of a button. For titanium or ceramic nails, press 3 times; to use the included quart nail, press 5 times for a higher temperature.

Yocan Torch

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Yocan is famous for creating some of the most powerful and affordable vaporizers and vaping accessories on the market. The Yocan Torch features the best specifications that allow it to deliver a unique experience when you dab your favorite cannabis concentrates. The Yocan Torch also offers a wide compatibility range of glass bubblers and water attachments.

This vapor delivered by this device has superior flavor due to its impeccable airflow control through and glass tube that caps the atomizer. This keeps the vapor pure and clean and promotes better flavor retention compared to cheaper materials like weak metal or plastic.

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